Summary: Snape's niece arrives at Hogwarts in bad shape. She is saying that his daughter is alive.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for Cordelia, J.K. Rowling owns everything else.

The welcoming feast had just begun when a greenish portal opened up in the middle of the hall. Out walked what appeared to be a young girl who was badly wounded. A young man was carrying her.

"Ah. Albus Dumbledore," said the young man.

"Yes dear boy?"

"I am looking for professor Snape, I was told that he teaches where you are headmaster."

Snape looks up "I am Professor Snape, who are you?"

"You probably don't recognize me but I am certain you'll recognize her." With this he places the girl in Snape's arms and the whole hall could hear Snape's gasp.

"What happened?"

"Maestro Fullicanilli. He and we believe someone else attacked, they killed everyone including the children and women that were in the caves, that is how we knew that there was someone else beside Maestro."


"Two weeks, I had to take her to the cauldron, it was her only shot."

"And you, how did you escape with minimal injuries?"

"I did not, this is only a shell granted to me temporarily by the gatekeeper, I died shortly after getting her to Boston. My time is short I have to leave you now, I know that she will be safe with you, blessed be, cousin Sithchean Bran. Slan."(Farewell)

Professor Snape strode from the room calling over his shoulder, "I will explain later, Albus."

When Snape got to his chambers he quickly laid her down on the bed and went to retrieve his potions. "Cordelia, can you hear me? Come on sweetling, please open your eyes." Snape realized that he would have to force feed the potions to her but was afraid of what that might do to her, he knew his niece and he knew that she did not like being force fed. Snape did what he had to do. A few hours later she had yet to wake and Snape had from worried to terrified. "Cordelia, le do thoil, tar ar lenbh."(Please come back child) his only response was silence. Then Snape, famed potions master who could terrorize students with one look, broke down and sobbed.

It was later that night when Albus came to the door. Severus opened it and led him inside. "Now Severus, I believe that you said you would explain." Said Albus.

"I said I would and I will. This girl is Cordelia. She is my niece. I am not a Snape by birth. But the Snapes and the Driscol's are very close. When I was three a threat arose, worse then Voldemort and the Snapes were more then happy to take me in. my parents separated my brother and I, my brother stayed with in a different clan. I did not return until 19 years later. That was when I found out that my brother was still alive and was expecting a daughter. Needless to say my visits were few and far between but on one occasion when I happened to be there an old women, who was said to be sage, made a prophesy about my niece. That would quell the threat ravaged our clans. No one paid her any heed. I had to leave soon after that and was unable to return until almost two years later. I was shocked at how fast she had grown; she was beautiful and could talk and walk. Her magic had also grown and, sweet Merlin was she powerful. My brother then approached me with a cousin of ours. It seems there was a minor Hell mouth that needed to be closed. I agreed to help. My brother's idea was to use the spell that is based in light, but there was another spell that could be used, the spell of blood. Our cousin, in the middle of the spell took it upon himself to begin the spell of blood. He used my brother as the sacrifice for the spell; I was outside the circle and could not get in. My brother died that day, I watched it and his daughter watched it. My cousin was accused of murder and participating in the black arts, for his crimes he was given a Druid execution. I left right after the funerals and execution. I have not been back but I used to stay in contact with Cordelia but that gradually stopped." Through out all this Dumbledore remained silent. But now he had spoke up. "How did I not know of this?"

"No one was supposed to know. It was a matter of upmost secrecy. I wish I could have told you a thousand times. I regret that I was unable to sooner, but I did not want anyone to be put in danger because of me."

"Then why did you spy for me?"

" "I did not want to blow my cover. i realize now that it was foolish but I cannot change the past." end Chapter 1