14 year-old Lucas Scott walked through the halls of Tree Hill High School, un-noticed. But he wasn't un noticed by everyone, his half-brother and his gang stopped infront of him. Tightening his grip on his backpack strap, he prepared for the confrontation.

"What do you want?" The question came out in a low growl.

"Huh Pucas, we couldn't hear you, speak up, wait, don't tell me that being an unwanted child all these years that you never learned how to stand up for yourself?" The confrontation ended with Nathan's elbow in his groin.

At the end of the day, Lucas was walking home with his head down. He was looking forward to getting home to see his mother, him and her would always sit down, talk about what ever happend that day, and then make fun of it, all the while eating all of the food she had prepared. It was probably the best part of his day. But when he entered the small but comfortable house, he didn't smell any foods coming from the kitchen, or hear the sweet voice of his mother singing to country songs on the radio while she cooked.

There was only one light on in the house, it came form Karen's room, and the flooding light seemed to be daring him to follow it.

Inside the toom, he started to panic, bottles of alcohol and empty medicine bottles littered the aged carpet. Horrified, he desperately started searching for his mom, fearing the worst. Then he saw it, the distinct color of crimson, tainting the peacefulness of the stark white carpet that she was always keen on keeping clean. He had found her, lying on the floor, blood surrounding her, and the letter opener she used on herself still wrapped in her hand. Shrinking down beside her, Lucas reached out and touched her cheek, but quickly withdrawing it when he felt it's cold clamminess.

On her other side, there was a fancy envelope, and it ws adressed to "My Wonderful Lucas"

"Oh Lucas, my baby, I'm very sorry this happened to you, and you had to find me like this. You have to know, that you were my world, and my reason to get out of bed on the morning. But you have to understand that things get to be too much. I hope you realize how much I love you my beautiful boy. Love, Your Mother."

15 minutes later, the shock was still there, but he knew that he had to cell someone soon.

"Hello, 911? I need help, my mother, she, killed her... she commited suicide." Lucas tried to choke back his sobs to no avail. "Are you sure she's still not alive?" The woman on the other side of the line interrupted him.

"Yes, I'm sure, there is no pulse,and, she had cut her wrists..."

"Okay son, stay where you are, and don't do anything stupid, the paramedics and the authoruties will be there in a few minutes." She spoke, terrified that the young sounding boy would do something self-destructive. The phone call was then cut short.

When Lucas heard the sirens outside of his house, he did not move, there was nothing that could keep his attention long enough to take his eyes off of his mother's bloodied body.

"Anyone in here?" A male and a female paramedic, both with flashlights, stopped instantly at the doorframe when they saw the blonde boy.

"Son, are you okay?" The male asked while moving to the other side of the bed. "Oh god!" The man gasped at the horrifying sight. He reached down to the bloodied woman to check for a pulse, there was none.

"Krista, get him out of here." His female partner moved towards the rigid teenager. "Hey buddy, I'm Krista, let's get outside and get something to drink."

The boy didn not move an inch, still not taking his eyes off of his mother. "It's going to be okay." Lucas knew that it wasn't true, nothing would ever be okay, ever again. The warm looking woman was just trying to console him enough to get him out of the room, but at the second, her had nothing also to hang on to.

20 minutes later, Lucas stood outside with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders, watching his mother being wheeled into an ambulance in a body bag. There were many neighbors spectating the event, all either speechless, or silently whispering. "Poor boy" He felt so many tears in the back of his head, but he dilligently repressed them,crying would do him no good, not when there was no one there to dry them.

Looking at the ground, he saw feet approach him. "Son, we packed an overnight bag for you, we are going to take you to your father's house."

Lucas numbly sat in the back of the police car, wanting for it to open up and swallow him whole.

Son they ended up at his father's house. Lucas would rather go anywhere, even spend the night in jail, rather than be put at the mercy of his father. The last thing he wanted for tonight was to be picked on by his father, not this night, the night that his mother had killer herself. The thought made him want to cry again, but her that even if he did, that there would be no one there to comfort him.

He caught a look at himself in the rear-view mirror. Boy was he a sad sight, still in his basketball warmups, that has red smudges on them, from hugging his mother, and refusing to believe that she was dead. His face was ghostly and sickly pale, and his blonde hair was more rebellious than normal. But the one thing that really kept his attention, was his eyes, who had lost their expressive color, and were taking on a greyish hue.

Him and the social worker stood on ther front porch, soemnly.

"Hello there, what's going on, would you like to come in." Deb Scott answered the luxurious front door, and ushered him in, giving Lucas a warm smile that held little comfort for him. The only thing that would hold any real comfort was the arms of his mother, wrapping gently around him, and her sweet voice, telling him how much she loved him.

Inside the house, the social worker asked Deb if they could possibly speak alone.

"Sure, Lucas, come to the kitchen with me, let me get you something to drink." Silently, Lucas obliged, following the woman into their designer kitchen.

Lucas couldn't help but feel envious at all of the stainless steel appliances that were decked out in the kitchen. This woman, Deb didn't look like much of a cook, and while she had every single nice appliance, Lucas's mother, Karen, had second hand appliances, and struggled to keep them all working to feed her son, while making her delicious meals.

"What is going on? Where is Karen?" Deb sat down on the plush chair.

"Is your husband here by any chance. I think here should be here to hear this too." The woman asked.

"Yes, let me go get him." When Deb came back, she had an annoyed looking Dan in tow.

"Can we get along with this, I have some sales to look over?" He said, apparently agitated.

"Yes of course Mr. Scott, I am here to imform you that today, Karen killed herself in her home. And your son found her. Lucas needs a place to stay..." The woman started out, only to be stopped by Dan.

"So you want us to take Lucas."

She was quite suprised at his cold tone of voice. "Well yes, in this situation,where he has no other relatives, I feel that Lucas would would fare better in a stable home, than in foster care. Is taking him an inconvenience?"

"Oh, no, of course not. We would love to take him. How had he been doing?" Deb said, very angry that her husband could show such blatant disregard in such a situation.

"I'm not really too sure, he hasn't said a word since the paramedics found him next to his mother. I'm rather concerned about him. It has to be horrible for a 14 year old to find his mother when she killed herself."

Nathan heard the doorbell ring when up in his room. And after a few minutes, and hearing his mother come get his father, he knew that something was up.

Downstairs, sitting at their kitchen table, was Lucas, looking broken and defeated.

"Dude, what the hell are you doing here?" Lucas hardly flinched that his brother's harsh voice.

"Are you even aware that this is my house, you don't belong here...Zombie, are you even listening to me?" Lucas eventually looked up at his brother, but he didn't say anything. It was Nathan's turn to be shocked at his brother's expression. He looked like he was empty, and he had given up. He didn't have the heart to say anything mean, so he hastily left the kitchen to find his parents.

"Mom, dad, why is Lucas here?" He found them in the living room with a woman that looked like a secretary.

"Nate, sweetie, I think that you should sit down." His mother told him sweetly, he did so worriedly.

"Sweetie, today while you and Lucas were at school, Lucas's mother, Karen, she killed herself, and Lucas found her Now he is going to be staying with us for awhile." Nathan was speechless , and now understood why his brother looked the way he did.

"Sweetie, I know this is alot to digest but..." Before his mother could finish her sentence, Nathan stood up and went for the front door. "I'm going out."

After the social worker left, Dan excused himself to go back upstairs. This made Deb sad. She knew that it would be better if Lucas had the support of his father.

She entered the kitchen, finding Lucas in the same exact postion he was in when she had left him there.

"Lucas, honey, do you want anything to eat?" The boy shook his head slowly. "I'll show you to your room."

She said gently, motioning for him to follow her, and he did so, with no distinguishable emotion. When she had gone back downstairs, Lucas sat on the comfortable bed, and pondered the room, which to him, was fit for a king.

Too bad it held no warmth. Nothing in his life ever would, because his mother had been the one to bring the warmth in his life. Now he was cold.

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