In the world where everything changes, in a world where everythings peaceful, in a world where waters on all sides, in a world with jolly fish, beautiful seaweed, and every beautiful piece of nature, the cozy small shelter made out of plants, was the home to Marlin and Nemo. Nemo and Marlin were fast asleep, while their friend Dory, was reading a book on her fluffy bed. Dory was staying over their relaxing home because her home was all the way on the other side of the ocean. She was leaving next week.

Time passed, as the ocean's water drifted on, every molecule passing every creature. Dory got up, and went out side for some peace. She watched the beautiful plants on Marlin and Nemo's "garden". She went out and picked up some pretty dazzling seaweed, their colors a hot pink. (A/N: Its fake!) She bristled some of the rusty green seaweed that was leaning on it and smiled. These flowers were fascinating, for they were sweet and smelled like musk. She sniffed it again and than took it into the small house and placed it on the table in an ice jar. She grinned at the sight of it. "Lovely!" she mumbled. Than she went off in the "garden" to pick up a bag of tiny fish.

She went inside and warmed them up. She placed a couple on each plate, plates with clown fish on them. She than placed a cup for each fish, each a light blue. Than she brought small chairs that fish loved to lean on.

"Ahh, that's good!" she said to herself. She had promised to Marlin that she would help them with the dishes, before she left. Nemo had learned a lot, and so did Marlin.

Just than,Marlin woke up. He rubbed his eyes. He saw Dory on her bed reading a small magazine. He smiled as he woke up and his eyes widened to see the pretty table set with tasty food.

"Dory?" he said.

Dory looked up and he saw a flush of pink go across her cheeks. "Hello, do you like the table?"

"Yea. It looks pretty!"

"Thank you!" she smiled.

"No problem. Wake up Nemo."



Marlin went outside to take a shower with soap in the garden. Just than he jumped when he heard a squeaky voice yell,


"Grr…Dory!" he muttered.

When he was done with the soap and water shower he went inside and saw Dory talking to Nemo. Her face tilted to her right, and her wide eyes stared into Nemo's. She looked like she was listening carefully while Nemo told her something. He had tears in his eyes.

Marlin swam there. "What's wrong, son?"

"He had a dream." She said looking at Marlin. Her wide dark eyes twinkled in the glistening water.

"Oh…well, lets have breakfast!" he said, changing the subject.

"But we're talking about his dream." She said.

Marlin rolled his eyes. Despite the fact Dory was a wonderful friend; she was also really dumb sometimes.

"No…I think we should just forget it." He said.

"Oh. Nemo…? Is It okay if we just like….forget it?" she asked patting him.

"Uhh…" said Nemo. He glanced at Marlin who was looking at Dory and than rolled his eyes.

She's a wonderful girl, but she's kind of…s-stupid. He thought.

"Well…breakfast time! WOOHOOO!" she shrieked. Marlin and Nemo held their fins against their eyes at the ear breaking sound.

Everyone sat down and started to nibble on the tasty fish. When they were done, they all decided to go for a walk.

"Oooooo!" said Dory as she swam up to a rare species of flowers, called jingle-coral. (A/N: I just randomly made that up!)

"Wow! Dory, you found a cool flower!" said Nemo.


"Come on, look theres more!" said Nemo, pointing to a field full of jingle-corals.

"Wow, how come we never noticed it before?" asked Marlin, as he scratched his head.

"I don't-" started Nemo. He was cut off by a voice behind him. He turned to see-

"GILL!" he shrieked. It was his friend who helped him escape from the tank.

"Well kiddo. Whats up?"

"Uhh…Nemo…?" said Marlin. "Who is this?" he raised an eyebrow.

"This is Gill. HE helped me escape from the tank." He said.


"So how did you guys escape?" asked Nemo, turning to Gill, and beyond him he saw the rest of the gang.

"HEYY!" he screamed to the gang.

"NEMMOOO!" shrieked the starfish.

"Hello!" said the puffy guy. (A/N: I don't know their names! SORRY! I forgot…grrr! SO I'll just make them up…the starfish, Starry. The puffy guy Fatso The germ fish Marina, the bubble girl, Bubbles, the French dude, Bounjour and uhh…i think that's it..?Tell me their real names…)

"Well, I have ocean germs too!" said Marina.

"Huh…?" asked Nemo.

"You know? She's a germ freak!" said Bounjour, rolling his eyes.

"Whatever….now tell me your story!"

"Okay, we come into the ocean…" said Fatso.

"And than…" said Starry, in a booming voice.

"We…" said Bounjour.

"CUT IT OUT!" shrieked Nemo. "Hurry! Tell me!"

"Okay Okay!" said Bubbles.

"Well, we went into the ocean and we were like scared, cause we weren't there in a long time. And than we just swam when we came to a shark named uhh…. I forgot…what was his name?" asked Gill.

"I think…" started Bubbles.

"BRUCE!" screamed Fatso.

"Yea…BRUCE!" said Marina.

Marlin and Nemo turned around at the name of BRUCE. They listened.

"So the dude's like Fish are friends not food, the next thing we new he was after us!" said Starry.

"Hey!" said Dory.

"What?" said Nemo.

"Bruce is the shark we came across!" said Marlin.

"Really? Cool…!" said Bounjour.

"AWESOME…anyways…" said Fatso.

"Okay. So than we swam on and on for like 3 weeks straight, until we came here. Boring right?" asked Gill.

"Whatever…you're here. That's all that counts." Said Nemo. Than he turned around to see the field of…

"JINGLE CORALS!" shrieked Marina.

The gang turned around to see the field. Bubbles and Marina swam quickly there and picked up the flowers one by one, examining each one.

Dory went there too. She talked to Bubbles and maria and they talked as if they knew each other for years.

"Dory! Bubbles! Marina!" said Gill.

"WHAAAT?" answered Bubbles.

"We're going!" said Fatso.

"WHERE SO WE STAY?" asked Bubbles, sniffing the flowers she had picked.

"With us." Said Dory and shrugged.

"Yea." Said Marlin.

Everyone went inside the small house. Dory lay the warm soft, melted corla sheets on the floor. The were as soft as rubber, made out of Rubber Coral. (A/N: AGAIN! Random….)

Bubbles helped her. They layed 6 sheets and comforters made out of a secret fluffy material. While they were doing this, Marina cooked some dinner.

They ate. The gang was really hungry and they quickly gobbled it up and were asleep before Marlin and Dory even started.

When they were done, Nemo, Dory and Marlin went to sleep on their beds. Nemo had a hard time sleeping since Fatso was snoring.


The next morning, the kids played in the garden. Dory made some burgers, fast. Marlin lay in his bed watching her.

He didn't know how to ask her.

He just didn't.

She wasn't that smart, but she was improving. She was pretty, good at house work, and she'd be a perfect….wife.

Besides, Nemo needed her. She would be a great mother. Nemo talked to her and helped her.

He knew he had to do it, he just had to, for his heart, and for Nemo.


The next day, Marlin, Gill and Fatso went to look for a small house with waving yellow strings on the top. (A/N: like Nemos house…!)

They found one, and they moved it next to Nemo's home. It was removable, but now that they stuck it onto the ocean floor, it wasn't.

Nemo and Dory and Marlin were finally alone in their house.

The gang was next door to them and it was good to know that they had neighbors.

That night befor going to sleep, Marlin asked Nemo a question.

"How do you like Dory?" he asked.

"She's great. She's leaving next week." Marlin saw grief slide threw his son's face.

"How would you like her as a…mom?" asked Marlin.

Nemo stared at him, in shock. "W-What?" he asked.

"As a mom…."

"Wonderful! Will…Will you really marry her?"

"Sure. Don't say a thing." Grinned Mariln. Nemo nodded and went to sleep.


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