"Ahh!" said Dory. She stirred up the food that Marlin loved. It was called spaghetti. It was from land.

"How long will it take?" whined Nemo. He was on the table, frowning.

"Oh about 4-5 hours. Not much." Said Dory. She smiled. She loved giving the kid a mini heart attack.

"What?" squealed Nemo.

"Yup." Nodded Dory. Than she stopped stirring and took out a knife. She started cutting the peppers.

"No way! Last time I asked you said 15 minutes!"

"I was joking than!" said Dory. She laughed.

"Uggh!" said Nemo.

"I'm joking Memo!" she said.

"It's Nemo." Sighed Nemo.

"Oh sorry!" said Dory. "Cheer up kiddo. I was joking!"

"No. I won't believe you. First you said it was 15 minutes. Than 4-5 hours. Than you said you're joking! I'm Hungry-yy!" Nemo wailed.

"Alright! Alright! Here have some of your favorite snack. Monster Gummies." Said Dory. She opened the bamboo cabinet and took out a bag of Monster Gummies. Than she took out a green bowl, and poured some in.

"Yipee! Monster Gummies!" yelled Nemo.

"Here you go, sweetie. Eat it. I'm almost done with the spaghetti."

But when she turned around, the bowl was almost done. "Woa Nemo! That was fast!"

"Thanks." He gobbled down a purple gummie.

Dory went back to cooking.


The next 3 weeks past by in a blur. One day, when Nemo was doing his homework, Dory and Marlin went to his bed, smiling.

"What?" asked Nemo.

"News!" said Dory.

"What?" asked Nemo again.

"We're going to have a baby!" said Dory.

"Cool!" said Nemo. "I'll be a big brother now!"

"Yup." Said Marlin, smiling.


The next week, Dory laid a thousand eggs.

"What do you want to name them?" asked Dory, in a whisper.

"If it's a girl than Caramella."

"Caramella? Where'd that come from?" asked Dory.

"Caramaella. It means Sweet."

"Ohh." Said Dory. She stared at the eggs. "What if it's a boy?"

"Than…I don't know. I want a girl." Said Marlin, softly. He grinned at Dory as they walked to their home in silence.


The next week, the eggs hatched. 999 of them died, leaving one alive.

"And it's a…please be a girl!" said Marlin

"It is." Said Dory, as a blue fish with a fin- thing on top cracked out of an egg. (A/N: I don't know what it is called. It's the thing Dory has on her head…) She had white strips like a clown fish, and she had beautiful eyes that were just like Nemo's.

"Caramella" whispered Marlin, as he went and picked up his sweet daughter. Dory and Marlin walked home.

"NEMO!" yelled Dory.

"Yea?" asked Nemo.

"You're a big brother." Said Marlin, as he glanced at Caramella"

"Woa! Really?"

"Yup. Here." Said Dory. She let Nemo glance at the baby.

"Adorable!" said Nemo. He patted the little fish gently.

"Let's go to sleep." Said Dory. She placed the little fish in her arms.

"We need a crib for her." Said Marlin. "I'll go get one. Nemo go to sleep!"

"Alright!" said Nemo. He hugged Marlin, that Dory, and than his little sister.

Marlin came back with a wooden crib that had soft coral on the mattress.

"Wonderful!" said Dory. She put Caramella in the crib.

"Ahh. She's so cute." Said Marlin.

"Shh! You'll frighten her." Said Dory. She smiled gently at her daughter, and than Marlin.

"Our daughter." Said Dory sweetly.

"That's right.Said Marlin. He put his fin on Dory's shoulder.

"I love you." Said Dory.

"Me too." Said Marlin. They hugged each other, when Marlin saw at the corner of his eyes a fish standing at his door.

"Who are you?" asked Marlin.

As he swam closer, he saw the fish was a clown fish. She looked familiar.

"I'm Coral." Said the fish, as she gave Marlin a sad look, a look that said Did you forget me?

Marlin just stared in disbelief.