Hello I'm ShojoButterfly. Please don't ask about why that's my name. It's too hard to explain. Anyway this is my very first ever fan fiction, so give me some credit. I can't wait toread your reviews even if they are telling me how awfully short and crummy this story is. But believe me the little people in my head are screaming from the terribleness of this story but don't let my depressing feelings get you down I'm really excited about hearing your reviews. Ok laterz.

Disclaimer: hey if i owned Avatar don't you think Zuko and Katara would be together by now? honestly people!


"Sokka! What have you been doing! This is the fourth time this week you've ripped your stupid pants!" exclaimed Katara angrily.

"Hey! How about you go hunting for food next time and try not to get a little torn up!" Yelled Sokka.

Aang, Sokka, and Katara were flying on Appa over who knows where. Katara (as she said) was tired of sewing Sokka's pants over and over again. They were tired, exhausted, and lets face it a little smelly. They had not seen land in about a day and were running out of supplies.

"Aang any site of land yet?" asked Sokka.

"No, Not yet." Said Aang.

"Wait... I think I see something!"

"What is that?" asked Katara.

"It looks like a island." Said Sokka.

"Oh good we could use a rest!" asked Katara.

"Not to mention a bath, Phew Sokka you stink!" said Katara humorously.

"Hey!" yelled Sokka.

Aang steered Appa toward the small bit of land. Once there Sokka (although terrible at it) went to go hunting for some food for the night. Katara went to get firewood, while Aang tried to set up camp.

"Don't rip your pants again!" yelled Katara to Sokka.

"Whatever." Replied Sokka in a sour mood.

About an hour and a half later Sokka returned with a small meager rabbit.

"That's all you got after all that time?" said Katara unhappily.

"Fine then you go hunt from now on!" yelled Sokka angrily.

"Well at least its meat and not just nuts and berries this time." Said Katara.

"Uh I don't eat meat remember?" said Aang.

"Don't worry, I found you some berries." Said Sokka.

"Wow what a great dinner." Said Aang sarcastically.

"Be grateful Aang at least you don't have to eat this sorry piece of meat." Said Katara humorously.

"Hey where did it go?" asked Sokka, Noticing that their so-called supper was gone.

"You did kill it right Sokka?" asked Katara.

"Yes I did! I remember!" exclaimed Sokka.

"Don't worry you can have some of my berries." Said Aang.

"That's ok Aang I'll go find food myself this time." Replied Katara.

"You want me to go with you?" asked Aang.

"No, that's ok Aang I'll be fine." Said Katara.

"Ok." Said Aang as Katara wondered into the forest not really knowing where she was going. After awhile it was getting dark and Katara had still not found any food, she decided to head back. She felt somewhat angry that Sokka (while not much) had still managed to find food.

As Katara headed back she thought she heard a twig snap. Calm down it was probably just a bird or something. Katara had a strange feeling that someone was watching her. Oooooook starting to freak out now. Katara was running back to camp now. Hey wait a minute, were was camp anyway? Ok so she was lost in some creepy forest, still had that strange feeling that someone was still watching her, and she was hungry.

"Now what?" Katara said to herself, which was probably not a good sign.

Katara took a deep breath to try and calm herself down. Which surprisingly wasn't working. Maybe if she yelled for help…. NO. If she yelled for help Sokka would never let this down. But she had to do something! Ugh, what am I doing! I'm getting all worked up over some stupid creepy feeling. Katara walked a little while longer then decided to turn in a different direction and WAM! OWthat hurt! Katara looked up to see what she ran into and screamed in horror to what she saw.

"YOU!" yelled Katara staring into the face of Zuko.

"Yes, now your coming with me." Said Zuko in an angry voice.

"NEVER!" screamed Katara, and she got up and ran as fast as her already tired legs could carry her.


"Katara?" yelled Aang into the forest.

"Sokka did you here that?" asked Aang.

"Yeah, lets go find her. she probably saw a spider or something." Said Sokka trying to hold back a laugh.

"I don't think so." Said Aang starting to worry as they headed into the forest. Katara please be ok, thought Aang.

Ok cliffhanger. AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH I KNOW I KNOW IT WAS BEYONG SHORT BUT THE NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE SOOOOO MUCH LONGER! AS SOON AS I FUGURE OUT WHAT TO WRITE. I know it was terrible but things get better in time! Lol. Who am I kidding I stink at this but I'll update as soon as I can for those strange people who thought my story was somewhat good. I know it was kinda boring but hey, at least I tried. I mean seriously it took me days to work up the courage to post this. Ok until laterz.