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Chapter 20

She was racing after him. The air around her was blowing in the direction he was going. She was blind to everything else, the only thing she knew, was to get to Aang before something terrible happened. Her heart was pounding, every breath she took was a painful stab in her chest. There were loud noises following her, probably Zuko trying to catch Aang before he could escape. She knew it was her fault this happened, she had been to hard on him maybe. Of all the things to happen while in the middle of the ocean, this had to be the worst.

There were shouts on the deck, and a faint blue light flickering in the darkness of the night as she neared the door leading to the outside. She burst through, Aang was floating high above in the air, wind blowing in all directions fiercely. The ship was rocking back and forth, from the storm that was now raging outside because of Aang. The pounding of the rain on the hard metal was too loud to hear what the men on the deck were shouting to listen to. Lightning was everywhere, striking the sea, but just narrowly avoiding the ship.

"AANG!" Katara screamed as she walked closer to him, her hair whipping around her face. Zuko ran past her, pushing her aside, as he yelled to his crew instructions.

"Get some rope!" he cried, but his plea fell upon deaf ears as his crew blew fire blasts at the hovering boy, which he blocked easily. The ship took an surprising lurch, and Katara lost her footing and fell forward, landing hard on her hands and knees.

"Aang please! I'm sorry I upset you, I'm sorry I made you angry! But I do love you Aang, But I can't love you like you love me just yet! Your like my family Aang, I can't live without you! Please calm down! I'm so very sorry!" tears emerging from her eyes, she looked up at him, still kneeling on the ground. He was still floating there, but everything seemed to become standstill. Then, suddenly, he floated back down, his avatar spirit fading. She sprinted forward, clutching him in her arms tightly, not wanting to let him go. And no one stopped her.


After fixing the hinges on Aang's door, he was put back inside. Katara felt more worse than she ever had. She felt terrible for upsetting him so, and she went to her room to get some sleep. Zuko seemed quite stunned after what happened, but Katara just ignored him. He had not said a word to her since, but neither had she. She flopped herself on to her bed, and fell asleep before she got under the covers.

She woke the next morning, realizing she was still wearing the dress Iroh had bought for her the day before. She put her hair back up into her normal braid, and changed back into her regular outfit. She walked out of her room and made her way to the dinning room. The room was empty, except for the wide choices of fruit and bread layed out on the table. She took her seat at the end of the table and took an apple from one of the bowls. She ate it in silence, then left the room in solitude. The whole ship seemed desolate, empty of any life. The guards that did walk around seemed to be avoiding her. She had not seen Iroh in a while, or Zuko for that matter. Something was up. She walked to Zuko's room, and knocked on the door. No answer. She knocked again. Still no answer. She sighed and walked away, going back to her room. This is strange...she thought to herself as she entered her room. What was going on? Why were people avoiding her? Where were Zuko and Iroh? Unexpectantly, the ship slowed to a halt. Curious as to what was going on, Katara left her room again and ran to the deck.

They had stopped at a port, and Iroh and Zuko were conversing angrily on the deck. She walked over to them, Iroh seemed to look defeated, Zuko looked like he had done something terrible. They silenced their argument as she neared, and Iroh looked away.

"Zuko, what's going on? What's happening?" she asked becoming worried, but as she did, she heard yelling and shouts coming up behind her. Sokka was being led over to them by four guards, all the while giving them the hardest time, struggling.

"Let me go you stupid firebenders!" he cried, but once he spotted Katara, he seemed to calm down, and he stopped struggling.

"Katara? What's going on?" he said, voice full of worry and surprise.

"That's what I'd like to know. Zuko, care to explain what's happening?"she asked glaring at him, wondering why he had brought Sokka out here. Zuko stepped forward, and handed Katara a moderate sized bag of money.

"What's this?" she said, her voice shaking.

"Money, for food, clothing and shelter. It should last you for about a month, if you use it sparingly." he said nodding to the guards to take them off the ship.

"Money? Zuko, what are you doing? You aren't leaving us here are you?" she asked angrily as the guards started pushing her and Sokka toward the ramp leading onto the port.

"I'm sorry." he said looking away, Iroh hung his head and turned away.

"NO! Zuko please! Don't do this, Aang needs us! We need him! Please Zuko!" she pleaded struggling against the guards, as was Sokka. Zuko looked into Katara's eyes and she could see that this was hurting him just as badly.

"Katara, if I took you to the fire nation, my father would surely kill you and your brother. I'm doing this for your own good Katara, please don't fight it." he didn't look away from her horrified gaze.

"NO! No, Zuko you can't! Please! Please! Iroh do something, don't let him do this!" she screamed as Zuko walked away.

"I am very sorry Katara, I wish you good luck on finding your way home."sorrowfully Iroh walked away also. Struggling and crying, the guards led them down the ramp. Sokka tried to get free from their grasp, but the attempt failed. The guards made their way back up the ramp leaving a saddened Katara and Sokka behind. They watched the ship set sail, never looking away as the ship left the port, and them behind. But as it left, Katara saw Zuko looking down at her from the ship, with an expression full of grief and sorrow.


"Come on Katara, lets go." Sokka put his hand on Katara's shoulder, but she stayed rooted to the spot.

"How could he just...just...leave us?" she had never felt more betrayed.

"He's a firebender Katara, did you really expect anything different?"

"He was different." she answered below a whisper.

"lets just find someplace to stay. Alright?" Katara reluctantly obliged, and followed Sokka into the town that was behind them. They wandered through the town, looking for an inn. When they found one, they paid the owner two gold pieces and entered their temporary room. There were two small beds, a dresser, a small mirror, and a window on the wall. Katara sank herself onto one of the beds and buried her face in a lumpy pillow. Sokka walked over to her and put a hand on her back.

"Katara, don't worry. Aang will be okay, we'll get him back."

"No we won't Sokka, don't you get it? He's gone, there's no way we can get him back now, without transportation. And I miss him already Sokka, I don't see how this could get worse."

"Katara I don't believe you. How can you just say that? You never give up hope! Where's the Katara I know that wouldn't give up without a fight? That would do anything to help ones in need? That would risk her own life to save another? Well Aang's the one in need now Katara, and I won't believe you would give up so fast." Katara looked up from her pillow and stared at her angered brother. He was right. She couldn't give up hope, she had to fight every step of the way until they got him back.

"But what do we do now Sokka? How in the world are we supposed to get him back now?"

"Easy, we get a boat and...and...umm...okay that could be a problem."

"Heh, nice brainstorming smart one."

"I got it! We can find dad!"

"Dad? How are we going to find dad?"

"I still have the map that Bato gave us, we could ask around, and follow him."

"Okay, sounds good, but the money Zuko gave us will only last about a month, what if we don't find him in time?"

"There you go, doubting my ways again, why can't you just go with my instincts?"

"We tried that before remember? You led us straight into a fire nation camp, Jet's hideout, and a whole bunch of other awkward occasions.

"Can we just forget about that already? Jeez."

"Alright, we'll find dad, but if we fail, I'm blaming this on you."

"I feel so loved."

"You should." she replied sarcastically, and she crossed the room to peer out their window. She felt a little better, now that they had a plan, but she wondered if Aang knew what was happening yet. We're coming Aang, and no matter what happens, we will get through this together. I promise.

The End

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