#01 – Comfort

He'd acquired what was probably the most powerful sword in both realms and what was definitely the most kickass guitar, but after seeing Vergil fall they were both cold comfort.

#02 – Kiss

The idea of having his life sucked out of him by those corpse-like lips shouldn't be turning him on as much as it was.

#03 – Soft

He'd defeated her, so he owned her, so he would be perfectly within his rights if he wanted to test exactly how firm and soft those prominent assets of hers were.

#04 – Pain

She'd been shocked when he'd shot her, though the pain had only lingered for an instant: only a real son of Sparda would be immune to her charms.

#05 – Potatoes

He was the true child of one of the most powerful devils ever: surely he feasted on blood and pain, not… root vegetables and round pieces of bread with various 'toppings' on them?

#06 – Rain

It was raining the first time she went outside the tower in two millennia: her orders were to wait and fight a son of Sparda but fuck that, she wanted whatever had made that loud music.

#07 – Chocolate

It was better than blood and sex, but looking at the young knight who had diffidently handed it to her she knew he would be better than it.

#08 – Happiness

The young knight was being as damnably impossible to seduce as his father had been, so why was she so strangely content despite her unwilling celibacy?

#09 – Telephone

She had begun to wonder if she had lost her ability to charm over her millennia-long imprisonment until the first time he'd let her answer the telephone: modern-day mortals were easy to fascinate, except for him.

#10 – Ears

He was damnably hard to embarrass even with all her charms, but whispering in his ear had once made it turn as red as his coat.

#11 – Name

It seemed like his name mocked her: Dante, a human who went to hell and yet was not corrupted.

#12 – Sensual

Damn, he wished this was some chick in a bar instead of a demon he was going to have to defeat, because that sensual hip wriggle was to die for.

#13 – Death

He wasn't sure exactly how many humans she had lured to their doom, but he wasn't going to be one of them.

#14 – Sex

She was a Sex Goddess, and they both knew it, and knew the other knew.

#15 – Touch

His hands were strong and sure, yet gentle, when he made her body sing.

#16 – Weakness

He shouldn't be letting his damn hormones lead him around by the dick, and he shouldn't be falling for a succubus, even if he knew she wouldn't harm him.

#17 – Tears

He was a handsome devil, but not just like his father: Sparda certainly had never cried.

#18 – Speed

She was beginning to wonder if she could win: no matter where she flew to he was right there a second later.

#19 – Wind

After millennia in a tower so boring she spent as much time as possible napping, it was a relief to feel the wind in her hair, and an ego boost to see him watching out of the corner of his eye to see if it would blow her strategically placed tresses off her breasts.

#20 – Freedom

She'd really just traded one master for another, but Dante was infinitely preferable to Mundus.

#21 – Life

He'd begun to suspect this Devil Arm was doing more than the minimum when all the bats in front of him suddenly went around his back to block a strike: he had been down to only one blue orb at that point.

#22 – Jealousy

She'd wanted to drink down the life of that human girl when she had tried to kiss him: Sparda had ignored her and later loved a human and now his son was doing the same.

#23 – Hands

His hands were all over her when she was a guitar.

#24 – Taste

He'd gotten too close: a spike ripped through him, blood spattered everywhere, and as she licked her fingers she laughed like a siren, for his blood was, "as sweet as you, Sugar."

#25 – Devotion

She'd stayed in a tower two thousand years for that big bastard Mundus: didn't he realize her devotion to him would be eternal?

#26 – Forever

It was absolutely crazy: forget older woman, she was as old as his old man, and he had been around forever!

#27 – Blood

She'd tasted his blood and his life, but she still wondered: "Are you sure you're a Sparda?"

#28 – Sickness

He coughed again, another speck of dust had gotten up his nose as he picked through the ruins of his shop: he should clean his weapons, his brand-new guitar was starting to look like he'd found it in an attic.

#29 – Melody

It was a stupid little song he'd made up himself about what he was and the shit he had to go through and it had never sounded as good as it did now on what he'd won because of what he was, battle-lust still a fire in his blood and the special effects (from the Love Planet?) afire around him.

#30 – Star

He'd been such a punk back then, acting like an 80's Superstar: well, it had been only a while since the 80s, but it had still been a stupid thing to do on a 'first date.'

#31 – Home

"Here it is-Home Sweet Home," he announced and grandly gestured at the ruins of his shop as Lady stared, before he pulled away the rubble blocking the entrance with his new scythe/guitar thingy.

#32 – Confusion

His father was a handsome devil, and his spawn just a powerful despite being a half-breed: sometimes she turned around and was surprised he wasn't him.

#33 – Fear

"Ha ha, very funny," Lady snarled, getting ready to blast him again with the Kalina Ann, "I'm not afraid of your or your stupid guitar!"

#34 - Lightning/Thunder

His hair standing on end and Rebellion thrumming with it, he laughed and saluted her, saying, "You're just as shocking as your outfit!"

#35 – Bonds

Silly… she'd forgiven his father for sealing her up in a tower for a thousand years, did he think she'd hold a grudge for an honest battle?

#36 – Market

"Look, isn't this the coolest?" he said enthusiastically, holding her out for Lady to inspect, "Do you know how much an electric guitar like this would go for in the Black market?"

#37 – Technology

She liked these 'speakers' but quite disliked guns: she had been after a different sort of penetration.

#38 – Gift

He didn't know why he was giving his weapons allowances, except that he didn't want to think of himself as a devil god, with slaves, but what did they really have to spend it on, besides pizza and raw meat and a drum kit for him on his birthday.

#39 – Smile

Vergil had his mother's amulet, this stupid tower had destroyed several city blocks, and Dante had just gotten his butt kicked by the dick, but playing her and pretending, just for a minute, he was the rock musician he would have been if it weren't for everything made him smile.

#40 – Innocence

My, this was no innocent, openly admiring her and trading her innuendo for innuendo.

#41 – Completion

After the song had finished, he had whooped and fallen back, laughing like a beautiful boy who didn't have a care in the world, the kind she'd used the bones of to pick her teeth.

#42 – Clouds

A tall tower, a moonlight night, a cloud of bats… if he wasn't pretty sure she'd been around way before then, he would have quipped, "Are you auditioning for one of the Brides of Dracula?"

#43 – Sky

As he fell into the sky, he cursed having to clean up his dad's mess: it had been one hell of a ride, and all but a few minutes of it had sucked ass.

#44 – Heaven

She wasn't a fallen angel, he'd seen them and they weren't anything like her, who was no angel at all, but she still had a heavenly voice and a divine body.

#45 – Hell

Well, he'd be damned (assuming he wasn't already) if this wasn't a classical succubus, and one hell of a looker, too.

#46 – Sun

Her hair was red and her eyes gold like the portal had been red and gold, and sometimes he wondered if she was his very own route to damnation, sunset colors for the dying of the light.

#47 – Moon

His hair was moon-pale, and he had said once his father's human form had had the same color: it was strange to her that two so dark and bright were the color of a dead thing that could only borrow light and strength.

#48 – Waves

His blood was pounding in his veins like waves pounding at the shore, wearing away his resistance to her and the beautiful temptation she was.

#49 – Hair

Sparda's children had inherited his demonic color: would his blood be stronger, or would hers, or would (god forbid) his children have pink hair?

#50 – Supernova

It had never felt this good, it felt like he was exploding into a million pieces and coming alive again, again and again as she taught him tricks that hadn't made it into the Kama Sutra, things not humanly possible.