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Dante/Nevan –

46. King

Being king of the Underworld (he didn't want the title of Emperor that Mundus had taken, but the old title) didn't take up too much time. The devils ignored the fact that there was someone they had to obey unless the shit really hit the fan or there was something in it for them, like a fun little war.

So he mostly hung out on Earth, did family stuff, beat people up, designed his pad, ate, slept, played music, and had sex, the last two often at the same time. His wife rocked.

It was great to be the king.

47. Heart

When he'd seen her, his heart hadn't come into it, just something lower down. His other head had, a little: he really liked her style.

His heart ended up being broken several times, but the other chick he'd met that night was the one who stuck around. If he'd thought her hitting on him was something more than a game, her style, he would have rejected her. A demon? No way. He was going to marry a human, he hated demons with all his heart.

Then the rest of him beat some sense into it. What did an organ know?

48. Diamond

He'd considered buying her a diamond engagement ring, but a diamond was all… pure. He just couldn't see her wearing one: it would be like her wearing a white dress at the wedding. Though he could see her singing 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend,' and shaking her hips to it definitely.

Rubies, definitely. Red was the color for both of them. A silver ring? Silver got tarnished. A black ring.

He got it custom-made with a design of bats. He wasn't leaving anything to chance, not with his luck with women.

Though a demon might prefer being carried off.

49. Queen

If they whispered about how she didn't deserve to be the mate of one so powerful, they did it quietly after she'd had her little bats help her eat the first few who had challenged for her position. The serious challengers she referred to Dante after escaping when they tried to eat her to prove their worthiness.

Yes, she very much liked the human notions of fidelity and monogamy. It meant she could relax.

She still made sure she was the best for Dante, that was pride, and she enjoyed it. He was so sweet.

Good to be the queen.

50. Joker

"So, what's a girl like you doing in a place like this?" Dante grinned.

"I work here, sir. May I take your order?" Her patented little 'hm' laugh, as she leaned forward giving him a great view of her breasts. Order, because he was her master.

"I'd like some tomato juice, and a strawberry sundae, heavy on the whipped cream. I'm feeling decadent."

"Oh, tomato juice and strawberries are good for you," yes, she was, "So don't feel guilty, sir. Everyone should indulge in decadence occasionally," she purred. "Should I help you with your coat?"

"Sure." And the undressing began.