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Sweet Compassion

Chapter 1

An eight year old child and her father where walking down the street on a breezy, late September, evening, in Sweden. Her father decided to treat them both to some pastries at the local sweet shop. Her father held her tiny hand in his as they both walked into the shop. The bell above the door tinkled as they opened and closed the door. The child's eyes widened at the aroma that was filled with the sweet of pastries of all kinds. The shelves were packed with every kind of treat she could think of. The father chuckled at her excitement.

She asked her father's permission with her eyes, if she could pick one for herself, for she always shared her treats with her father. The father nodded and said, "Anything for you, Christine on your birthday."

A woman appeared at the counter, just noticing she had customers. She smiled at Christine and stood in front of the register.

"Did I hear correctly that this fine, young lady's birthday is today?" the woman asked politely.

Christine looked up at her shyly and smiled back at her. "Yes." Christine said quietly as her cheeks filled up with color.

"In that case," the woman said, "I will give you one for free."

"May I, Father?" Christine asked.

"Oh, alright." he said. Christine thought it over.

"Does that mean that I get two for myself? One for now and one for later?" she asked. Her father regarded her for a moment. "Please." she said pleadingly while fluffing out her bottom lip. He smiled, for she always got her way when she made that particular face at him.

"Go ahead, my angel." he said softly. 'She already knows how to make men bend over backwards for her.' He mused.

She made a shrill of delight. "Thank you so much, Father!" she said happily. "Hmm... I'll pick...this one," she pointed her small finger at a strawberry-filled pastry, "and this one." She pointed to the pastry filled with chocolate custard.

The woman put them both in a bag. "Happy Birthday, Miss." said the woman while handing the bag to Christine.

Christine's father paid the woman and thanked her.