Rings Around the Roses

I'm not alone. Short one-shot.

Even in the light, I'm not alone. He's still here with me. In the walls, on the roof, in the deep recesses of my soul. I may have given my betrothed my hand, but I left the most important part of me down in the cellars that night: my heart.

As I sit here in front of my vanity mirror watching my reflection, I wonder if he's behind the mirror. I reach out a hand and touch the cold glass. Nothing. I continue braiding my hair and getting ready for the day. "Poor girl," they say, the snobs of the society which I will be married into. "She never talks any more--you know, I heard she was a rather good singer at one time,". It's true--I was. But I hardly use my voice anymore…except for him.

Raoul has no idea what happens at night. As we are yet to be married, we share separate rooms. Luckily, the man sleeps so soundly he never hears his voice enter my mind. He sings to me in the dark. I sing our strange duet all through the night. How I wish it were real. I still think of him, wherever he is now, alone and sad. My poor, unhappy Erik. He let Raoul live so I could be happy. But little does he know, I share him with Erik--I always will. Even if Erik is totally gone from my life, his song still lives within me.

And now, it is morning. The music is over, the song is over, his voice is over. But I still have the rose...and he the ring.