Okay, I tend to make summeries sound over-used and cheesy, but here goes: Nergal has been defeated, but everything is far from over. Eliwood is forced to find a wife, Lyn is forced to embrace a destiny she does not want, Kent is forced to do a duty he wishes he didn't have, and Hector is forced to understand this odd emotion everybody feels. Between the aftermath of a devestating war, the four of them are caught in a whirlwind of sorrow, lies, and most of all--confusion. Will they ever be able to figure it out...and if they do, will all of them be happy?

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"Wow," Kent said softly, sighing, "It's really over."

"It took long enough," Sain moaned, shooting an accusing glance at the tactician.

"It's not my fault!" Della protested. "Would you rather me have ordered you all to charge? You wouldn't have lasted past Uhai! Patience was the key with so many enemies…"

"It doesn't matter how long it took," said Lyn tiredly, walking between Sain and Della to break up their argument. "What matters is that this all is finished. Nergal is defeated. At long last."

Fighting back tears of exhaustion and pain, Lyn hurried away.

"Lady Lyndis?" Kent asked softly. He followed her, to make sure she was okay.

As her knight, of course.

"Is it really finished, Lyn?" Della murmured, watching Kent follow her with a critical eye. "Is this all really finished?"

"What are you talking about?" asked Sain, confused.

Della smirked. "Oh, it's not over yet."

"What? What's going—"

"Come on," the tactician ordered, yanking the knight away.

"Where are we going?"

"To finish things!"

"What, you mean for Kent and Lady Lyndis?"


"But…they went the other way! Why are we going this way? You're cutting off the circulation in my arm, by the way…"

Della ignored that. "We're going in the opposite direction because we can't have you interfering in Kent's business—it might be dangerous. Besides, this is something that'll just have to finish itself. We finish it by leaving it alone. It's a self-stirring solute of sorts." She grinned. "How's that for biology alliteration?"

Sain sighed tiredly.

Kent could see her talking to Merlinus, ordering that her stuff should start to be packed up. The knight sighed. Packing up. This whole adventure was finally over…and they were going home. Home to where Lyn would have to be a lady, and Kent…

He pushed the thought away as he strode towards her—he thought too much about that. It was getting redundant.

"Lady Lyndis?" he asked. Lyn thanked Merlinus with a nod and turned to Kent.

"Kent! Are you alright?"

Kent bowed. "Of course. I merely came to make sure you were alright."

"Oh…I'm fine. Thank you for checking up on me." Lyn's voice was sincere, but Kent noticed a deep gash on her forearm. He handed his vulnerary to her, smiling slightly.

"Sometimes I think you may be too tough, milady."

"No such thing," she murmured, accepting the vulnerary. "Thank you, Kent."

"Think nothing of it. It is…"

"Your duty, I know, I know," she finished for him. With a small smile, she turned and walked off, clutching his vulnerary close to her.

"Yes," Kent whispered when he was out of hearing. "My duty." He was left wondering why her voice had sounded so very sad.

"It's because she's hurt," Kent told himself sternly. "Give it a day and a cleric and she'll be back to normal." The knight sighed.

"We did it!" Hector cheered. "We really did it!"

"Yes!" Eliwood echoed, smiling. "We…really…" The lord collapsed, but Hector caught him before he hit the ground.

"Eliwood?" his friend asked urgently. "Hey! Wake up! Eliwood!"

Eliwood stirred restlessly, but didn't awaken. Hector sighed. An onlooker might have thought he was irritated, but really Hector was worried.

"Hector!" Lyn cried, running up to him. "What…what's happened to Eliwood?"

"Probably just exhaustion," Hector told her, trying to stay calm. "And…you know, a lot's happened to him."

Lyn nodded.

"Hey," Hector noted, "Your cut's looking better."

"What?" Lyn looked at her forearm. "Oh, yes. Kent gave me a vulnerary." She smiled a bit, gingerly touching what remained of her wound.

"Yup, that's Kent for you…what the--!" Hector pulled his hand away from Eliwood's side to find it stained with blood.

"You idiot!" Hector growled to his unconscious friend. "You've been hurt this whole time, bleeding even through your clothes, and you didn't tell anyone!" Now sufficiently annoyed, Hector slung Eliwood over his shoulder as if the redhead was no more then a sack of potatoes and stomped off in search of Serra.

Lyn bit her lip. Even though Nergal was defeated, it seemed that she still had so much to worry about. Everyone around camp was trying to heal up their various injuries, taking their more serious wounds to Serra and Pricilla. Lyn hoped Eliwood would be alright. She also found herself thinking of Kent, but quickly pushed those thoughts away.

She hugged her arms and suddenly felt very alone. Everywhere around camp she could see signs—Erk helping Pricilla pack even though he was no longer her escort, Nino and Jaffar each trying to make the other take the one vulnerary left, Isadora and Harken talking in excited whispers…even Lucius and Serra had caught each other's eye!

As Lyn watched, she wondered if there would ever be anyone out there for her. Eliwood and Hector were such good friends that it would be awkward if she wanted anything more, Rath was more a family member to her than anything else, and Kent…

"Stop it," she whispered to herself. "Kent is beneath me." Her eyes widened as she realized that her words were not her own—it was Lady Lyndis talking, not Lyn. But she had never wanted to be Lady Lyndis in the first place.

With a growl of frustration, she turned on her heel and stalked to her tent.

Eliwood finally opened his eyes. All he could see was blue light, but that faded away to be replaced with Serra's face and a dimly glowing staff.

"Sheesh," the cleric scowled, "and here I thought you were a good fighter. But you got yourself so bashed around that I had to use a Mend instead of a Heal!"

"Hector?" Eliwood asked, still waking up. "Lyndis?"

"I'm here," said Hector. "Lyn's resting, though. Are you okay?"

Eliwood tried to sit up but ended falling back to the cot. "I'm fine. I suppose."

"Good." Hector's face darkened. "Because now I get to yell at you about what an idiot you are!"

"Stop yelling at the patients!" Serra screeched. Hector frowned but obliged, knowing better than to argue with Serra.

The cleric bustled over to Eliwood, holding a cup of something that smelled horrible. "Drink this. A silver arrow was the main cause of your wound, but it wouldn't have been so bad if you hadn't let yourself be hit with so many Nosferatus. Now you've lost too much blood, but this will help you sleep."

She handed him the drink, but Eliwood hesitated before gulping it down. It smelled even more horrible close up.

"It's not just physical wounds, either," Serra rambled on. "There's a lot of mental things wrong with you. DRINK THE POTION!"

Hastily, Eliwood obliged.

"Anyway," the cleric continued, "watching all your friends get hurt, defeating your foe, getting Ninian back, and then losing her again…"

The sound of the dragon-girl's name made Eliwood feel dizzy and sick. It was all he could do to stay calm and keep drinking.

"But don't worry." Serra smiled sweetly. "I'd make a much better wife—"

"Not a chance," said Hector, nonchalantly knocking her away from the bedside with one sweep of his arm. "We all know that Eliwood's going to marry Lyn."

Eliwood's eyes flew open and he coughed, sending Serra's potion spraying everywhere.

"You can't deny it," said Hector, grinning. "I'm off to find Marcus right now—we're going to come up with a matchmaking plan."

With that, Hector walked out of the infirmary tent, and Serra went to attend to other patients. Eliwood felt sleep overcome him from what he had managed to swallow of the potion. He desperately fought that sleep.

I can't relax, not now! There is so much that needs to be finished, so many issues and problems that need to be resolved, so many people who need a strong leader! I can't fall asleep, just as much as I can't marry Lyn. She is one of my best friends, that would be too strange! I can't…fall…asleep…

As Eliwood drifted off, he tried to call out to his friends, hoping that one might hear and wake him up. "Hector…Della…Lyndis…"

The last name on his lips, though, before he was asleep for good, was the name of St. Elimine.

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