"Will You...?"
by: Angel Wings Rinoa

Chapter 12: Wedding Night

That night, Squall and Rinoa rented a room in a local hotel. Selphie still had some tape remaining, and the thought of it unsettled both of them. Headmaster Cid gave them permission to sleep in a hotel because he was sure they want some privacy.
"What a huge room!" she exclaimed once they got into the room with the beautiful scenery and enormous bed.
Squall took off his jacket and placed it on the chair. Rinoa happily spinned around the room stretching out her arms. After she was too dizzy to stand, she flopped on the bed. "Squall! I am so happy!"
"I can tell." he said.
She wraped her arms around his waist, "So, where are we gonna have our honeymoon?"
He paused for a while, "Probably at Balamb Garden."
She squeezed his waist tighter to try to squeeze the air out of him for saying that, "I thought you were good at planning. That's not what I had in mind., "
"It's not so bad. We'll try to make it seem like we're alone. And for two weeks or so, we'll spend some time here."
She held her chin; thinking hard, "....Okay! This town is a very nice spot for a vacation. Deal! But you can only do your duties if it's really, really important, okay?" While she was comprimising, she was slowly unbuttoning his shirt.
"I have a lot of duties in Balamb. I'm going to be away often." he noticed her hands slowly moving downwards as each button was undone.
"Uh-uh. Not often. Only a few times." she playfully said as she released the last button.
He stopped her before she could reach his belt, "Okay. A few times, but..."
"No 'buts'.--" she planted a kiss on his jaw and continued with undoing his belt.
"But there are some things which I have to do as the commander. So you can't stop me."
"You're good at this dealing stuff, aren't you?"
"You bet."
"Ooh! Fine, but I get to move into your room. Deal?"
He released her tight hug of his waist. He turned around and kissed her forehead and then her lips.
"Is that a yes?"
He mumbled a "Yes." on her neck. His breath on her neck tickled and made her giggle. She stopped giggling as soon as Squall started to tantilizingly plant kisses all over her neck. He lifted her up in his arms and set her down gently on the bed. As they kissed, they removed their clothes.
"If you want I could do a striptease for you." she said in a sultry voice.
He pondered on it for a while, and said in a low tone, "Nah. Save it for later. We can always take our time."
They embraced each other. In their embrace, Squall felt that he could take on a barrage of sorceresses again. Rinoa felt safe, and found true love inside the arms of her strong man with the heart of a lion. The vows they made that day meant more than a few simple words, it was a promise that forever their heart and soul will belong to each other, and both of them will keep it guarded. It was as if they were saying to each other, "I promise I will guard your heart and forever keep it mine. I promise." As for the rest of the night....and dawn....and morning........and some more parts of that week......It's pretty simple to use one's imagination to know what they were doing.

The End

So what did you think? Did you thought I was gonna get graphic on the ending part? Nah, although the chapter's title does have its implications >_^. Anyway, hope you liked this story! Thanks again for reading it and please review!