Title: Felis Domesticatus vs Canis Lupus

Alternate title: Of Cats and Dogs

Rating: T (for swearing and lewd comments, cattishness)

Authoress: Rena Kaerutsukai

Summary: The cursed Defense Against the Dark Arts position has been refilled again, this time by a young woman. She does something that no other holder of this position has done, though: goes to the only available previous DADA professor for advice. That ex-professor is Remus John Lupin, who thinks that the new professor is a bit off her rocker. But they may just have more in common than he thinks. (implied SBRL)

Prologue: The Beast Within

The feel of bones shifting and twisting, face stretching to form a small muzzle, spine extending to form a tail, the painful prickling sensation of fur sprouting from every inch of flesh, every part of her body aching painfully as she whimpered, the last of her humanity leaving her as she shrank to her new form.

She sat back on her haunches and mewled piteously, green eyes glowing in the darkness, seeking for new prey. Her white tail flicked to and fro, as she crossed the room to her food and water dishes reserved for this night alone. The window above was brightly lit, as the light of the full moon reflected off of the thick white fur.

The cat yowled to the moon, dragging her claws down the wooden desk in frustration at the lack of prey. Suddenly, a mouse crawled from under the baseboards. Deadly green eyes widened, pupils expanding to block out the iris as the cat slunk through the darkness, preparing to pounce. The mouse scented the cat, but too late. She sprung at her prey, and caught the mouse by the tail under her paw.

From outside the little house, the only sound was the squeal of a mouse, cut short by the delightful crunching of bones.


His clothes had been calmly removed and stored away (there seemed no point in staying clothed, since if the transformation didn't ruin the clothes, the wolf certainly would). This was the first time in three years when he would sacrifice his mind to the wolf during the transformation, thanks to the fact that his supply of Wolfsbane potion had run out. He involuntarily shivered. The transformation was starting. First came the unpleasant shifting of internal organs, and the painful growing and rearranging of his bones, as his face extended and his mouth split to form the lethal jaws of the wolf and bristly fur emerged from his flesh like millions of tiny needles pushing their way out of his skin. Intelligent hazel eyes changed to glittering yellow, and ears moved to the top of his head, stretching to the long ears of the wolf.

The tawny creature howled at the full moon, a haunting cry that sent all creatures in the surrounding forest scurrying for cover. A sniff to the air told his sensitive wolf senses that a human had been here. The large animal immediately set to turning everything in the room upside down in search of the human, destroying everything in his path with claws and teeth. Frustrated, he let out another howl as the moon reflected off of his thick tawny fur flecked with grey. Sniffing again, he found the human scent on him! With a vicious, slavering snarl, he clawed and bit at himself viciously, trying desperately to purge the human scent from his body, not caring that he drew blood.


She awoke the next morning, curled in a ball, cold and naked on the floor. Her room looked like it had been hit by a very small tornado, and blood was spattered on the wall near the corner. Her brow furrowed, and she flipped her white locks out of her face, walking over to see what exactly had bled. Ah, she thought when she saw the hairless tail, so that's where the blood came from.

"Poor little mousie..." She said mournfully, putting the remains in a little soapbox retrieved from the bathroom to bury in the yard later. She found her wand in her nightstand and flicked it, cleaning the blood off the walls and setting her room in order with a silent and well-practiced spell. She took the box outside, grabbing her trowel on the way to dig the hole with.


He awoke the next day, cold and naked in the rickety bed. Deep gashes and scratches covered his body, and the sheets underneath him were stained with blood—his own. Shivering, he willed himself to get out of bed and dress the wounds that he knew needed to be dressed. There had been nothing in the room to ruin, save the bed, which had already been ruined enough in previous transformations. He pulled himself out of bed, staggering slightly and growling at the new pain in his wounds. He walked painfully over to the cupboard out of the wolf's reach where he kept the bandages. As he walked by the window, he noticed that it was broken. That explained the stinging ache on his face. With a sigh, he slowly went about dressing the wounds that couldn't wait, thinking only about going back into his actual house and sleeping for two or three days.

Hm, yes, sleep sounded very good about now. He finished dressing the wounds, and looked resignedly at the hiding place for his clothes. His hazel gaze traveled to the beaten, broken bed, and he deduced that right now he hadn't the strength to even get back to his actual house. Sleep here was as good as sleep anywhere else. He crawled back into the bed, not even caring about the bloody sheets, and lie there, slowly drifting into blissful painless sleep.


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