Out of all the Pokemon Games, Emerald Version is my favorite.

So, I'm going to write a fanfiction based off of it, but instead, it will star two girls from our world, and out of the Yu-Gi-Oh world, the lovely Serenity Wheeler.

Do you think that other than that there won't be many differences? Wrong, there will be new twists and turns in every chapter, so, let the wars begin!

And unlike the rest of my fanfictions, this one has a theme song, which will come as soon as I write the lyrics.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I only own the main carachters with the exception of Serenity Wheeler, I don't own Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh.






Our World: Emily's Journal

Dear Journal,

Your not going to believe what happened to me today. For awhile now, me and my best friend Rebecca have loved playing pokemon, we have all the games, all the cards, you get the point, but we had no idea that it was all real. I might as well tell you the story...

Our adventure starts in a small park somewhere in my hometown of Columbia Missouri. Me and Rebecca are having a pokemon battle with our Game Link cables.

"Hah, your Salamance can't beat my Jolteon, Emily!" Rebecca says.

"I wouldn't be so sure," I replied, and had my dragon use Earthquake, and Jolteon faints.

"Oh man, you win again Emily," Rebecca says.

And then something begins to flash on both GBA screens.


"What does thi..." Rebecca starts, and then the two girls vanish.

That's how it started, I'll fill you in on the rest later.

Emily Harding.

End entry.


Pokemon World: Serenity's Diary

Dear Diary,

For the past few days, I've had some strange dreams. Seto and Joey say I'm going crazy, but Yugi says it may mean something. I didn't know that they meant anything, until last night, and now I'm in the Pokemon world in some town I've never heard of, with two other girls, Seto is somewhere, but the question is, why are we here?

"Hey, your Serenity Wheeler, right?" the girl named Emily asks. She had told me that she knew about me from a cartoon in her world, but I had no idea that there was a cartoon with me in it.

"Umm, yes," I replied.

"Serenity Wheeler, younger sister of Joseph Wheeler, typicaly uses faries, but dosen't duel very much," the girl named Rebecca says, and looks like she's going to say more when Emily clamps her mouth shut.

"Sorry about her, she talks a lot," Emily says. "Especialy when it's something she knows a lot about."

"Whatever, at least I don't have a crush on anime carachters," Rebecca says, and get's out of Emily's grip.

Their argument is intterupted by the door opening, a scientist enters.

"Ahh, good, your awake, I will take you to Professor Autmn," he says, and leads the three girls out of the room.

Well, that's what's happened so far in the Lighthawk Region, did I meantion that's what it's called?

Serenity Wheeler.

End Entry.


Well, that went pretty well, next we'll see what pokemon the girls will get, and the adventure begins. Don't miss chapter 2, "New Journies."

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