AN: Welcome to my second attempt at a Riddick Fic. Don't worry, to the thirty five people that have actually openned my other one, I will be continuing it. I just have to get this out of my head too. Now I know this isn't exactly a new notion, putting an OC on board the Hunter-Grazner when it crashes but like so many others I just couldn't avoid the inevitable 'what if' question. And you have to admit, they're so much fun. I'm hoping that my OC and the interactions that ensue will be new, interesting, and entertaining, however. I have to say, I rather like her. She's kind of a if-Riddick-had-a-little-structure, but I shall tell no more, for there are things that should be a surprise. And with that (and the following full summery and required disclosure) on with the fic!

Disclosure: Much to my consternation, I do not own any of the rights to Pitch Black or anything in the Riddick universe. Nor do I get to make any profits from this little spinner. The only things I own are the deviations from the plot and my OC. (Though if anyone wanted to fork over Vin to me, I certainly wouldn't protest...just something to bare in mind.) And yes, there are quotes straight from the movie, PB...I figure if I mention that in here I won't have to actually mark them. They're there, you know which ones they are, deal with it.

Full Summery: We all know the story of Pitch Black and we've all wondered at the 'what ifs'. What would happen if a single variable was changed? One character didn't die, another did, things shift slightly one way or another, another person survived the crash...This is the tale of Pitch Black with the latter, an OFC by the name of Lera Chase. She's not your typical survivor. A mystery in and of herself, who is this woman? How does she know the things she does, why isn't she scared of Riddick but instead seems to understand him, and just how is it she can see in the dark without a shine? Look deeper into the story of Pitch Black through the characters' own eyes and see how this new element affects them. Just what will she mean for their survival, their destruction, and the future that awaits them all? (PB and maybe beyond...)

Pitch Black: A New Twist

The Beginning

In the depths of space the Hunter-Grazner floated along course, its inhabitants sleeping peacefully, completely unaware of anything thanks to their cryo-sleep units…well most of them. Riddick, though, lay awake, trapped within bindings, locked away from everything and as he had been for the last twenty-two weeks, with only his own thoughts to entertain him. He'd fear going mad, but considering how many people had told him he was crazy in the past, he figured there wasn't much to loose.

They say most of your brain shuts down in cryo-sleep, all but primitive side, the animal side. No wonder I'm still awake. Transporting me with civilians, sounded like 40, 40 plus. Heard an Arab voice, some hudoo holy man, probably on his way to New Mecca. But what route? What route? Smelled a woman; sweat, boots, tool belt, leather. Prospector type. Free settlers, and they only take the back roads. And here's my real problem, Mr. Johns. Blue-eyed devil. Planning on taking me back to Slam. Only this time he picked a ghost lane. Long time between stops. Long time for something to go wrong…

And when it did, he would be ready.


A pair of green eyes blinked open calmly, seemingly dull with boredom, the way they swept what they could see lazyily. But attentive. Always attentive. She hated these cryo-sleep tubes. Sleeping caskets. You were supposed to basically shut down inside them, sleep deep while your body was basically suspended. But she never did, never could. They said most of your brain was supposed to shut down…all but the primitive side. Perhaps she was more primitive than she liked to admit.

Noticing movement, her eyes strayed lazily to one of the compartments across from her. The convict, the prisoner. She'd gotten on ship too late to ask anything about him, but the lockout protocol announcing the forbidding of any early release spoke louder than words. And they spoke 'danger'. Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly as she saw his head turnthis way and that, as though he was taking in his surrounding through the blindfold that covered his eyes. It took a lot of training and strengthening of the mind to overcome the sleep compulsion of the cryo-tubes. She had that, making it impossible for it to overcome her. Apparently he did too…

He was no normal prisoner. Interesting…

As though noticing her regard, the head of the prisoner turned in her direction. Her eyebrow twitched upwards, but his bound eyes weren't looking at her. They were looking at the sleeping casket next to her. Ahh, yes. Mr. Johns. She'd noticed his name before they made them all go nighty-night.

Her eyes drifted shut as she remembered that time some twenty-two weeks ago when she'd rushed on ship at the last minute, almost missing the flight. He had a dangerous baring hidden behind a charming smile and small town boy attitude. There was something about those blue eyes of his she didn't like, something hard and not quite sane. Probably a merc, and the prisoner directly across from him was his payday.

She fought a snort and leaned her head back. Mercs. Scum would be a better word. Generally she avoided them, couldn't stand them. Bunch of vultures. Usually not any better than the people they brought in, often times worse. There had only been a few she had ever met that were actually worth the skin they wore.

Green eyes snapped open as she was brought out of her contemplation on the different types of scum in the universe by a strange popping and pinging sound.

That wasn't right…


Carolyn Fry took a deep breath as her mind suddenly shrugged off the cryo-sleep. Why was she awake? Were they there already? She blinked her eyes sleepily and turned forward as the sound of a siren caught her senses. She saw the display, showing that she, the Captain, and the navigator were all being awoken. The date on the display showed that they were still at least eighteen weeks out from when that should happen. Shit, that only happened in an emergency.

A sharp pinging and ripping sound brought her out of her thoughts as she saw several small, fiery things rip through the cabin…right through the Captain's cryo-tub. All she could do was stare in shocked horror as he seemed to jerk in a grizzly dance while the projectiles went through him. Her jaw dropped as his vitals on the display flat lined and she frantically reached for the eject lever.

Hurtled from her compartment she had the wind knocked out of her a moment later as Owen, the navigator, landed right on top of her. Just her luck.

"Why did I fall on you?" he asked, sounding shocked. Carolyn bit back a sharp retort.

"He's dead," she said instead as Owen started to move jerkily off her. "The Captain's dead. I was looking right at him…" she cut off trying not to remember what she had seen.

"Crono says twenty-two weeks out. Gravity shouldn't kick in for another eighteen…why'd I fall at all?"

"Did you hear what I said?" Fry cut him off. "The Captain's dead."

They both looked at the perforated chamber and the Captain's still, slumped form. Carolyn gulped and looked away quickly from the morbid sight as Owen's head jerked towards her. After a moment of shocked stillness, only the sounds of the siren and leaking air surrounding them, they both shot up and headed towards the flight cabin.


Riddick took in the sounds around him as the flight became more and more turbulent. He heard the words of the two crewmembers and managed a grin around the bit in his mouth. Not an easy thing to do. Something, it appeared, had gone wrong. Now all he had to do was wait. And be ready…

AN: A little short, I know, but future updates will be longer and hopefully more entertaining. This is really just a taste. Yes, I am going to be going through the story, but there will be certain changes along the way...I'm not saying what, you'll just have to read. Make sure to let me know what you think so far and as we go along and REVIEW! Thank you. And now back to our regurally schedualed programming...