Hello, all! For those of you who don't know my work, I've done Love Hina: New and Old Faces, Same Zaniness, Love Hina: Shichinin no Naru, dothackCRAZY, and Yugioh: Legacy of Solomon. I'm trying my hand at a Darkstalkers' fic after going through and seeing quite a few damn good fics. I'm putting in an OC for some flavor, and you might be surprised at where this story will go. Here are the Original Character's stats:

Name: Brandon Wild

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Nationality: Anglo-Saxon (he's got an English, Spanish, Portuguese, Scottish, and German family tree)

Height: 6 foot 1 inches

Appearance: Somewhat bishounen, with wavy blond hair in a Scott Stapp-ish cut, and hazel eyes.

That's all you need to know, since I plan on showing his personality through the story. Enough of my yapping, though.

I do not own Darkstalkers. The rights are property of Capcom.

Darkstalkers: Makai Crisis

Brandon: (voice-over narration) It figures that all this would start with me being interested in my families' backgrounds, as well as a fascination with the supernatural. How the hell was I supposed to know that the two would be intertwined. And that I'd have a certain female Darkstalker tailing me throughout this story. And no, if you're looking for a connection from puns, it's not Felicia.

Scotland, in a quiet village. Winter of 2007. It was raining like the heavens sought to flood the world, in order to punish all those who sinned. Then again, there was a lot of sinning. Frequent Muslim terrorist attacks around the world, the U.S. war in Iraq was finally at an end, with Iraq merging with Iran, and in general, it was not a good time to be American. People were questioning our national identity, and I was getting irritated with the questions. So, I did what any bishounen nerd would do under the circumstances: physically explore my family tree (yeah, I know it sounds stupid, and you'd probably not do it, but I'm not your average nerd). I went over to Germany and Spain, researching my family history, with monetary help from my family in America and Germany (my German relatives were ecstatic at the thought of their half-German American relative going out and learning about the world), as well as checking out some sources in Spain. I found a great deal in Germany, discovering that we had an extended history in WW2 and before, and that we had a familial connection with the Wilhelms (in case you don't know, they're one of the biggest royal families in Germany). I didn't find much in Spain, except during my visit there, a radical Socialist group tried holding 42 people hostage in a train that arrived right after my scheduled train. Needless to say, they failed, but it took six days to negotiate with them, and by that time, they'd have executed nine people. So things were somewhat exciting during my little "grand tour." Arriving in Scotland (I decided to skip Portugal, as I didn't want to test fate down there any longer) I sought information on the Calhoun clan, which I was a direct descendant of. Specifically, one of my ancestors was the best friend and right-hand man of William Wallace (don't believe that damn movie, Scotland lost in the end, but we scared the shit out of England). …Sorry, I went on a tangent there. Anyway, to get to the point, I followed some info on where I might find some distant relatives, and get a more thorough look into my family tree. That is, until the rain came pouring down. Then I just decided to call it a night. I wandered around the village a bit before meeting an exceedingly attractive woman, maybe around 25.

Brandon: (looking over some wilted cabbage with disgust, when he sees the woman out of the corner of his eye) …whoa.

A woman, dressed in a fleece jacket and bell-bottoms (bell-bottoms!) and black boots, which I assumed were thigh-high (what the hell is she thinking wearing that in this kind of weather?) quickly walked past, but not before glancing in my direction and giving a little smirk. What little of her face I saw looked immaculate, like something out of a dream. I chuckled to myself, unsure of what to make of her, when a wizened old hand grabbed my coat. I turned to see an old lady, hunched over from the years (I was pretty sure she was about to hit one hundred, if she didn't already achieve that age) in peasant garb shivering. She spoke in a strong Scottish accent, which took me a couple tries to understand.

Old woman: Do ya 'ave a caple pence to spare fer an ald folk?

Brandon: Sure, just a moment. (reaches into my pocket and pulls out about five pounds, handing it to her)

The old woman gasps in shock at seeing such an amount being offered to her. At first, I thought I might be accused for instigating a heart attack, but she manages to regain her composure and takes the money.

Old Woman: Gad bless 'ye, lad. Sach generosity, ya must be a saint!

Brandon: No, ma'am. Really, it's my pleasure. I can't turn down helping out someone who really needs assistance, especially if they're asking me.

Old Woman: Gad bless 'ye, lad. Many thanks to ye. Ah'm curtin that yur kindness wunt be fergutten by the Almighty.

She shuffled off, and I felt a pang of loneliness, since this was the only time in a while that I had actually had someone glad to keep me company. I didn't dismiss her as a beggar, rather, she probably had others she needed to take care of. What I didn't expect was that the attractive woman was watching me from afar.

: So…he has a kind, giving soul. Hm…from what I feel from his aura, he'd make a good meal. I'd better wait until later though. These people know too much of my existence.

She seemed to fade into the back alleys.

Later that night. 10:43 pm.

I walked into my bedroom, having just had a strange conversation with the innkeeper.

Brandon: Absurd…people getting attacked by demons outside the village. Not that I don't believe in demons, but it's most likely just wolves. …Do they have wolves in the highlands of Scotland? Meh, fuck it. I'm watching DVD's…

I turn on the portable DVD player that I kept for such occasions (when there's absolutely no electricity) and put in volume four of Fullmetal Alchemist. No matter how many times I've seen the entire series, I still can't get enough. Especially the humor. About fifty minutes into it, though, the battery on it dies.

Brandon: Huh? NO! Dammit! I was sure there was at least three hours of power on this thing!

Shoving it back into my back of personal belongings, I put on my pajamas (really an old t-shirt and some warm cloth pants), and went to bed. I fell asleep within fifteen minutes. At first, my dreams were sort of erratic: me jumping around like Spider-Man, floating in mid-air at brief intervals, and smacking the hell out of criminals. Then, things shifted in a way that I have never dreamed about before. I found myself surrounded by women, and judging by my surroundings, I was in Egypt. Many of the women were pleasuring themselves, and I got somewhat aroused. Then, a woman with light green hair with almost an ethereal look to her approached me.

: Good day, master. I assume your harem is pleasing you well?

Brandon: …Uhhh. What the hell is going on here?

The woman chuckled, and responded that this harem was here for my pleasure. I knew something was up, since I've never had these kind of dreams before. Luckily, somehow, I knew how to force myself awake (usually I do this when dreams are going awry, but this was freaking me out, so I wanted to end it as soon as possible). It felt like it took three to five minutes, although how long it really took, I'll never know. The dream fades to black, and soon enough, my eyes slowly open, and I manage to get myself out of bed.

Brandon: nnnnhhgh…what the hell? What the hell was that dream for?

I surveyed the room I was in. It was awfully cold, despite the fact that there was a 19th century-style heating system, which was a major plus for a place like this. At first I didn't see anything, but my intuition was telling me that someone was in here. Then, out of the shadows, the same woman that appeared in my dream appeared in front of me. She had light green hair, a gorgeous figure, but what really startled me was how she was dressed. She had pink leggings with bat patterns that ended in thigh-high boots. And arms that were gloved up to the back of her hands. She also had what looked like a leather bustier, which showed off her cleavage quite well (and got me slightly aroused). The weirdest thing out of this, though, was that bat wings came out of the sides of her head, as well as from her back. I have to admit; in an exotic way, she was sexually appealing. But I got a feeling from her that she was here for purposes besides saying hi.

Brandon: Who the hell are you?

: (she gives a slight bow) If you must honestly know, I am Morrigan Aensland. Although that doesn't really matter. What I am here for, however, I cannot tell you.

Brandon: ……(I look her over, seeing if she had any weapons on her, and seeing that there were no pockets on her person (how the hell could there be? What she was wearing was skin-tight!), I assessed the situation and got up) Not that the idea of an amazingly attractive woman such as yourself being in my bedroom doesn't appeal to me, but my gut tells me you're no good. What are you supposed to be, some kind of sex demon?

Morrigan: (smirks) You've hit it on the head. I am a succubus. And also ruler of the Makai realm.

Brandon: (chuckles) Okay, NOW I know why you're here. You want to have intercourse with me and doing so, feed on my soul and life force.

Morrigan: You don't miss a beat. Really, you've saved me a lot of time trying to explain what I am. You see, I haven't had a meal of your caliber in…mmm, seven centuries? Maybe six? Time tends to blur when you're an immortal demon.

During this time, I managed to pick up a weapon that I always carry with me: twin Kendo sticks. Not that they're the most effective weapon, but I'm fairly proficient with them, so I took a lunge at her, aiming for the side of her head. ….I miss completely. How? I don't know, but she must've been moving at high speed. Not uncommon if you're dealing with a demon, I'd say? Well, she responds by appearing right in front of me and pushing me. Although it didn't feel like a push. It felt like the equivalent of a 50 lb. padded bag with enough momentum smacking me, felling me onto my ass. The same thing happened here, although the bed cushioned my fall.

Brandon: MMMFf! Goddamn bitch, I swear I'll ki-

My words stop in my mouth, as suddenly I'm awestruck by her beauty. I learn later that what this is called is a demon's "glamour". In other words, certain demon's can make themselves irresistible to their victims. But at that time, no coherent thought went through my head.

Morrigan's POV.

My glamour managed to calm him down, and he was completely under my power. I slowly straddled his lap, feeling his erection hit my thigh, but giving no mind. As soon as my hand touched his cheek, the amount of pleasure I felt coming off of him was indescribable. I suddenly began to lust after this pleasure exuding from him, and I found myself wanting more. It was like chocolate to me, it was addicting. Every moan of pleasure and gasp he'd make, I'd want more and more. It was so unlike me, to be so unprofessional, but…I actually desired a part of him. When he hit the peak of arousal, I decided to make my move. Slowly I came in to kiss him, draining him of his life and soul, but with about an inch between our lips, his eyes suddenly snapped open, and an echo within him screamed, "NO!". Suddenly, his aura changed completely, and I was thrown back by the amount of force behind the release of his power. As I recovered from the throwback, I saw…his eyes glowed with the purest light I'd ever seen, and he had wings. Angel wings. He began to glow brighter, and I realized he was trying to repel me. In seconds, the light grew blazing, and the heat of it caused my skin to start peeling. I decided to get the hell out of there, since at this rate, if I fought him, I might lose. Flying out of the inn, I see the light slowly encircle around him in a sphere, almost as if it were protecting him. Such power…it was possible that power, if I took it, would enhance my own by a great amount. It was also possible that it would satiate my hunger, and if that happened, my rule could either be threatened, or I may become the only succubi who managed to live forever from a single source. Either way, I had to follow this boy, but from a distance. I didn't want to fight that power. It was too….holy, for me to touch bare-handed.

End of Morrigan's POV.

I slowly woke up with a pounding headache, and I reached around (since my eyes were adjusting to the morning light), looking for my alarm clock. Then, I remembered that succubus, Morrigan, and I faintly remembered blacking out before she kissed me. I hit my arm, and from the amount of pain I felt, it was safe to assume that I was still alive. Shaking the pain out of my arm, I turned to see that the entire room was a mess.

Brandon: Of course…why wouldn't it be?

I felt as if eyes were watching me, so I went out into the hallway (it was freaking cold, but I didn't pay any attention to it. After all, I was still worried that I may be attacked by a sexy demon) and came face-to-face with the innkeeper.

Innkeeper: Aye, lad. Ya did a gud jub protektin' us las nigh'.

Brandon: Huh? I don't remember protecting you…

Innkeeper: HAHA! Yer oter self said ya'd say that. I've gut some infermatien fer yeh. Ter's an ol' castle ruins aboot twenty kilometers nort-east frum 'ere. Ye'll find sumtin' yu've been lookin' fer there.

Brandon: Uhhh…thanks.

Innkeeper: Befur I furget, I found tis in yer belongins on the floor. Dis rin' is VERY important, so dun' go losin' it!

He handed the ring that my mom found in a yard sale. Inscribed on the outside was an equilateral triangle with the Hebrew character "Yod", or "arm" or "hand." Inscribed on the inside of the ring was, in Celtic, "Those united by virtue, death shall not part." I figured that it would be a good thing to bring it with me when I went to Scotland, and this innkeeper confirmed it. However, he forced me to gather my belongings and head off to the castle ruins. I had no idea that I'd meet my first friend since I started my trip, and that she'd formally introduce me into the Darkstalker world.

So, what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Unsure of it? I'm almost done with one of my fics (Love Hina: New and Old Faces), so I decided to do another one while I thought of potential ideas for my other three fanfics. I'll try to update this fic when I have the time, but with college and family gatherings, don't expect this fic to be updated for at least two weeks. If you have the patience to put up with me, though, I promise I'll be able to entertain you with this story. Until then, happy reading/writing!