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Chapter 4

Lilith had just come back from her meeting with a business firm, and was in a great amount of irritation, primarily because an attorney from an opposing firm kept making blatant passes at her. Oh, she'd "give him a good time", certainly; and afterwards, devour his soul. However, her inward pontification made it slightly easy for an old enemy to attack her, right in the open. The only reason why the first attack didn't strike true was because of the local populous screaming "Bug Woman!" Surmising this, she jumped out of the way, dodging Q's initial lunge for her.

Q. Bee quickly recovered, and followed with another diving lunge, this time with a classic attack of hers, a huge stinger protruding from her thorax. Lilith easily dodged Q's attack this time, recalling previous years of combat where her reflexes decided whether she would live or die. Q. Bee, after missing a second time, let out a string of profanity, finishing with "Damned demon whore".

Somersaulting into the air and grabbing Q. Bee by her hair, Lilith replied, "Apologize for your language. NOW." Using her volition and the pull of gravity combined, Lilith pulls Q. Bee down, slamming her into the concrete and rendering Q. Bee unconscious. Leaning down, she whispers into Q. Bee's ear, "Don't push me any further, or I'll crush you as if you were a real insect, instead of just a demonic hybrid." As she gets up, more people panic, due to both a "bug-woman" and an "Amazon" severely disrupting traffic and destroying property. "Special.", Lilith mutters, hurrying off to a relatively secluded side street, in order to re-establish contact with her former allies. "I can't stay in this country any longer." Letting out a quick curse, she tries to contact Morrigan through telepathy. "Too much attention, too many people. I'm cutting my training short, since it looks like the others are getting active again. I need your help, Morgy. RIGHT NOW." She breaks the psychic link, quickly stepping into a slightly darker part of the side street, and melts into the shadows, disappearing completely.

In Wales…

"Special. Lily's been accosted by Q. Bee, which means Dmitri's after me again." Morrigan holds her head in frustration, and then adds, "I keep telling him 'I'm not interested' and 'I don't form relationships with men with crazy-spiky hair', but does he listen? Never." Sitting across from her was the newly-named "Zombie Lord Raptor", even though he was pretty much the same as he ever was: a former Australian rocker/skittish fighter in a continuous state of undeath. "Hells, love. I think he's addicted to being turned down agin an' agin. Same shit, different decade, and all 'at." A small grin played at Morrigan's lips after this remark. "Aw hells, she's up to somethin'. I've seen 'at look, and it brings bad things." thought Raptor. Morrigan immediately responded, "Excuse me, but what look do you speak of exactly? I was just amused by what you said. In fact, Dmitri is probably a sucker for abusive relationships. He must like dominant women…" An immediate guffaw erupts from what is left of Raptor's jaw, literally unhinging it and sending it flying three feet in front of him. "Dammit, Morri. I told ya, don't make me laugh too much! Anyhow…" Raptor leans down to pick up his jaw, eyeing it a bit before placing it on correctly. "You mentioned that you came across summin. Some guy in the hicks of Scotland, righ'?" "Yeah", Morrigan replied.

Leaning back in her chair a bit, crossing her arms under her breasts, she sat silent before continuing, "This guy… I was just sizing him up as a snack. That night, I influenced his dreams so consuming his soul wouldn't be too much hassle, but he forces himself awake while he's dreaming." Raptor quickly replied to this, "e's a lucid dreamer, eh?" Morrigan glances up, not moving her head, "Yes. Apparently he is. And don't interrupt me again. Regardless, he wakes up in about eight minutes, which gave me more than enough time to prepare myself to hold him down. However, he actually attacked me, after we had a little verbal interchange. Seems he knows a good deal about succubae, and possibly more. Although I'm certain he knows nothing about the previous battles the Darkstalkers have had. I take him down quickly, he falls under the spell of my glamour, and the weird part of that night starts. When I was busy getting him aroused… well, I started feeling that way too." Raptor had a startled look on this face from this statement, and quickly said, "How? You're a professional! You've been doing that sort of thing for hundreds of years!" "I know", she responded. "At the time, I thought I lost a bit of my edge, but, just as I'm getting ready to kiss him, his aura spikes high enough that I got knocked back. As soon as I realize this aura is holy, I see angel wings sprout from his back. At that point, the energy from his aura was starting to burn me, so I got out of there as fast as I could. The kid's mortal, but, that power can't be controlled by regular mortals. He's got something. Something that lets him have and use that power, as well as creating some sort of link with me while I was seducing him."

Peru, six days later…

Scores of guerilla fighters were running, turning back on occasion to scream in horror, or for the slightly braver ones, to fire their rifles at a man floating in midair. Dark blue skin, looking almost like armor, with a pair of bat wings sprouting from his temples, Jedah was looking to stir up trouble, primarily out of boredom, but also because he was hoping some of the others would get word of a "demon-man" wasting an entire Socialist guerilla fighter movement. Lucky for him, it didn't take too long. One of his old enemies was about to show up. With a rocket launcher. "Oooh, boy, it's you. Long time, little girl. Did you grow another couple inches?" Jedah smirked a bit, staring down a slightly bandaged B. B. Hood, carrying a rocket launcher three times her size. Yet, she didn't look like a ten year old anymore. She looked more along the lines of fourteen. "Yeah, I did grow. Looks like either that little side effect is wearing off, or time is catching up with me", she retorted. "In both cases, I'm still going to wipe out as many of you freaks as possible."

Jedah grinned widely, more so from the fact that B. B. was starting to develop well than from her short monologue. "It's a shame, Baby Hood. In a few years, you'd probably be the hottest human alive. Of course, you'd have to thank the "freak" blood in you, but…" Bullets started flying again. Apparently the guerilla fighters had gathered enough morale to stage a counter-attack. B. B. used her right arm to angle her rocket launcher at one building, while pulling out a semi-automatic rifle with her left and firing almost instantaneously at the buildings, before firing the rocket launcher into a building to her immediate right. The result was devastating. The already decrepit front of the building had simply fragmented, shooting out debris that collided with other buildings, causing structural damage and setting off a chain reaction of every second building crumbling to ruin. All this while firing at any guerillas that ran out in fear or to get a better shot. Jedah had to admit: she had gotten even more heartless than before. "This could be a challenge." He grins widely, "Fucking awesome." He began to taunt her, saying, "What happened to your dog, huh? Did a coyote eat it? Damn thing was such a ratty little shit, I'd be surprised if it made a decent snack." He was greeted with a hail of bullets, as he figured. A couple grazed his face and shoulder, and started stinging. "GAH! YOU LITTLE BITCH! What are those made of?!" B. B. smirked lightly, stating, "Acid tipped rounds, with the main bullet being melted down from ritual-blessed silver crosses straight out of the Vatican's "Do Not Disturb" vaults. I razed a couple of large Catholic churches while I've been here, and apparently they're wizening up to just who we all are."

Jedah hovered silent for a few seconds, then said, "…you're changing. It's not time catching up to you. It's something else. You're turning from being a psychotic little shit bounty hunter who's out for vengeance, to a sexually appealing engine of destruction with no regard to… anything, really; except killing for the hell of it. I like it." B. B. stood there, with a stony look, before a light smile played on her face. "Glad you're showing your adoration for me, even if I don't give a shit. You're right about one thing, though. I do enjoy killing a lot more than I have in the past. Maybe I just don't care anymore?" She shrugs her left shoulder, her rifle pointing away from Jedah. "… I'll let you go for now. You yapped enough that I lost interest for now. If I do see you again, I'll kill you. No questions asked. I'd also recommend telling your friends to get ready."

Jedah must have betrayed his confusion, because she chuckled a little before he said, "What? What do you find so goddamn amusing?" She holsters the rifle, continuing, "You know the saying, 'God is in his Heaven, All's right with the World", right? How it refers to God supposedly not directly interfering with the actions of mankind? That statement is about to be shat upon. The Vatican is gearing up to send out what may be considered this century's Knights Templar. Genuinely blessed soldiers that fight along the lines of the U.S Special Ops and the Soviet KGB combined. Guns, grenades, beta-tested laser weaponry, bullets like the ones I just shot at you, the whole barrel. Also, there's talk of distrust in the Middle East, as usual, but this time there's crazy Militant Muslims with updated military equipment as well as sarin gas and nuclear missiles. It looks like Armageddon is shaping up quite nicely, all the while we've been sooo busy with who will have dominion over Earth and Hell. God, if he exists, isn't waiting. And I have a feeling we'll be seeing real angels flying in the air soon enough. When that time comes, blood will be more prevalent than water. Just throwing caution to the wind." She walks off, with a sexually intoned strut to her movement in order to tease Jedah. Shaking his head, he mutters,"…damn girl. Don't bring news of the end of the world on my head like that, and then shake that shapely ass at me. That's not cool."

Three days after, in Tokyo, Japan...

"There are reports of individual disappearances, regarding recent tourist visits to Kiyomizu Stage. Tourists, both foreign and local, were disappearing at a slowly increasing rate, which struck officials odd. Those who were sent to investigate deeper into the surrounding woods have not been heard from at this time." "Hmmm… we're drawing far too much attention.", a voice stated, as a young Japanese woman with reddish-blonde hair cascading down her shoulders picked up a remote on a kotatsu and clicked it off. Another woman, this one with black hair tied into a ponytail and sitting straight-legged next to the kotatsu, leaned back and folded her arms behind her head, resting. "So, sister, what do you have in mind?", she curtly replied, closing her eyes and letting out a sigh. The other stood silent for half a minute, before moving back to the kotatsu and tossing the remote onto it. "I'll have to meet with that vampire again. Him using some of my tribe to gather souls for victims is fine, but dammit, I prefer to be discrete about it!", she huffed, her blue-green eyes flashing frustration.

"Asuna", said the black-haired woman, "calm down. You'll get wrinkles." She laughed teasingly, with the red-head grinning profusely. "Ahh… that was a good one, Kimiko. You show time and again that you're not just a pretty face.", she grinned. "Ah, excuse me! I'm your tactician! To say that to me, well, that's a personal affront! Then again, compared to you, I'm homely." "Let's not bring my body into this, alright?", Asuna curtly replied. "Yes, yes, I'm the most powerful of my kind, and ravishing in beauty. Whoop-de-fuck.", and waives her hand dismissively. "I want real power. The kind held by Lilith and Morrigan. Power that not only drives men and women wild, but power that can control how this world is run. Power that cannot be taken by the passing of time or by a disgruntled subordinate. THAT is what I desire. And if I have to deal with an egomaniac vampire, so be it. Now, I have to leave to meet with him, so keep this place clean." Kimiko began to pout, "Awww! But I was going to meet up with some friends at the club!"

On the edge of London…

Brandon's P.O.V.

"…We got here pretty fast.", I said. "I half expected us to travel by foot all the way over here. That is, until we ran into Michael Moore. Heh… stupid twit had no clue what hit him." Felecia, having taken on her full-human form, and grabbed the clothes off of a PR assistant, coughed a bit into her hand. "God, I think his stink is still lingering in my nostrils. That or the huge cigar he lit right before we knocked him unconscious. Do all American film-makers smell like that?" Still focused on the road, I turned to her a little, replying, "No clue. Politics aside, he has WAY too much money to be bitching about worldwide corporate corruption. We jacked his… what the hell is this car, anyway? I was never obsessed with expensive foreign sports cars, but this damn thing has a fucking DVD player and screen IN THE CENTER CONSOLE. Oh, and did you see that Hummer he had? The textbook definition of 'hypocrite'…" "Okay, that's enough. Let's get our minds off of the man-pig.", she cut in. "Now, you remember when I told you about some of my allies during the previous battles I've had, right?" Still concentrating on the road, I replied, "Yes. You mentioned that a few times. You're good friends with the majority of them." She fussed some more with her hair. Now that she was looking like a regular person, I actually got a bit more attracted to her. God, she looks great. And that body… Okay, Bran, focus on the road, not on the smoking hot preternatural woman sitting next to you.

"Well", she continued. "One of my friends, as I called them, you've already met." I recall the past two months, and only one other person sprang to mind. "…aw, shit. Her. Let me guess, you two keep in contact every so often, even before I chatted with you about her." "Well, I haven't been in touch with her for over nine months, so not this time.", she responded. "I'm actually surprised she told you her name. She only does that when she feels she's in control, and her victim has done something to have the honor of knowing her name." "Oh, that's nice.", I said, with a note of sarcasm. "So the next time I meet with her, I should thank her right before she devours my soul while giving me the best sex imaginable. Great." Felecia looks at me with a scathing look, saying, "She won't after I speak with her! More likely she'll slap you across the face, and then ask for your assistance, albeit begrudgingly." I focus all my attention on the road, and as we turn down a major thoroughfare, Felecia tugs on my arm, saying, "Wait. Go that way. There's someone you need to meet." I oblige, turning in the direction she pointed to, and arrive at on a two lane street that dead-ended into a U-turn sign, which I park next to. "Okay, there're some pubs. Lemme guess, we go into one and meet up with a friend of yours that's an informant." She holds her hand up to me, replying, "Shut up for a minute", before getting out of the car, and heading to a darkened part of the lane. I get a small feeling of someone being there, even though I don't see anyone, when another girl, looking between twenty to twenty one, suddenly appears.

"Felecia, what the hell?", I yell, as she waves me over. Putting the car in park and shutting it off, I walk over to the two to see what the matter is. As I get closer, I see the features of the other woman. Light violet hair (which I assumed she dyed) went just past her shoulders, and she had a gorgeous shade of magenta eyes (now I thought this was a new fad in Europe). She was wearing business attire, and I noticed how it hugged her curves. God dammit. First it's a catwoman, and now a girl who looks like she came out of a cosplay competition and won the award for best school teacher fan-service. She was visually appealing, I'll give her that. She wasn't skinny, but was quite curvaceous. That body… God, those breasts and that a…OKAY! Where the hell are these thoughts popping up from?! Am I that sexually frustrated?! Yes, I was thinking this could result in my own harem manga, if I ever went through with it. Even so, I got a similar feeling from her that I did from Morrigan, which I did not like. "Who's your friend?", I ask. Ms. Business suit makes eye contact with me, and I find myself losing myself in her eyes. God. They're gorgeous. She simply smiles and says, "Felecia says you're an okay guy, so I'll trust you. My name is Lilith."

This snaps me back to reality. Her name. I've studied enough occult folklore, mythology, and biblical scripture to know that a woman named "Lilith" was Adam's first wife, who refused to acknowledge him as her husband, and was cursed by God. In some stories her relevance ends there, while in others, she becomes the Mother of all Demons, usually depicted as a succubus or something along the lines of a nocturnal bird. In either case, due to Felecia being a "preternatural being", introducing a friend named Lilith got me on instant "HOLY SHIT" status. My finger was pointed at her like I was mimicking Phoenix Wright. "Y…you mean to tell me you're friends with the Queen of Hell?" Felecia immediately knew what I was referring to, and snapped back, "She not the Lilith from the Old Testament, if that's what you're thinking. But yes, she will eventually succeed Morrigan as ruler of the Makai realm. It's more involved than just that, but that's all you need to know at this time." I stand there for a minute, then slowly start shaking my head. "Great. I'm getting involved with demons. This will not end well." Lilith, however, seemed to not care about how I reacted, as she said, "Listen." She sighs, then picks up, "You're probably thinking that your soul's in jeopardy, since you're dealing with demons. Now, I won't be able to confirm nor deny this. However, both I and Felecia are concerned for your well-being." I turn around to face her, and looking her in the eyes again, I could see she was being truthful. Although I was still being cautious. "Okay", I said, "I'll go along with this for right now. But, I want to ask you something. What do you want with me?"

She looked a little solemnly at me, then said, "I need your help. There's been some signs that the battles that we Darkstalkers have been in are about to start up again. Usually, we try to keep ourselves in secrecy, so the fights go uncontested, but… recently, there are some, both ally and enemy, that have shown blatant disregard for these rules. In addition, I was attacked in public by one of my enemies, with dozens, perhaps hundreds, catching sight of the fight. While I didn't use my powers, I managed to send her off, which drew even more attention to me." She paused, biting her lip a bit, then continued, "I need your help. I need any help I can get. If what's happened in the past can help determine what might happen, then Morrigan could be in trouble. As for me, well… it appears I could be a target." Felecia, with a stern look, adds, "You could get some answers to how you're able to use your powers, as well as possibly finding out where they come from. It's beneficial to both you and us. But it's your choice." I stood there, feeling like time was standing still, before I came to a decision. "Alright, I'll help you two out. I can't turn down a girl who asks for help, anyway. It goes against my nature. Get in the car and tell me where we need to go." I grin a bit, gesturing to the car, and I see those gorgeous magenta eyes shine.

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