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Chapter 1

Remus Lupin shuffled the papers on his desk and sank down dejectedly onto his chair as his sixth year defence class filed out. He was exhausted, but not because of his overly active class but because it was only a five days until the full moon and he was already starting to feel the effects of his body changing in preparation for his once a monthly full moon transformation.

The young werewolf looked much older than his years. He was still only in his mid thirties and yet looking at him guessing his age you probably would have put him closer to mid forty. His sandy hair was flecked with grey and his eyes and brow were lined as though constantly etched in worry. On top of that he also looked terribly tired which was partly because of the full moon approaching but it was mainly due to the fact that he was worried.

His reason for his worry was one Sirius Black. Only a few months ago he had escaped from Azkaban. The first ever to do so, and was now on the run. The reason for his escape was obvious, even without the Dementors informing the Minister about what he was saying in his sleep. He had escaped to find and kill Harry Potter. To deliver the last of The Potters to his master, Lord Voldemort.

But Black was wrong, Harry Potter was not at Hogwarts. Nor had he ever been to Hogwarts. In fact Harry Potter hadn't been seen by anyone in the wizarding world for nearly eight years, because Harry Potter had run away from his aunt and uncle's house when he was five years old.

He straightened out his robes as the first of the students from his next class appeared, the third years, Parvarti Patil closely followed by Lavender Brown. The two were chatting away and barely spared Lupin half a glance as they took their usual seats at the back of the room still totally absorbed in their conversation.

'Harry should be in this class right now' Lupin thought bitterly. But Harry was missing, presumed dead, and had been since last year when the ministry had finally lost faith, and had called off the search.

Lupin didn't have much faith either, as much as it pained him to admit it. He just couldn't see how a five year old boy could've survived on the streets of London on their own. It just wasn't possible. Sure, he had had faith when he had first started searching for the boy over three years ago but after two years of desperate, fruitless searching he had to face facts, the boy had died long ago.

The door banged open and three of the four Griffendor boys came through the door all laughing hysterically at something. They were very loud but Lupin didn't really feel like telling them to be quiet. They reminded him too much of another group of teenagers. But those days were long gone and now it felt painful to even think about them.

He was the last of the marauders the others were gone. Two of them dead, one a traitor who was now on the run, he was the only one left. The traitor was Sirius Black he was the reason the other two were dead. He was responsible for their deaths, James and Peter's deaths.

Black had been passing information about Lily and James' whereabouts months before their deaths to Lord Voldemort, who had already tried to kill the Potters on three separate occasions. And then James and Lily had made Sirius their secret keeper and had doomed them all.

Barely a week after the charm had been preformed Black betrayed them and Voldemort had gone after the potters, but things did not happen the way Black planned it. His master fell and Black was forced to flee, but not before Peter had caught up with him. Obvistly hoping to take out revenge on Black for the deaths of James and Lily, but Black was too quick for Peter and he was blasted to smithereens along with half the street and a crowd full of muggles.

"Professor?" Remus snapped out of his ravine and looked up.

He hadn't realised that the whole class had now assembled in the classroom and that the chatter that was there before had now died away as the whole class was staring at him. Hermione in particular was looking at him with some concern.

"Professor, are you all right?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, I'm fine thank you." Lupin got up and gathered his thoughts. Looking around the room and clearing his throat he said;

"So Grindlows, what can you tell me about them?"

The busy London street bustled nosily as morning commuters made there their way through the morning rush hour to their mundane jobs in the city. The roads were jammed packed with cars, buses and Lorries, as once again like every morning rush hour the main arteries into London were blocked. The pavements were similarly jammed packed like the roads, with people weaving in and out of each other all to engrossed in their own lives and thoughts to think about anyone else.

No one looked twice at the young girl of about ten years walking slowly through the crowded pavement, in and out of the crowds of people making their slow progress to work, not caring if she hit anyone.

The young girl was filthy. Her cheeks were blackened and her blonde hair pulled back into a loose ponytail looked as though it hadn't been washed in weeks. She was dressed in simple clothing, jeans and t-shirt with a parka coat which was far too big for her. Her clothes were as dirty as the rest of her and if you looked at her properly then you would have realised that she was homeless.

At the moment however personal hygiene wasn't very high on her agendas at the she had more important things to worry about like the fact that Harry hadn't been seen in two days and now she was really starting to worry and although Isa was certain that Harry was perfectly capable of taking care of himself she was still worried. He had never left Isa on her own for this amount of time before, he was far too protective of her. He always had been since he had first found her on the streets, cold shivering and hungry.

Isa crossed the road hands in pockets and made her way through some back alleys behind a fast food restaurant still deep in thought. The last time she had seen Harry was on Tuesday morning which was two days ago. He had left the disused apartment building that they and some other street kids were staying in so see his friend. Isa didn't know who this friend was but she didn't like it. She knew the type of friends that Harry had and they weren't exactly trust worthy.

Entering into a more rough area of London, she walked for ten minutes letting her feet guide the way still lost in her thoughts. Finally she had reached her destination and was home. Well, where as close as could call home, it wasn't exactly cosy but she was just lucky just to have a roof over their heads.

Isa looked up at the disused delaptated apartment building and sighed. 'God I hope Harry gets back soon'

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