Chapter nine

Harry and Isa have been walking for several minutes in silence now ever since departing from the number 73 bus. The two buses they had caught from Hackney estate and from somewhere else Isa couldn't remember the name of had led them here, to a suburb just north of the city. The beautiful Gerorgian houses that lined either side of the road looked up market and expensive. Most drives had at least one or two cars parked in front and the gardens looked preened and well taken care of. What business could they possibly have here? The whole demeanour of the street felt like it ddin't want them to be there, wanted the two scruffy children to move on as quickly as possible and to never return.

Harry had mentioned something about 'earning' today but as to what sort of job, Isa had no clue and she wasn't in any particular mood to ask right now. The black sports bag Harry had 'borrowed' swung dancing at his side making it apparent the thing was empty.

She looked at Harry walking beside her. The black eye hadn't healed much but his ever messy hair covered the majority of it. He had a stupid smile playing around his mouth and to her surprise a small flare of anger burned up inside her, to which she had no explanation. Turning away she looked at her feet instead, feeling miserable.

Suddenly, just as there were nearing the end of the street where the road emerged into a T-junction, Harry stopped abruptly looking at the house on the left. Puzzled Isa halted as well. A middle aged suited woman was leaving the house via the front door, keys swinging in hand.

"What?" she asked confused.

He shakes his head and carries on walking until they arrive at the end of the street, where they turn left and continue along the pavement. The same woman they had seen locking her front door passes them along the road in a blue escort, Harry slows his pace until the car is out of sight further down the main road before he abruptly turns around and jogs along the path they've just been down.

"Harry?" Isa shouts after him bemusedly but he's already rounded the corner and Isa has to follow at a run.

By the time she's caught up they're at that woman's house again, and Harry's edging past the dustbins at the side of the house. Gripping the fence he lifts himself onto the wheelie bin painted with the number 84 before standing to reach a small open window above his head, which is about three feet wide. Something clicks and Isa realises what's happening, scandalised she watches the surprising display of gymnastic ability as Harry reaches up a hand to push the glass more fully open before he pulls himself through, using his hands to steady himself. Eventually his legs and feet disappear inside and Isa holds her breath.

'So this is what he had in mind'

Awkwardly she just stands there for a few seconds on the edge of the paved drive looking about nervously, half expecting to see someone from one of the other houses peering out though their net curtains, the police already called and on there way.

The front door clicks open and she prepares to bolt thinking the resident of the building has caught Harry and the authorities are coming before she reminds herself that they just saw her leave. It's just Harry though, who looks around quickly, then beckons frantically for her to come inside. Isa hesitates further and Harry hisses at her to hurry up.

She finally moves forward and the door closes behind her.

Inside Isa looks around. The well furnished/decorated interior is neat and expensive looking and everything is so beige! Sharp comparison to the grimy un used building Isa has been used to these past weeks. Harry makes his way into a room on the right off the hall, Isa follows gloomily. Harry is bent over on his knees examining the VCR, she shifts nervously in the doorway. He notices her.

"Go and watch out" he snaps at her.

She does so standing guard behind the front door peering outside every few seconds.

Isa can hear him inside the living room, cursing and the sound of the unplugging of the VCR. Harry reappears dashing up the stairs and Isa looks out at the empty street again. A few tense moments pass she can hear him rummaging around upstairs, the sound of draws and cupboards being opened, things being turned over and tossed about. She winces when she hears a loud bang from the first floor but he reappears again soon enough, coming down the stairs with the huge sports bag on his shoulder, and carrying a rucksack, which Isa presumes is from the house, on his back.

Isa can tell the rucksack is filled, it makes a clanking sound as it is dumped at her feet. She looks out of the clear side of the frosted glass again as Harry goes back into the living room, and jumps at the noise of a car. Thankfully it doesn't stop and continues all the way down the street.

Heart pounding, she breathes a sigh of relief as Harry, sweaty with excursion, reappears again. Sports bag slung over shoulder, the weight evident by the way he holds the strap to alleviate some of the mass and the grimace on his face.

Isa quickly reaches for the catch on the door more than eager to leave, but Harry stops the movement with a hand on her wrist, fearing the worst she pears quickly outside again but seeing only the empty driveway she turns back to Harry in bemusement. She just wants to get out of here as quickly as possible, this isn't right.

He nods to the bag on the carpeted ground at her feet and she understands she is to carry. With a heave it's lifted onto her shoulders but before she can turn back towards the door again Harry yanks on her wrist and pulls her to the back of the house, into what is obviously the kitchen. He peers outside, grasps the keys hanging on the peg by the back door and in a quick motion opens it, dragging Isa over the door mat and outside.

They are both grateful for the low fence in the garden, which is climbed easily. Moving quickly, and hopefully not too suspiciously, they walk for several streets before stopping. Neither speaks or looks the other in the eye.

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