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"5 more minutes" Tsuzuki mumbled as he slept. He rolled over, nuzzling closer, and giving Tatsumi even more of an edge.

Tatsumi lifted Tsuzuki's leg and draped it across his own. "Asato…" he sung melodically into the other's ear. He shifted his attentions down, nibbling against Tsuzuki's earlobe. "Wake up" he whispered.

Tsuzuki's violet eyes fluttered open with a sigh as Tatsumi rolled himself on top, placing small butterfly kisses against his neck. He mumbled something Tsuzuki didn't understand. "Hm?"

I love you, Tatsumi repeated in his own head. Yet he only answered Tsuzuki with a kiss. "Up" he ordered softly.

Tsuzuki had always loved waking to find Tatsumi's eyes staring back at him. "I am up" Tsuzuki smirked. "Can't you tell", he shifted seductively beneath him.

Tatsumi closed his eyes with a shudder at the enticing feel. Tsuzuki reached up, cradling Tatsumi's face and leading him down for a passionate kiss.


"This is the 4th time. It's not like Tatsumi to be late. What's been getting into him lately?" Chief Konoe wondered as Tatsumi rushed past everyone to his office.

Watari waited until Konoe was out of earshot. "What or who?"

Tsuzuki grew ten shades of red. "I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Uh huh…" Watari laughed, heading downstairs.

"I don't know what he's talking about!" Tsuzuki repeated for Hisoka who still was staring at him.

"I don't care. And you do know. Why you two think you can hide it is beyond me."

Tsuzuki opened his mouth to protest.

"Don't care." Hisoka reminded him with a wave of his hand. "Hurry up. We have to go."

Tsuzuki put on his jacket, standing. "That makes two of us" he mumbled.

Why Tatsumi was so determined to keep their….

Whatever it was they were having….

A secret was beyond Tsuzuki.

And it bothered him.

They spent each and every night together. On their days off, they spent time together as well. They even actually left the bedroom…sometimes for other rooms, sometimes to actually go outside. They went to movies, plays, out to eat…all of the things one normally did on a 'date'. Except for Tatsumi wouldn't even hold Tsuzuki's hand, and the couple of times they did run into one of the others, Tatsumi always made it known that they were just 'hanging out', as friends did.

Tsuzuki knocked on Tatsumi's door, peaking in before Tatsumi had the chance to answer. "We're off."

"Fine". Tatsumi muttered without looking up from his papers. This relationship with Tsuzuki was having a bad effect on him. He was always late…then again. It was a small price to pay.

They got to spend every night together. On their days off, they spent time together as well. They even actually left the bedroom…sometimes for other rooms, sometimes to actually go outside. They went to movies, plays, out to eat…all of the things one normally did on a 'date'. Sure, Tatsumi wouldn't hold Tsuzuki's hand, and the couple of times they ran into one of the others, Tatsumi always made it known that they were just 'hanging out', as friends did.

Yet, this…whatever it was…was the highlight of his afterlife.


Tsuzuki turned and looked again at Tatsumi's whisper. "Hai?"

"Come over when you're ready?" Tatsumi asked his blue eyes sparkling as he took off his glasses for a moment.


Tatsumi flashed a grin and then went back to going over the months bills.


Hisoka had sensed evil within the man, and Tsuzuki jumped into action.

Hisoka would have thought he would have been used to it by now. Hisoka's eyes grew as Tsuzuki closed his eyes in concentration, preparing himself for battle.

Tsuzuki was strong. The strongest of them all and everyone knew it. However, Hisoka still found himself in awe of his partner during these times.

Yet, as strong as Tsuzuki was, the tolls on him were also the greatest at the end.

No matter how evil, every life was precious to Tsuzuki in some way…and whenever he had to take a life, any life, he was devastated more than anyone.


That evening, Tatsumi left his office to find Hisoka finishing up the paperwork. "Tsuzuki left you to do it all?" Tatsumi asked, even as he already knew the answer.

"Today was hard on him" Hisoka shrugged. "Besides, he's so slow."

"You do realize that is primarily a ploy to get out of doing the work himself. He knows how to finish the reports quickly when he needs to."

Of course he knew that. However Hisoka didn't mind doing the work on days like this. Tsuzuki needed to be alone with his thoughts right now, and Hisoka appreciated that, "Why are you here so late?" Hisoka changed the subject.

"I arrived late" Tatsumi noted. "Do not stay too much longer" he called as he walked to the front office door. "You two can have until the end of the week to finish."

"Are you going to see him?" Hisoka asked, stopping Tatsumi in his tracks.

Tatsumi knew that pretending otherwise would be a waste when it came to Hisoka. Hisoka knew…and knew…too much. "Not right away."

"I believe you should. Today was hard on him"

"I know that without your telling me." He could always…feel…when Tsuzuki was in distress. Even more so now that they were lovers. His heart grew so heavy when Tsuzuki depressed as he knew Tsuzuki was right now. Yet, given his life wasn't in danger, Tatsumi kept up the presence of the Secretary and worked a full day despite it all. And he planned to go and see Tsuzuki first thing in the morning if Tsuzuki didn't come to him first. "As I realize you know he needs to be alone right now, or otherwise you would be with him."

"I am not you. You need to go right now."

Tatsumi opened his mouth…

"Not that I care one way or another." Hisoka went back to going over his report. A moment passed and he looked up once more. "Sorry" he apologized as Tatsumi continued to glare at him.

Tatsumi accepted his apology by leaving and Hisoka took a breath.



Tsuzuki needed to be alone, and Tatsumi knew that. So did Hisoka. So where did Hisoka get off telling Tatsumi otherwise? Tatsumi walked quickly. That boy had become too mouthy lately. They all had become too mouthy lately…Tatsumi was starting to think that it was better when everyone was afraid of him.

Tatsumi walked up the porch and opened the door. "Tsuzuki?" he called as he eased into Tsuzuki's place. The moment he went inside, so much sadness hit him that he mentally cursed the connection he felt with Tsuzuki. He almost turned around and left the place, but with a deep breath he closed the door. Besides, he was only here to prove Hisoka wrong, Tatsumi told himself. He looked around and headed back into the bedroom. He knew what would happen. Tsuzuki would wind up smiling sadly, putting on a happy face for Tatsumi as he always had. Tatsumi would take that as a sign that Tsuzuki really needed to be by himself in order to allow himself to be sad, and Tatsumi would leave. Tsuzuki would come to him sooner or later. This was the way things always had been, and Tatsumi knew of no reason as to why they would have changed even though they were….whatever they were. "Asato?" he called again, peaking into the bedroom. Tsuzuki was sitting on the bed, staring towards his window though it was obvious he was looking inward instead of at the night sky.

Tsuzuki turned towards Tatsumi at the sound of his name, smiling despite the additional tears welling up in his eyes.

Tatsumi had to look away and glanced at the floor.

"I thought I was supposed to meet you at your place" Tsuzuki stated. Tatsumi looked up at him.

"Today was difficult for you" Tatsumi answered. "I came by to see if you were all right."

"I will be" Tsuzuki focused his eyes on the window once more.

"You just need time" Tatsumi realized. "Come on by when you are ready."

Tsuzuki nodded and Tatsumi left the bedroom.

Tsuzuki sighed deeply as the door closed again. He allowed his face to fall once more, the tears to return.

Tatsumi left. Of course Tatsumi left. It was what Tatsumi did. Tsuzuki pretended that he would be fine, and Tatsumi would leave.

Yet, Tsuzuki never wanted Tatsumi to leave. He had never wanted to pretend that he would be fine. However, that was their pattern. That is what they always did. The only time Tatsumi stayed after an ordeal was when Tsuzuki slept.

Tsuzuki had always loved opening his eyes to find Tatsumi's staring back at him.

If he had known Tatsumi was on his way, he would have pretended to be sleeping.

Tsuzuki had wanted Tatsumi to refuse to leave him alone. To stay there with him while he went through this.

Tsuzuki forced himself from the bed. Maybe a shower would help. He opened his door, and his eyes grew.

Tatsumi was leaned up against the wall, staring at the floor.

Yet, he was still here. He hadn't left him alone.

"You're still here…"

Tatsumi continued to fight the small urge to leave. He almost did leave. Yet, when he had made it to the front door, he realized he no longer had the urge to flee as he used to. There was a part who wanted to go to the safety of his clean, emotionless home. But it was a small part Tatsumi realized.

The rest of him wanted to stay here. He wanted Tsuzuki to be honest and not pretend everything was okay. He wanted Tsuzuki to trust him enough to do that. And in order for that to happen, Tatsumi realized he needed to

actually stay around long enough.

Tatsumi took a breath and turned to face Tsuzuki. "I am hoping that you need me" he admitted softly.

Tsuzuki's eyes filled with tears again, and Tatsumi mentally braced himself for the waterfall. Tsuzuki threw himself against Tatsumi.

Just having Tatsumi here; just knowing that Tatsumi had chose to stay here, lifted Tsuzuki's heart to the point that he allowed himself to fully let go, and he cried. Tsuzuki now could trust that it was in fact okay to be sad in front of Tatsumi. His Tatsumi.

Because His Tatsumi was still here.

Tatsumi wrapped his arms around Tsuzuki, realizing that he was exactly where he wanted to be. Where he needed to be. With a sad, crying Tsuzuki. His sad, crying Tsuzuki.

His Tsuzuki, who trusted him enough not to pretend that he was alright.