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Daisuke - 13 years old

TK - 13 years old

Kari- 13 years old

Ken - 14 years old

Yolie - 13 years old

Cody - 11 years old

Matt - 16 years old

Tai - 16 years old

Sora - 16 years old

Mimi - 15 years old

Summary : no one really knows what's going on in Davis' life but TK is getting closer to figuring it out. What happens when it's worse than anyone thought and TK and Davis realize their friendship has been breaking...

Davis is thirteen and his life was crap. His parents had just gotten divorced. He never was able to see his sister and when he did, she would ignore him. His friends aren't there for him, he hasn't been eating right, he's started doing drugs, and his father barely was home. Davis began to enjoy the moments of silence in his home as his father had begun to let know exactly what he thought of his son.


The group was sitting around a table talking, except Davis. He wasn't even paying attention to what the others were saying.

At the moment, they were talking about what they were going to do on the break that would begin this weekend. "Hey guys, since I'm with my dad this break, he's letting Matt and I go to the mountains with friends! I know it's really late, but are any of you guys free?"

Cody frowned. "I can't, it sounds like fun but I have a kendo tournament. Sorry." TK frowned for a moment but understood. "No problem. Don't worry about it." He turned to Yolie and Ken. Both of them looked guilty.

"I can't. I'm working on a project", Ken told his friend.

"Yeah and I'm helping him with it. We're both sorry. I hope you have a good time though. Sounds like a lot of fun." Tk sighed, he hoped at least someone would be able to go. He didn't want to be stuck with Matt and Tai. He enjoyed their company, but he didn't want to be considered the lame little brother that just tagged along.

"Hopefully I will, that is if someone will go with me. I mean Matt and Tai and their friends are cool, but trust me, I would rather have one of you there with me to suffer." They all laughed.

Tk turned to Kairi since she had no spoken yet. "Sorry, Tk. I already made plans with another friend to go to the beach." Tk sighed but nodded. He was asking pretty late. He turned to Davis. "Can you come?" Davis had to think about it.

I don't know. I mean it would get me away for a while.

Shaking his head rid of his thoughts, his turned to TK. "Sure TP, I'll go."

"My names TK, Davis and it'll be fun! Even if it is just us." TK informed the other boy that they were going to leave tomorrow and that he should probably begin packing soon. Not long after, the bell rang and they left to attend class.


:History Class:

Davis was very bored in history, listening to the teacher drag on. He looked around the classroom, seeing similar expressions to his own feelings. He envied them so much. They didn't have problems like he did. They had perfect lives, families that were actually there, only worrying about the grades they would receive in their classes. Almost everything was perfect in their worlds.

"Mr. Motomiya..."

"Mr. Motomiya!" Davis looked up to see his teacher looking at him with an annoyed expression. Davis doubted that that was the first time his teacher had called his name.

"Mr. Motomiya, I would appreciate it if you would pay attention. You never know what you might be tested on." Davis nodded and the teacher turned around.


Davis walked home, thinking about the recent trip to the digiworld. When he opened the door, he saw that no one was there. Ever since the divorce, his dad never stayed around the house. He sighed in relief and took out a container that contained Vicodin A boy in his class had given them to him when he noticed Davis was acting strange. He had found his newest customer.

The first time Davis took the pills, he was nervous and unsure. He enjoyed the feeling of warmth and euphoria. They worked well. They helped him forget. No need to go back on memory lane though.

He walked over to his bag and started packing. When he finished, his phone started vibrating in his pocket. Taking it out, the phone displayed the caller.

"Hello?" Davis knew it was going to be about the trip, Tk was the type of person that made sure other people knew exactly what was going on. It often made the brunette annoyed.

"Hey Davis, I was calling to see if you could sleep over tonight. We decided that we're going to be leaving early in the morning. Oh and my dad wanted to know if your dad had anything he wanted to ask before we left." Davis bit his lip. He would just have to lie.

"No, my dad doesn't have anything to ask. He just wants to make sure that we're safe." Davis scoffed inside his head, his father would never give a thought to the dangers. His dad would be more upset that he didn't ask his permission. Davis knew if he asked though, he would be shot down quickly. Davis was pretty sure that it was only because he would be having fun.

"Oh! Yeah, my dad made us promise to be intelligent in our actions. Tell your dad not to worry! Or would he rather my dad tell him that?" Davis did not want to explain that that was not possible. He hadn't even asked his dad.

"No, he just wanted me to know that I should be on my best behavior. I can home over tomorrow too. What time?"

"Umm let me askā€¦" He heard Tk asking Matt in the background.

"How about right now? Tai's already here anyway." Davis smiled slightly to himself, of course Tai was there. Those two were pretty inseparable.

"Okay, I'll head out after I pack."

"Okay, see you soon." With that, Tk ended the call with a click. Davis held the phone for a second more awkwardly, before taking a breath. Time to get moving. Davis grabbed his bag and grabbed random objects around the room that he would need. He made sure he placed the vicodin in the side pocket. He hadn't become addicted yet but he knew he was probably well on his way. He filled his bag, and looked around. I better leave dad a note, though he probably won't notice until he wants to beat someone up and his favorite punching bag isn't available.

After writing a note that he left next to the phone, he closed the door behind him. He sighed, he was slightly afraid of to what he would return but he would worry about when the trip was over. It wouldn't be good if he spent his whole vacation worrying. With that decision, he made his way down the street.

The whole time the boy walked, Davis wondered if he was going to be able to do this. A whole trip with just Tk...Before he knew it, he was outside the apartment complex. Making his way up the stairs to the apartment, he knocked on the door a couple of times. He could hear feet coming behind the door and soon the door was opened. Davis forced his grin, knowing that that was exactly what everyone he knew expected from him. It was becoming more and more difficult to keep the frown from coming back. He started to feel an itch for a calming solution, but clenched his fists to control himself.

Strangely it was Matt, not Tk, who opened the door. "Hello, Davis. Come on in."

"We're watching the end of a movie right now." Davis followed Matt to the family room, where Tai and Tk were sitting on the couch.

Davis walked over, giving a nod in recognition to both before sitting down front of the couch. Tk sent a questioning glance his way, but he ignored it. The movie they were watching was some scary movie. Davis felt like he needed take a break and have some Vicodin right now. He then realized that it was in his bag and the others would be suspicious.

"I think I'm going to go to the bathroom and maybe get a drink." Tk nodded, not moving his view from the television. Davis stood and left the room.

When was the last time I ate a full meal? I can't remember, it's been so long. I am really hungry. I'll go ask Tk if I can have something to eat.

Forcing a grin on his face, he walked into the family room, "Is anyone else hungry or is it just me?" TK laughed. "No, I am to. What do you say about pizza?"

Davis wasn't really in the mood for pizza. Since his dad was never around, Davis lived on pizza, but he didn't want to be picky.

TK turned to Matt. "Matt, can we order some pizza?" Matt nodded, rising from the couch. "Sure, I'll go call", Matt stated as he left the room. Tai sighed, pausing the movie, "That was a pretty good movie."

After a few minutes, Matt came back and turned on the game system.

After about 5 rounds where Tai and Davis constantly argued about the other cheating, a knock interrupted the boys. TK got up to answer it. When he came back, he was carrying a box of pizza.

Everyone made their way to the kitchen. Tai got out the plates and placed a slice on each of the four plates. No one noticed, but Davis looked like he was sick. After they ate, they got ready for bed. They decided to watch another movie before turning in.

Everyone sat on the couch, and as the movie played ,Davis' head kept bopping up and down. He was so tired, and his friend was having the same problem. Soon Davis gave up trying to stay awake and fell asleep. TK also gave up afterwards. The boy yawned and his head landed on Matt. Matt put his arm around his brother, drawing him closer. Davis moved around to get comfortable, accidentally using Tai as a pillow. From the angle, Tai noticed that Davis looked kind of skinny, but it was probably just his imagination.

At the end of the movie, Tai turned to Matt. "Should we to bring them back to Tk's room?" Matt shrugged.

"Sure, I'll grab Tk and you get Davis." Tai scooped Davis into his arms slowly, trying not to awaken the younger boy. He seemed to be lighter than usual but Davis mumbled and moved around in his arms, which made it harder for Tai. When Davis stopped, Tai looked over at Matt. Matt was trying to stifle his laughter. Tai glared. Matt tried to look innocent but failed. Matt bent down and picked up Tk. Tk was complete dead weight and didn't even move as his brother shuffled to get a better grip.

In the room, Tai used one hand to hold up Davis and the other one to pull the covers down for them. Tai and Matt placed the boys in the bed and then went to their own room. In a few minutes, the older boys were asleep, preparing for the ride.

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