Davis didn't look back, just kept on running.

TK sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Dangit…why won't you let me help you? I don't understand." TK didn't know if he should have stopped Davis or what.

"What's done is done. Now I have to decide what comes next." Matt ran through the door.

"Takeru, what happened in here?" TK turned to his brother. Suddenly Davis' words popped into his head. He didn't want help.

"Um…nothing Matt. Davis just realized that his dad was going to be worried about him so he needed to leave quickly…"

Matt lifted an eyebrow. "Then what was all the yelling coming from here?" TK winced.

"I…said he shouldn't leave but then he told…well…yelled at me and said he didn't want his dad worrying." Matt stared at him for a second. It took all of TK's strength to not turn away. He always felt that Matt could see through everything.

After another second, Matt nodded. "Well, I'm going to make some ramen. Come to the kitchen in a little bit," TK quickly nodded.

Jeez Davis…now I'm evening lying to my brother for you. I wish you could see how much our friendship means to me

He didn't even know what to say to Davis the next time he saw him. Well at least he knew what was wrong with Davis…well a bit more anyway. He still didn't know the cause for why Davis was resorting to drugs but Davis wasn't planning on telling him.

Maybe I should just leave him alone. It's what he wants obviously

Davis stopped when he figured that he was far enough away.

Alright Davis, did you forget your brain or something? Why did you just say that!?I know why I told him, because I needed to get that off my chest. Plus, he pissed me off. I needed him to know he knew nothing about me.

Davis knew he was trying to help but…his dad had warned him a few times. He didn't want his father to hurt his friends too.

I don't want to have to leave. I love my mom…but I love it here. I don't want to leave it all behind. Who knows…maybe it'll get better. Oh come on Davis, we tried thinking that before. It never did! So what makes it seem like it's going to happen now?

Davis looked up at the street name. He was only a block away from Kari's house.

He looked at the street name for a few more seconds. Davis decided he was going to go ask Kari for help. He was going to have to ask sometime.

He knocked on the door three times before Kari opened the door. Kari looked surprised to see him. "Davis?" He smiled slightly.

"Hiya Kari. Umm can I hang out here for a little bit?" He must have looked from hell and back. Her eyebrows came together in confusion and worry. She stepped aside all the same and he walked in.

She hesitated when the walked into the family room. "Davis, what happened to you?"

He laughed. He seemed to be hearing that question a lot lately.

"Kari, I need to stay here for a little bit. I…can't go home right now."

"What? Davis, what's going on? Did you run away or something?"

"I guess you could say that." Davis should have thought of that a while ago. I guess my stupid wishful thinking thought it wouldn't have lasted this long

"Why though? What's going on with your family? Tell me. You can trust me."

Davis hesitated. He did trust Kari. He knew he would have to tell her the truth if he wanted to stay here. Well he could lie, but then he would feel bad because it was so hard to lie to her.

You've done it before. What about the months before this? You certainly didn't tell her that. You've been lying to her for a long time.

"My family… is at a rough spot right now. My parents aren't getting along so my mom left. So it's just me and my dad. I go see my mom though." Kari's eyes widened as he started to admit everything.

"Ever since the divorce, I dunno, he isn't the same. I guess he needed to find someway to escape from the problem. My dad hasn't been happy. I get him even more upset. It's like…I can't do anything right."

Davis could see Kari was becoming even more concerned as he continued. For all she had known, nothing was going wrong for him and was the same Davis she had grown up with.

She couldn't believe behind the boy she thought she knew, there was a boy who was trying so hard to be strong.

"…he hits me Kari" He whispered.

This was the first time he had ever said it out loud to someone, and it seemed to make it hurt even more. And yet, it seemed like a weight off his shoulders from holding a secret that big.

"He hits me and it hurts. It hurts so badly. He usually only stops after I pass out."

Kari started tearing up as he continued. Davis' eyes started to become glossy as well.

"Are you bleeding right now?" Davis quietly shook his head. "No…I got some of my wounds cleaned."

"Davis, have you told anyone else?" He shook his head again and wiped his eyes. "Davis this is serious! You need to tell someone. Look, I don't mind you staying here but your father is still out there Davis, and no one knows why that's a problem."

"I would Kari, but he is still my father… I know but he still is. I don't want anything to change. I love my family and my friends. I shouldn't even be telling you this." He half laughed half sobbed.

Kari crouched down in front of him. "Davis…sometimes…sometimes you have to give things up in order to do what's right. You won't lose your friends because of this though. Remember the digidestined stick together. We back each other up when one of us is in trouble. Besides, don't you think you should tell? Davis, I don't want to worry that you're going to get beat up every time you go home. If you don't do something, what's going to stop your father from doing it again?"

Davis looked into her eyes. She was totally sincere and worried. He knew she was right, completely right, like she always was. The problem was, he didn't know if he had the guts. The full truth about his family life had just come out and he had no idea what to do next.

"Kari, I can't do this. I can't tell people. I almost didn't even tell you." They both stood up when they heard the door open.

"Well…why don't you go take a shower or something? You're all sweaty." She tried to make it less tense. "I won't tell my brother. You have more word. But remember what I said." Davis nodded and reached into his pocket. It was the goggles. She would understand if he gave them back. He needed her to.

Kari looked to be in despair when she saw him take out the goggles. She reached out with her shaky hand to take the goggles from him. He gave her a slight smile when she didn't say anything about him keeping them. Kari just stood there with the goggles in her hand as Davis passed to go into the hallway.

She waited until Davis was gone but she outright broke down. Kari couldn't take it. "Davis…I don't want to lose you, but I'm doing just that."

Davis leaned against the wall. It hurt so much to hear Kari crying like that. It hurt even more when he realized he caused it. Sighing, Davis pushed himself off the wall and walked into the bathroom. On the way he passed Tai but didn't stop. He knew that Tai heard her crying and was going to blame Davis.

Everything always gets blamed on Davis. Oh well…at least this time, it's ok because it is my fault. I shouldn't have told her. I should have just gone and seen Ken. Ken wouldn't have started bursting into tears. He might have never let me leave but it would be better than living with the guilt. I'm sorry Kari…I'm so sorry

He closed the bathroom door and slid down. Davis didn't want to take a shower, but he wanted to get out of that room and this was an excuse. Kari had promised him she wouldn't tell but he didn't feel right leaving Kari alone with a pestering brother. Tai wouldn't stop till she told him what happened and she barely ever lied when it came down when it was something important.

God damnit dad...all my problems resort back to you.

TK had already tried Davis' house phone a few times but no one ever picked up. He didn't know how to reach Davis since he turned off his cell.

He had tried to stop thinking about Davis but he couldn't. He needed to fix this. He needed to fix their friendship.

Problem was…he had no idea how to.

Kari had stopped crying and was trying to wipe away the tears from her face. She didn't want everyone asking her what was wrong.

I hate that too. It's not like there isn't anybody else that could use a shoulder. But…I had been doing the same thing to Davis. I never even considered that something could have been wrong. He played the part so well though.

I guess, one likes to think, one person has an ok life. Davis isn't that person though and no one knows that. Everyone, including me, thought that he was a goof-ball that let nothing get to him. I know he was acting tired and different lately but he seemed pretty much normal other than that. It's hard to realize that it's all an act.

Poor Davis…

"Kari? What's going on? Why are you crying? What's wrong?" Kari looked up to see Tai walking over to her. He was concerned.

Go ask Davis that question! I want to tell him Davis, but I'm not. I'm not telling him until you're ready Davis. Until you're ready, I have your back. I won't let you fall. Not now.

"Nothing, I just…was watching one of mom's soap operas. I never noticed how sad and serious they could be."

Tai sighed. "Kari? What is the real reason?"

She looked down into her lap. "Tai…I can't tell you. I'm sorry but I can't." Tai sighed.

"Fine. Then why is Davis here? You didn't tell me he was coming over. Now I'm cooking for 3 people instead of just us, which means I need to go find more stuff." He laughed.

"The reason is…because I didn't know he was coming over. He decided to surprise me with a visit." She looked down at the goggles that were in her hand.

She didn't know if she should give them back to Tai. If Kari did, he would ask questions and maybe even go ask Davis personally. If she didn't, she would have the goggles with nothing to do with them. Davis would want Tai to have them back.

"Um…here." Kari quickly stood and shoved the goggles into Tai's hand. She quickly left the room before Tai came back to reality. She knew he was staring at the goggles right now but she couldn't explain it to him. Kari didn't even really know any answers to give him other than Davis told her to give them to him.

She walked into Tai's room and grabbed some clothes that Davis could probably fit in.

"Davis?" She knocked on the bathroom door. She heard Davis turning off the shower. "I have some clothes for you."

Davis opened the door and she handed him the clothes. "I'm not sure if they'll fit perfectly but I thought it would be better than giving you some of my clothes." They both laughed quickly. They laughed, not only because it was funny, but because they needed to get out of the awkward pauses.

Davis nodded his thanks and walked back in.

Kari smiled as she heard Davis turn the shower back on.

Davis washed his hair and body gently and stepped out. He looked over at the clothes.

Wow, I'm borrowing clothes from everyone it seems. I was wearing Tk's clothes earlier and now I'm wearing Tai's. It's like I'm a charity case.

Davis took the jeans and unfolded them. Kari gave him a belt as well assuming it would be a little big for him. Davis frowned and looked down at his stomach. From his eating habits, he would be barely able to keep them from sliding down.

He put the pair of jeans on and then put the belt to its smallest size.

I think I'm getting a little too skinny. Last year I pretty much fit into Tai's pants. And his pants weren't big to begin with. Kari is going to go crazy when she sees how small I am now.

Davis unfolded the shirt to see it was one of Tai's t-shirt about soccer. It reminded him of how much he missed soccer. He hadn't done it in a while. He gave a half smile as he remembered his last time he played soccer:

"GO DAVIS! Go down the field! Keep going! YES!!!!" Davis' coach yelled from the sidelines.

Davis shot the ball towards the goal. 10 seconds remaining. The goalie was so close to catching the ball but he wasn't fast enough. They were tied until now. Now Davis' team was winning.

The team ran up to hug him when the timer went off. He looked over to see Jun roll her eyes but give him a clap anyways. He felt so amazing right now. His sister had just given him praise when she hated going to his games.

She barely ever went, but his parents were home so she went. After the game, he went up to her. "So what'd you think of the game?"

She turned towards him. "Davis, what do I think of all games? It was boring." She laughed as he glared.

"Oh come on, you know you enjoyed it. How could you not? I mean, there's so much excitement." Jun laughed as he continued with explaining how soccer was one of the best things in the world.

He knew she had enjoyed it. Davis had spent the rest of the day with her. At the time, he complained but he wished he could go back to have one of those moments again.

Kari signed online. She needed to talk to somebody. It didn't matter the topic, she needed to get her head clear. Oh! Tk was on. He always made things ok.

xoAngelofLightox: Hey Tk

Boywithawesomehat: Hey Kari. I'm so bored right now. It's been a long week.

xoAngelofLightox: I guess…Davis is already over here but I'm sure you can come over too. Tai is going to make dinner soon. Is that alright?

Boywithawesomehat: That's completely fine.

Wow. Tk was lucky. He found Davis without trying.

Kari turned around as Davis walked in. "Hey Davis. Tk's going to come over."

Davis just stared at her. He didn't even blink. She moved her head to see his Davis' moved his eyes to follow. Nope.

Are you serious? Great. Just great. Man this is just what I need. Now these two will talk, both know about each problem, put everything together and then come bother me.