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30 Kisses for Kakashi and Kurenai

By Saoirse the Irish Colleen

First Kiss: "Look Over There."

What did that Hyuuga Gai was mentoring always say? Oh yes, "You can never escape the fate you were born to." And all that morning Kurenai was inclined to agree with him. Since childhood she had a soft spot for the orphans of ninja killed in action during the war, many of her academy classmates were just that, alone in the world. So when the sensei would request each student on the first day of the new semester to talk a bit about themselves, a number of kids would always become glassy-eyed from unshed tears at the mention of her little sister, Aoko.

Naturally ignorance was bliss and they did not have one iota of understanding of her situation having to look after a toddler with the deportment of a tsunami. Now at 23, Aoko has not bothered with change.

"You still mad at having to pay my bail, Nee-chan?" Kurenai had not meant to stop short in the middle of the street causing a pedestrian to back up at the terror that blackened her sultry red eyes like imposing thunder clouds gathering for the shit storm. Her muscles tense like a steel girder, Aoko blanched to her blonde hairline vacillating on how she could placate her big sister. Which was a simple as bending a steel kunai sans the use of chakra at the moment. "I said I'd pay you back… I just don't remember what happened to my purse…"

"This is not… about money…" The poison-making apprentice swallowed thickly over the stone in her throat and continued to follow her sister presumably home where their parents waited with bated breath. While Kurenai had been independent for a number of years she was expected to endure the impending lecture alongside her younger sister.

Mizuki. Your sister. Keep an eye on her. Three little phrases that the entire thee-hour philosophical diatribe boiled down to. She had not meant to become inattentive during the staff meeting Tsunade was chairing but everyone knew her plight concerning her imouto's situation involving the discipline case Mizuki, some hot sake, and a missing enchanted katana thought to be a treasure once a possession of the Yondaime. An accomplice by circumstance, the gullible little chit. But no one dared voice their reproach, or heads will roll. Aoko was still her sister and although not a ninja, she needed guidance not chastising. Kurenai lingered well after the meeting concluded, Iruka and Shizune her closer and more sympathetic confidants refused to make eye contact with her as they ambled out, Asuma merely scrubbed the back of his head uneasily resting a cigarette on his lower lip, and Gai shook his mushroom-shaped head in a most paternal fashion expressing his disappointment. As expected Kakashi flipped his novel open and sidled out the door opting not to get involved. She was actually thankful for that. He was her sempai and at one time vied for his approval so hungrily. Kurenai beat her fist against the cracked window pane watching the spider web-fine crevices slither from beneath her curled knuckles upon contact.

Stupid! She was a jounin for the gods sakes! She should have been more alert! She would cancel training with her cell, speak with Tsunade-sama immediately to put her on the recovery mission, and find Anko to have Mizuki remanded to ANBU's custody. It was the only way to recompense and clear her sister's reputation. Kurenai tented her fingers and pushed off the glass the soles of her open-toed boots thundering over the elderly wooden slatted floor that rocked from her movements.

"Kurenai…" The kunoichi halted in the doorway and turned to see the lazy man who moved as silent and deft as an illusion and she wondered whether or not he was what he always claimed to be. "Look over there."

She started her ruby eyes swung to the left where Kakashi's uncovered eye directed earlier. His mouth clamped over hers and it startled her so that she didn't see him pull the mask down his chin nor close the closet door behind them. There was no escaping your fate after all.