"I think its time for me to go home," Yuna said, smiling. Finally, it was over. Everything was different now; much better than it had been, but she still could feel something missing.

There was nothing more to be said because, as she knew, it was him.

That hole, torn in her heart two years ago, had never really healed.

As much as it hurt to see the aeons, the dreams and memories disappear, it was worse to feel that emptiness that he was missing, and he was never coming back.

Soaring through the clouds, almost like an eagle balanced on a thermal of wind, the Celsius finally landed near Besaid. Rikku took off first with an exaggerated yell; she was eager to see the child of Lulu and Wakka again, while Paine stood by Yuna on the edge of the dock, both watching the large aircraft float quietly in the rocking ocean.

"You're okay though, right?" Paine asked, tilting her head slightly to watch Yuna.

She shrugged, steadying her breath and wondering if it was ever possible..

"Yes. I'm fine."

Paine paused for a moment, staring off into the distance.

"You know, Yuna, we tried...I'm sorry."

Yuna nodded, also watching the ocean.

Paine smiled softly and turned, heading back towards the beach, her heels clicking softly with every step.

And then she heard the whistle, long and clear, echoing almost through the entire world, and she knew.

Without a word, she continued her way up the beach.