Yuna could stand there forever, staring out into the endless blue horizon, thinking of nothing else but him. Everything seemed to have changed for Spira, even she was happy, but it was hard to think about celebrating when he wasn't here to share it with her. Nothing could get rid of that feeling now.

Night came, washing over the beach in soft waves of deep blue, stars twinkling above.

And yet, she was still there.

No one had come to check on her; they new that the best thing to do would be to wait.

One last time, she decided, and then she would leave.

Leaving behind her memories, everything that had happened, on this single, solitary dock.

Almost like her.

She whistled for the last time, giving her all. Her breath seemed to shake through her body, her diaphragm expanding and retracting as the call of need, want and love was released through her body.

And then she heard his whistle on the wind.

Almost like a memory, it was so faint.

"If we're ever separated, just whistle, I'll coming running…I promise."

She could see his smile, his eyes, and she closed her own. Almost turning without knowing it, she now faced the island, eyes still closed.

She could almost hear his footsteps, the sound of his breathing, even his smell. A smile flitted across her face for almost a moment, then disappeared with the feel of tears rolling down her face. She could almost feel his presence now, above her, below her, all around her.

Her right arm slowly reached out, almost cautious, unprepared to touch if anything was there. She could ever so clearly see his smile, the laugh in his eyes…

And her fingers made contact with a vest.