1) Mark had been tied up with his scarf at least four times before he actually wore it out of the loft.

His skin was slick with sweat as the fabric was wrapped tight around his wrists, the knot proving to be effective as Mark gave a good tug. His vision was obscured by the blindfold around his eyes, so he couldn't see when Roger leaned in beside him, or when he sucked and nibbled at the male's earlobe.

"Merry Christmas." Came the deep voice from beside him, Rogers' breath sending a chill down the male's spine as he was forced to the ground.

Mark found that with the gag, he could do nothing but moan in response.

2) Mark has a tendency to sleepwalk.

Something stirred in the corner, causing Roger to mumble and turn in his sleep. A few minutes later it came again, though this time he bothered to squint into the darkness. Something was in the corner, but any distinguishing features obscured by shadows. He didn't need any; he already knew what it was. Grabbing a pillow he hurled it at the figure, waiting a few seconds, then grinning at the string of curses.

A disgruntled Mark climbed into bed next to him, and Roger fell back asleep with a satisfied grin.

3) Roger has a bit of a sweet tooth.

Roger kicked the door open, both hands clutching bags of groceries. "Hey I'm hooome!" Came the musician's voice as he set the bags on the table. When no one answered he let out a relieved sigh he began to shove the contents of the bags into the cabinets, occasionally glancing behind him before going back to his task.

All the bags were stored away but one. Roger reached inside, withdrawing the chocolate bar with a satisfied grin. Picking up the rest of the back, he snuck off back into his room to enjoy his spoils.

4) Both Mark and Roger have had relationships with other men,

They sat opposite each other in a corner of the Life, Roger nursing a cup of coffee while Mark had tea.

How's Rob?" questioned Roger as he sipped at his drink.

Mark shrugged, his attention concentrated soley on the bowl of sugar that sat between them.

"Oh, well Jason and I broke it off." he told the other. "Said that he signed up for me, not my baggage. I told him to fuck off, and we both left." Stirring his coffee, he glanced at his companion.

Mark was quiet for a moment before mumbling, "We broke up too, he was cheating on me."

"That bastard...well he didn't know how well he had it." Raising his mug he continued "To being single."

"Cheers." And the two drank deep.

5) Roger never could work the hotplate.

Mark stumbled through the door of his room, coughing and trying to blow away the smoke that assaulted him mercilessly.

"Roger!" he called out to his roommate through the thick smoke, "What the hell's on fire?"

Roger soon appeared next to him one hand covering his own mouth. "It's the damned hotplate," he explained as he began to open the windows. "Did we get rid of that fire extinguisher?"

Mark rolled his eyes.

6. Roger can't tango.

"Fuck!" Mark's foot was stepped on for the umpteenth time that night.

Joanne sat back and laughed, earning her a glare from both Roger and Mark. She just shrugged at them. "Maybe you two should just let it go. If he wasn't meant to tango, he wasn't meant to tango."

Roger rolled his eyes, "Sorry I'm not as light on my feet as some people here."

Mark sighed, "Its ok, not like I really depended on my feet anyway."

Joanne laughed again, while Roger sent him a mock glared.

7. Mark had thought about taking the dominant role more then once in his life.

He watched Roger from the corner of his eye, watched as he scrawled notes, or lyrics, or whatever it was that he kept in that damned notebook of his. There were times when all Mark wanted to do was rip that fucking thing away from him and pin him against a wall. There were times when all he wanted was for Roger to be the one on his knees, instead of him. Just once he wanted Roger to be the one begging for him, not the other way around.

Yet when Roger finally did close that book and pushed him against the couch, he remembered that begging really wasn't so bad.