1) Roger is dreadful at Battleship.

"One more game."

Mark sighed, stretching on the couch. "Roger, we've played six games of Battleship; just accept the fact that you suck." He shifted slightly so that he was lying on his stomach, watching the other and waiting for him to admit defeat.

"I accept nothing! There is no way in hell that you're better than me at this- I was the /king/ of Battleship!" Roger crossed his arms and glared at the game that sat between the two of them before looking back at Mark.

"I want one more game, just one."

Twenty minutes later, the boys found themselves in the same exact position as before. Roger was sulking and glaring daggers at the board game while Mark wore an uncharacteristically smug grin.

"So," said the filmmaker as he turned to look at his friend. "I think we can both agree that I win."

"You win nothing. One more game!"

2) Mark likes to trace Roger's tattoos.

In the days of withdrawal, real peace was something rarely felt in the loft. Occasionally there was a false peace floating around, but the underlying tension was so thick in the air that it was stifling. However, there had been a few times when both Mark and Roger had worn each other down so much that something resembling calm was able to overtake them.

There was one evening when Roger had finally fallen asleep on the couch. His shaking was not as violent as normal and the words he spoke not quite as desperate. Watching him silently for a few moments, Mark smiled. He couldn't help it, seeing Roger have a good night always placed a smile on his face.

He too was weary: when Roger didn't sleep, neither did he. Collins would be dropping by later that night and he could catch up on sleep then. Besides, even if he wanted to fall asleep, a part of him wouldn't allow it to happen. It was the same part that made Mark stay through all the abuse and craziness of Roger's withdrawal. It was the part that wanted to see Roger get through everything.

A hand reached out to the songwriter, fingers lightly tracing the tattoo that decorated his arm. At first it was a merely idle motion; Mark needed something to do with his hands and Roger was just there, but eventually it had become more than that. In the beginning his finger was light and clumsy, as more time passed each touch became firmer, more deliberate, until it felt as if Mark himself were the one creating the tattoo.

Collins found him like that, hand stopped in mid line at the sight of him. With a soft, embarrassed smile, Mark gave him a hug and then scuffled off to his own bedroom to get some much-needed sleep.

3) Mark likes getting his hair stroked.

Mark always reveled in afterglow. It was the time where he would just lay in Roger's arms, a smile playing on his lips as the songwriter would pull him close or kiss him lightly. Their lust had almost faded completely from those kisses, although Mark knew that, if he wanted, he could bring it back in a heartbeat. However more often then not, he was just happy with the soft kisses pressed against his forehead as Roger's fingers stroked his hair, lulling the blond into a deliciously drowsy state.

4) Roger hates penguins.

"...You have /got/ to be kidding me." Roger stared at the little stuffed penguin in front of him. It was just a little larger than his hand and the fuzzy material it was made of just begged to be touched. He didn't like it.

"Oh come on, you don't think it's even a little cute?" The filmmaker smirked behind his camera. "It doesn't bring back any memories?"

Roger's eyes rose to meet the camera. "We said we'd forget about that."

Marks' smirk grew. "Roger, it's a little hard to forget about. You /fell/ into the penguin cage." The camera shook as he chuckled at the memory of a young Roger Davis falling forward in an attempt to pet a penguin on their trip to the zoo.

"I was stupid. I was eight!" Roger crossed his arms, glaring daggers at the little penguin. "Besides, why bring it up now?" His eyes were curious as they turned away from the plush toy.

"Simple," Mark said, as he reached over and put the penguin on Roger's head. "We're supposed to be going to the zoo tomorrow."

"...You have /got/ to be kidding me."