Author: Evelien Michaels

Rating: PG

Summary: EO (obviously) they both longed to hear 3 words… they just never imagined they would ever be spoken…

A/N: I promised my friends Bri and Britt that I would write something fluffy for them…. so here it is… this idea just popped into my head, so… don't expect something really awesome…


"Liv! Olivia, please open up!" Elliot shouted from outside her apartment door, banging his fists against the green paint, in pure desperation.

"Leave me the hell alone Elliot!" she shouted back, trying to keep any emotion from her voice though tears had already begun dripping down her face.

"Olivia… please…" his voice had noticeably softened, but she swore that she would not give in to his plea.

"Just leave me alone…"

"Olivia… I'll stay out here all night if that's what it takes…"

"Well suit yourself… it's pretty cold out there, and it starting to snow…"

"I don't care Liv… I'll wait all night for you to open this door…"

"Whatever Elliot… I'm going to bed…"

He listened as her footsteps stomped off in the distance, and jumped when she slammed her bedroom door shut. He could be a real idiot sometimes, and he knew it.


They were in pursuit of a perp who was wanted for several accounts of rape and assault, and they knew they would not let him get away. As his getaway car turned toward Queens, they chased him, a cat-and-mouse game that had gone on for the last hour and a half.

"Will he just give up already!" Olivia asked, getting slightly agitated as she watched the felon from outside her passenger window.

"I think he's asking himself the same thing…" Elliot turned the wheel down a dead end alley, blocking the exit and cornering the suspect.

"Hands above your head!" Olivia shouted, as both she and Elliot jumped out of the car.

They drew their weapons at the same time the perp brandished his own 9mm. The two detectives exchanged glances, knowing that they would have to handle the situation carefully so no one would get hurt.

"Listen… you… drop your weapons right now…" He yelled back, trying to sound like he was in charge, though he was staring down the barrel of two highly trained cops' guns.

Neither Elliot nor Olivia moved a muscle.

"Listen, you drop your fucking gun now or I'll shoot your lady friend!" He replied in Elliot's direction as the gun turned toward Olivia.

"I don't think that's a good idea…" Elliot stated calmly, knowing that the perp wouldn't shoot.

However, the look in his eye was scaring him and anxiety gripped him as the thought of losing his partner, the woman he loved crossed his mind. In front of him, the suspect looked ready to fire and began to pull the trigger back.


Elliot stood immobilized as the body of the perp hit the ground. The shot nailed him in the shoulder, causing him to drop the gun and fall to the ground. He immediately called for an ambulance; he was bleeding pretty badly, and they didn't want him to die. They wanted him to die in jail, not in the middle of an abandoned alley.

When the ambulance arrived and the suspect was rushed to the hospital, Elliot and Olivia climbed back in their car and headed back home.

"Liv… you ok? You haven't said anything…" Elliot whispered over the soft Christmas music that flowed from the speakers.

"Just take me home Elliot…"

They drove the rest of the twenty minutes back to Olivia's apartment in awkward, uncomfortable silence until they at last reached her apartment complex.

"I'll walk you up Liv…"

"That's ok Elliot… I can take care of myself…"

Her words were bitter and Elliot knew she was referring to the day's prior events.


"Don't you 'Liv' me Elliot…" she replied through gritted teeth, glaring at him.

She stormed up the stairs, with Elliot following behind. She fished for her keys in her purse and tried to open her door before Elliot caught up to her. From behind, she felt his hand on her shoulder, but she shrugged him off.

"Don't touch me…"

He had never heard her sound so cold… and it scared him.


The door slammed in his face before he could say anything.

Olivia lay in her bed trying not to think about her fight with Elliot. She knew that he had only acted in her defense, to protect her, but she hated when he acted like she couldn't fend for herself. The rational part of her brain was screaming that she would have done the exact same thing, had their positions been reversed, which made her feel a sudden rush of guiltiness.

She put her coat on and grabbed her purse; she had to go apologize to him. As she opened her door, she was surprised to see Elliot sitting on the ground leaning against the opposite wall.

"He stayed…" she thought to herself.

Maybe he really did care about her as much as she cared for him…

"Elliot… wake up…" she gently shook his shoulders, causing him to jolt awake startled.

"Liv…" he murmured, opening his blue eyes that Olivia loved to gaze into.

"Come on… you must be freezing out here…"

She helped him stand to his feet and they made their way over to her couch, closing the door on the way. She sat down next to him as he wiped his eyes and started to become more aware of what was going on.

"How long was I…?"

"Five hours…" she whispered, completing his thought.

"You left me out there for five hours? What's wrong with you?" he smiled as she slapped his shoulder. "She's not mad…" he thought to himself.

"Elliot I'm so sorry… I shouldn't have yelled at you…"

"I was just trying to do my job…"

"I know… I would have done the same thing…"

"I was so afraid that I was going to lose you…" he replied, laying a gentle hand on her knee.

She leaned into his touch, resting her head on his shoulder. "I love you…"

For a second, Elliot wondered if had imagined her confession and Olivia was mentally kicking herself for saying her thoughts aloud.

He looked down at the beautiful woman resting her head on his shoulder and replied, "I love you too Liv… more than you'll ever know."

On any given night, Olivia Benson's mind would be crawling with thoughts of predators prowling around the streets beneath her. However, tonight, the only person on her mind was the man whose arms she lay peacefully in. For the first time in years, she slept serenely.


A/N: well I hope y'all enjoyed that story… sorry for its extreme pointlessness, but that's what happens when you write something in 15 minutes with your brother's extremely bad guitar playing in the background.