Chapter 3: Story "c"

TITLE: Commitment

Author: Evelien Michaels

Rating: PG

Summary: Olivia reflects on her relationship with Elliot (set after Bingo and Retirement homes)

Six Months Later

Olivia's POV

Watching the sun's first beams of light dance across his face was a sight I hoped would come everyday. It always amazes me how the shards of lights would break through the slits in the blinds in a manner that created a harmonious picture that would differ each day. The color of his golden skin, accented the gentle curl of his lips. His peaceful expression matched the qualities of a man who saw me inside and out, a man who came to my rescue like a gift from the Lord above.

For six months, I had the pleasure of waking up to that face; I experienced the feeling of having a loving arm around my waist each and everyday. As a child, this feeling was completely foreign to me; however, now I felt as if I was taking it for granted. No words can describe how hard it was for me to accept Elliot's love.

When you spend the first seventeen years of your life with an abusive mother, ugliness and emptiness are the only feelings you grow accustomed to. At first, I succumbed to "teenage love" and found myself in a relationship with a much older man who "loved" me. Those were the years when sweet white lies would make my heart melt.

After I was thrown out his door by his wife, I realized how stupidly naive I was; not only had I actually believed he was in love with me, but I had allowed myself to fall crazily in what I believed was love.

In the years that followed that incident, my heart and soul became so cold, that anyone who dared to come anywhere close to me would find themselves waking up the next morning to a massive hangover and an empty bed beside them. As an adult, I was often referred to as a cold, heartless bitch. I was the "get up and go girl," sleeping with men and leaving them the next morning.

Eight years ago, however, I met a man who changed my life as well as my outlook on love. Elliot Stabler was a sight for sore eyes, and someone I immediately attracted myself to. Granted, at the time, he was a very married Catholic father of four, and I was just a distant, stubborn woman who sometimes turned to the bottle.

We automatically clicked on a level most partners will never reach. He taught me now to accept myself as more than just a mistake in the world. He helped me come closer to my mother before she died and above all, he made me feel beautiful for the first time in my life. In his eyes, I was more than something put on this Earth by a man whose criminal mind impregnated my mother against her will; I was a woman with purpose, brave, compassionate and beautiful all in one.

As the sun appeared completely above the horizon, a new image flashed across his face. The glow of a prism refracted its light across his cheekbones, arousing him from his sleep.

"Hi..." I whispered in a small voice.

"Good morning..." he smiled, the effects of just awakening lingering in his voice.

"Sleep good?"

"I always sleep good next to you my dear..."

The way syllables rolled off his tongue made simple words sound like a symphony to my ears, and knowing that I would spend the rest of my days listening to that voice was enough to make me smile.

"What are you smiling about?"

"Nothing..." I laugh lightly, pulling myself as close to him as physically possible.

I love moments like these; both of us lay silent, with the sounds of steady breathing and loving heart beats filling the room. These are the moments when it is just me and him, nothing else in the world matters.

"So Mr. Stabler... what's for breakfast?"

"Whatever you make us Mrs. Stabler..."

"Oh so I'm your slave now?"

"No, you're my wife... and I'm hungry..."

"Oh boo hoo... let's go... we need to be at work in an hour..."

"You're mean..."

"Yes I am..."

"Great... and to think, I wanted to spend everyday with you!"

"Oh what a tragedy! How ever will you survive?"

"Fine! I'm up! I'm getting up!"

As we headed downstairs to the kitchen, I realized how lucky I was to be married to a man who was so much more than my partner. He was my soul mate, the other half that made me whole. Being called "Mrs. Stabler" was something I could never get enough of. It amazed me that I had come so far from being the fruit of a rape.

I was now a mother, a detective, a lover, a wife, and an amazing woman who now held a purpose in life. I, Olivia Benson, had given in to commitment and became someone greater than I could ever have imagined.

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