Hi again! This is my second story in this category. As I have promised in Shamans in the Pirate Era, I am going to do this SK and DK crossover story.

This story will start from where SitPE left off. If you haven't read that story yet, then you should.

And another thing: The Donkey Kong in this story has ABSOLUTEY NOTHING to do with the one in my Smash Bros. stories. It is an alternate universe story and has nothing to do with each other.

A Shaman King and Donkey Kong crossover…

I proudly present…


Chapter 1: Encounter With Talking Animals

Out in the big sea, a lone ship is traveling peacefully across the great body of water.

Horohoro plops his head onto a table. "Water… water… water is everywhere… And yet, we are suffering from dehydration…"

"You're too exaggerated, brother," Pirika says to him. "We still have enough supply of food to keep us going for about a week."

"I want to get my feet onto the ground…"

"You're not the only one complaining, Horohoro. Do you know how much I really want to set foot on dry land so I can get myself into intense training again?" Ren says to him. "Our ship just isn't big enough! And all our captain is doing is sleeping!"

"Yeah right…" mutters Yoh, who is being forced by you-know-who to hold up a barrel full of junks for who-knows-how-long.

Lyserg is sitting in the front part of the deck, looking out towards the sea. "Morphine, do you think my tracking ability is failing…? I just can't seem to track down anything… I supposedly pinpointed an island towards this direction about 4 days ago, but there's nothing in sight!"

"Don't be sad over this, Lyserg," Ryu says to him. "Mistake is what everybody makes. We must accept it and learn from it. But I believe you, Lyserg, that there's an island around here."

"How do you know?"

Ryu points to the seagulls in the sky. "You see? Seeing seagulls mean that there is an island nearby. Furthermore, look at that strange looking thing sticking out of the water. Whatever that thing is, I'm sure we are near island."

"Thanks for the comfort."

"Cheer up, Lyserg! Take life positively! And now I wonder… What IS that thing anyway?"

The both of them look at the strange thing sticking out from the water. The thing is metallic in appearance and is in the shape of a cylinder, and in front of it is a small round lens. Ren walks up to them and asks, "What are you two looking at?" He looks down from the deck and sees the metal cylinder. "Looks like a periscope."

The cylinder stretches out of the water and looks at them. Yoh looks into the lens and smiles. "Hello! How are you?" And then the periscope goes back into the water.

"Now what was that all about…?" asks Ren.


"Arise from the water!"

"Yes captain!"


The sea beneath the shamans' ship begins to shake violently. Inside the cabin, Tamao is reading the ouija board when she felt this shaking. "What's that?" asks Anna, taking her eyes off a laptop (she's watching movie on it).

"Oh no… I think it's starting to come true…" says Tamao with a worried look. "The ouija board said that we would be attacked by enemies…" The ship starts to tilt on one side and she rolls off her chair and bangs against the wall. "Ouch!"

Outside the cabin, the boy shamans are holding tight onto the ship mast as something large but unknown slowly rises from the sea. "What is this thing!" gasps Lyserg.

"It must be a sea monster!" cries Pirika.

"But there was a periscope just now, so that must mean…" says Ren.

"The monster is using a periscope!" interrupts Chocolove.

"Idiot! It must be a submarine!"

After much shaking and tossing of waves, the sea finally calms down and the ship is still safe and sound. Ren was right; in front of their ship is a large submarine built in a form that resembles a fish. "Cool! The designer must be very creative to build something like this!" exclaims Yoh.

The hatch at the top of the submarine opens, and a crocodile, which stood like a man, pops out. "A crocodile…?" says Pirika strangely.

The crocodile looks down at them and says, "Were you the one that waved to us earlier?"

"Yes I did!" replies Yoh. "I just wanted to give a friendly greeting."

"Tell that to our captain!" Then the crocodile goes below the hatch again and a big fat crocodile in a pirate costume pops out from it.

"Well, what do we have here?" says the fat crocodile.

"Talking crocodiles! That's big discovery! We don't need Dr. Dolittle around here for translations," says Chocolove.

"What do you want from us?" Yoh asks the crocodile.

"Tell me: Do you know the way to Congo Bongo?" asks the crocodile in response.

"Congo Bongo…? Never heard of it."

"You never heard of it? Aye, that's bad…"

"Is there anything else we can do for you?"

"Well, since you asked…"


Anna hears some noises coming from outside the cabin, and she finds it annoying. "Can't the guys keep their mouth shut for at least 10 minutes?" She walks up to the door, opens it, steps out, and is instantly greeted by 4 crocodiles pointing guns straight in her face. "We got trouble here, right…?"

"Hey! Don't harm Anna!" Yoh shouts at them. Several crocodiles are now aboard their ship, each pointing their guns at the shamans.

The fat crocodile hops down onto the ship and says, "I should introduce myself first. I am K. Rool, the captain of the Kremlings. Or you can call me king, if you want to. Which ever title you like."

"What's the meaning of this!" Ren shouts at him.

The Kremling next to him pokes his gun closer to him. "Speak to our captain politely!"

"Don't be so rude, kid," says K. Rool. "Now that I'm here, shouldn't you allow me to take a bit of your belonging as a way of treating guests?"

"You're threatening us! And you're not our guest to begin with!"

K. Rool ignores him and looks around for some valuables, and he takes notice of Lyserg's pendulum, which he is holding in his hand. "Ah! That's one lovely-looking crystal!"

"I won't give it to you! This is given to me by my father!" Lyserg shouts at him. But the Kremling next to him grabs him by the arm and tries to pull the pendulum off. "Hey! Don't do that!"

"Get your hands off Lyserg!" Ryu runs to the Kremling and whacks him out cold with his wooden stick.

"Hey you! We told you to keep still!" says one of the Kremlings. The Kremling points his gun at him and is about to pull the trigger when suddenly he is slashed from the back by Ren's oversouled kwan-dao.

"You freaks are pissing me off!" says Ren angrily.

"That aura around the kid's weapon… Can it be…? They're shamans!" gasps K. Rool.

The other shamans decided that they should be fighting back, so they begin beating on the Kremlings. Some of the Kremlings decide to go into the cabin and take on whoever is inside, but the door slams open and Pai-Long comes flying out with a kick and KO'ed them.

As the shamans and Kremlings are fighting, a single Klaptrap, small crocodiles with large jaws, hop down from the submarine and next to K. Rool. "You're hungry?" K. Rool asks him, and the Klaptrap nods in response. "Go find whatever you like and have your fill!"

The Klaptrap scurries around the deck, looking for some juicy flesh to sink his teeth into, and he stops in front of Manta and snaps his jaws. "So you found your meal, eh? Very well!" K. Rool walks towards Manta with his hands wide open.

Manta quickly backs off in fear, but the Klaptrap bites onto his legs. "Ouch! Let me go!"

K. Rool grabs Manta by the head and says, "My beloved pet has chosen you for lunch! Even I can't control whatever he wants to eat! Either you satisfy him or get shot!"

"Nooo! Help me!"

"Let go of Manta!" Yoh shouts at K. Rool while rushing to the evil crocodile with his oversouled sword.

"That kid dare challenge our captain!" says one of the Kremlings. "Captain! Show him your shaman powers that you learned recently!"

"Har! Har!" laughs K. Rool. "Let's see who's the better shaman! Crocolord, Oversoul into the gun!" A ghostly crocodile appears next to K. Rool and enters the big gun he is holding.

"He's a shaman too!" says Ren in surprise.

The gun glows with a greenish aura and K. Rool shot out a glowing cannonball at Yoh. Yoh brings up his sword and swings it at the cannonball, trying hard to push it away. After some hard struggling, Yoh successfully deflects the cannonball back into K. Rool's gun.

The gun begins to rumble and ignite sparks from the turret, and then…


The explosion sends K. Rool flying all the way over the horizon, where he disappears from everyone's view.

The Kremlings are shocked to see their captain flying away. "CAPTAIN! NOOOOO!"

A fat Kremling named Klump, who wears a helmet, says to the shamans angrily, "How dare you treat our captain this way! You'll pay for it! Remember this, you brats!" He quickly summons all the Kremlings together and they return into the submarine, and they sail off towards the direction where K. Rool flew.

"Well, they're gone…" says Horohoro.

"What are those creatures anyway?" asks Jun.

"Everyone can tell they are crocodiles," replies Chocolove.

"Do crocodiles talk and walk like humans?"


"Now we can conclude we are not in our own world," says Ren.

"How'd you know?" Yoh asks him.

"When was the last time you heard about crocodiles that can talk?"

"Oh yeah… Never."

"You see? With strange creatures like this, there is no way this is Earth!"

"So what do we do? Find another whirlpool and get sent to who-knows-where?"

"Let's just continue sailing and see what we run into."

So they continue sailing their ship.


Far off on an island…


Funky pokes his head out of the sea. "D'oh! That's the last time I'm falling! The sea is in no mood for letting me sail today!"

"You're just not good enough," says DK while taking a sip of banana milkshake. "Ahhh… That's life…"

Funky walks up the shore with his surfboard under his arm. "I say you're resting a bit too much, DK man! An ape should keep his figure by rocking!"

"Can't I have a quiet nap around here? K. Rool finally left in peace, so I deserve a well earned nap!"

"I have a bad feeling that K. Rool dude might come running back here and say, 'Har Har! Ya smelly Kongs! I'm back to kick ya hairy butt!'"

"Yeah, yeah… Whatever…"


"There's an island over there!" shouts Lyserg from the front of the deck. Everyone gathers at the deck (and squashing him onto the floor) and is glad to see island after many days of sailing.

"Finally I can set foot on dry land!" says Horohoro.

"And what a weird island that is…" comments Pirika, pointing to the mountain that is shaped like a monkey's head.

"That island is famous for monkeys, I guess…" says Yoh.

"Monkey Island!" jokes Chocolive.


Under the water, a swordfish is chasing a school of fish happily. He is having so much fun that he did not notice a large mass of thing in front of him. Before he can know it, his sharp nose stabs into the thing and sticks there. He tries his hardest to pull out, and when he did, a piece of the thing came out with him.


"I think I hear the sound of water flowing," says Manta.

"You're just hearing things, I didn't," Ren says to him.

"Hey, does our ship seems to be sinking?" asks Chocolove.

"That's a lame joke."

"No! I'm serious!"

Suddenly, Tamao runs up to the deck and shouts, "There's a hole in the bottom of the ship!"

"WHAT!" gasp the others in shock.

They quickly run to the lower deck and sees Pai-Long busily hammering boards onto the large hole, but the boards aren't large enough to keep the water from coming in. "I can't stop the water!" says Pai-Long.

"How did the hole came in the first place?" asks Horohoro.

"I don't know! I thought I heard water flowing in, so I came down and saw this!" replies Tamao.

"Great! Now what do we do?"


Funky is looking into a telescope. "DK dude! I see one big ship out on sea!"

"Is it K. Rool's?" asks DK.

"Nah. That ship isn't the type of baby K. Rool likes. And what's more, it seems that the ship is in deep trouble!"

"Really? You mean the ship is sinking? We should help them!"

"Right on! Come take my speedy baby! She can swim at fast rate and haul even an elephant!"

DK and Funky hops onto a motorboat docked at the shore, and they speed off to the sinking ship.


"Quick! We must reach the island fast!" says Yoh in panic.

"But the water that is coming in is dragging down the ship, preventing it from moving forward!" Manta tells him.

"Then we'll have to jump overboard and swim!"

"Hey! What's that thing coming towards us?" asks Chocolove, pointing to a motorboat speeding towards them.

"Ahoy there, kids!" calls Funky at the top of his voice. "Grab on to da rope and tie it around the head mast!"

"Is that thing a monkey or is he just hairy…?" asks Pirika.

DK tosses them a long rope and the shamans tie it around the head mast. DK gives a whistle and a swordfish pops out of the water, and DK ties a rope around his dorsal fin. "Enguarde! Use all your strength and pull this ship ashore!"

The motorboat and Enguarde start pulling the ship towards the island. The shamans find out that these animals want to help them, and they help made thing easier by taking out giant oars and row.

After much struggle, they finally got the ship to the island and dock it in a shallow place, where the ship won't sink. "Bravo, man!" cheers Funky. "You kids are lucky that you met us dudes!"

The shamans got down from the ship and step onto the sandy shore. "Phew… Saved at last," says Jun with a sigh of relief.

"Are you all right?" DK asks them.

The shamans just stand there and stare at the two apes for a while, and there is silence… Until Ren broke the silence by saying, "First, talking crocodiles… Now, talking apes!"


How's that for the start? I hope it grabs your attention! I'll try my fastest to get the next chapter up quick! And remember, this story is the continuation of the previous story, so don't go saying I made a random start that made no sense.