Here it is, the last chapter of this story! I think no one is excited, since this story is pretty much ignored by everyone to begin with…

Final Chapter: Setting Sail Once Again
"Look! They are back!" says Tamao, pointing to the mouth of the crocodile mountain. The shamans who went in, the Kongs, Dr. Scientistein, and a tied up Klump walk out of the mouth all together.

"Brother! You're back!" says Pirika happily as she runs to hug him.

"I was only gone for like 10 minutes!" says Horohoro.

"It's good to see you alive and well, Ren!" Jun says to him. "Did you overdo yourself?"

"Overdo myself? I did almost nothing in there at all!" he replies.

"I'm back, Anna!" Yoh says to her with a smile.

"Welcome back," replies Anna, short and simple.

"We have nothing to fear, for K. Rool is defeated!" says Diddy. "You did see someone flying out of the mountain, did you?"

"You kids sure are something," says Cranky. "You kicked K. Rool's tail and protected the Crystal Coconut. You sure made an old ape proud!"

"Whoa! He smiled!" says Chocolove. "I never expected a smile on his cranky face!"

"But that does not mean I will like humans!"

So they walk back towards the shore and are immediately confronted by a large crowd of Kremlings. "You! Where is our captain?" they demand.

"Didn't you see someone flying out of the mountain just now?" DK tells them.

"Oh yeah! I remember seeing someone flying through the sky and yelling a lot like how captain did!" says one the Kremlings. "And that must be him!"

"Captain!" they all cry out. "We must rescue him!" The Kremlings quickly run back to their submarine.

"Wait for me!" shouts Klump as he runs into the submarine along with them.

"Don't leave me behind! I'm one of you also!" shouts Manky as he follows Klump into the submarine also.

When all the Kremlings are in, they steer the submarine towards the horizon, slowly submerging into the water. The last thing the heroes heard from them is, "Remember this! Don't forget us! Please!"

"Is it all right to let them run off like this?" asks Manta.

"I'm not afraid of them!" says DK. "They can come back as many times as they want and get beaten up again!"

"This is what I call an anticlimactic ending," says Cranky, beginning another pointless lecture. "Back in the olden days, stories have happy endings. The hero destroys the villain and then saves the world, and everyone lives happily ever after. But story nowadays… Fan fictions don't end like how they should do!"

To make a long story short, they all return to Congo Bongo.


That evening…

Lyserg is lying on a bed with his back facing the ceiling. "You're lucky that you didn't break your spinal cord," Dr. Scientistein says to him as he examines his back. "You can walk again after a few days rest, but you might need the support of a cane or something before you fully recover."

The others shamans all had their injuries treated. Some like Yoh, Horohoro, Ryu, Chocolove, and Tamao had only a couple of bandages and band-aids around them. They did not take much brutal injury.

Others like Ren, Anna, and Pirika took more serious injuries. Pirika's face is wrapped in bandages; only her eyes, nostrils, and mouth are showing. Ren and Anna have bandages wrapped all over their body.

"Are you feeling better, Anna?" Yoh asks his fiancée in concern.

"I still have the strength to walk around and hurl things around, so I'm fine," she replies.

"You should rest more for now on," Jun says to Ren.

"I can't accept resting all day and do nothing!" he replies. "I must workout everyday or else I will crack up."

"You, shark-fin hairdo kid!" Dr. Scientistein calls to him. "If you do not rest, then your wounds will never heal and you can become crippled for your whole life!"

"Who's calling me shark-fin hairdo!" says Ren angrily upon hearing this.

"So when are you planning to leave?" DK asks Yoh.

"Maybe after we are all fully recovered and when our ship is fixed," he replies.

"Funky should be able to finish your ship by tomorrow. And where will you be heading for?"

"Mushroom Kingdom, I guess."

"It's not very far from here; about 2 days ride will do. It's a very good place and I highly recommend it. And if you meet Mario, say hi to him for me!"

"I will!"


A few days later, the shamans are all feeling better and are packed up and in front of their ship. The Kong family also supplied them with their foods and other needs.

"This ship is equipped with the best engine!" says Funky. "She can ride like the wind and take you to places faster than you expect!"

"So we are leaving now," Yoh says to the Kongs.

"I had a great time with you guys!" says Diddy. "I hope you come back again!"

"Me too!" says Dixie.

"I believe we'll meet again someday!" replies Yoh with his smile.

"I hope you make it to Mushroom Kingdom safely!" says Swanky.

"You kids are still young and have a long path ahead of you. Live it well so your grandchildren do not get polluted by the outside world," Cranky says to them.

"I'll never forget how much you did for us!" says DK.

So they said their last farewells and the shamans board the ship. They haul up the anchor and start the engine, and the ship starts moving farther and farther from the shore.

"Good-bye!" call the Kongs one last time, waving from the beach.

"Good-bye!" the shamans call back. Their ship went farther and farther until it disappears over the horizon.

Cranky turns to the readers, and that means you. He says, "Now this kind of ending calls for a sequel, eh?"


And thus the end of this story…

Just like Cranky said, there will be a sequel to this, and it's going to be Mario and SK crossover. I'm afraid it won't come anytime soon, as I have lots of other stories I want to work on first. Rest assures; it'll surely come some day.

And I give thanks to StarAJT 84, Blue Rose, Retasuika, and some anonymous reviewer for reviewing this story. I will never forget your gratefulness!

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