Ok .so this is set after Max proposed. Lorelai is trying to make up her mind whether or not she should marry him. So she follows in the steps of the younger Gilmore girl and makes out a pro con list…

She had been sitting here for two hours at least she thought. Rory was spending the night at Lanes ,helping her with some major science project .She stared down at her work. All she had was a single sheet of paper with a line down the middle. Both sides were pretty much even. She reread the list.


He loves me


Finally have a real family

I love him (right?)

Rory likes him

He is kind and has a god job


Marriage is so permanent

Do I love him?

He proposed as a result of a fight.

I am not sure if he is 'the one'.

Its too soon

And finally she mulled over it for a few more minutes before writing down the last one. She wasn't sure why she was even writing it, I mean, why that even comes into the equation she didn't know. But still she wrote it anyways….Luke. Why had she written it? Why did it matter what Luke thought of her marriage?

This is driving me insane she thought, I have to get out of her. But I can't go to Luke's right now.

She grabbed her jacket and headed toward the movie store. She had a strange conversation with Kirk,(he had obviously heard abut the proposal) in which he offered his expertise about marriage, advising her, that kids are the most rewarding experience and they really need a stable family environment. This made her fairly mad,

I mean I raised Rory on my own just fine, she thought.

After her conversation with Kirk he recommended some videos on the topic. Despite the fact that she was rather annoyed with Kirk, she made her way over to the section. A video about getting married caught her attention.

That's exactly what I need!

She quickly paid for the video with a knowing glance and approving nod from Kirk. Then she headed home after picking up a ton of junk food from the market. She put in the tape and settled down on the couch. It started off by finding out if he is the right one.

Ok pay close attention now Lorelai.

It asked a series of questions, most of which she could answer yes to, and she was feeling fairly confident about marring max. But there was one question that really bothered her. 'Is there another man involved and how is he involved'. The answer was yes, there was another man involved in the decision, but she didn't even know why. Even more frustrated than she was before she switched off the video and headed up to bed. As she lay there her thoughts were off Luke not Max….Yes this was going to be a tough decision, because she just couldn't explain why she didn't want to marry max.