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6 months later

Lorelai rolled over in bed, surprised at the available space. She blinked her eyes confusedly and patted the space beside her.

"Luke" she tested, "Lukey" she tried again.

She sniffed the air, no coffee. Luke had to be here, there was no way he had left without waking her to say goodbye unless he had made coffee before leaving.

She climbed out of bed in a semi-graceful manner. She made her way downstairs. This was weird and she did not like it.

"Honey, Luke are you down here?" she called.

FLASHBACK-2 months previous

"Please Luke, don't go" Lorelai pleaded, tugging at his arm.

"Lorelai just let me go" Luke replied, removing his arm gently from her grasp.

"No" she replied determinedly "I won't"

Luke made his way to the door of the crap shack.

Lorelai scrambled in front of him and stood in front of the door.

"Stop being childish and just move out of the way, I need to close up the diner" Luke said agitatedly.

"Okay, so now I'm being childish, you wouldn't talk to me all during dinner because Christopher showed up and said something at the diner to you. I did nothing wrong. I have spoken to Christopher once a month now, as you well know, when he calls Rory on the Tuesday that she's at home. Do you think I love him? Because I don't. I love you Luke" she said in desperation, trying to get him to listen to him before he left.

She had figured out that was the key. Whenever Luke got mad, she needed to explain and calm him down before he went off to formulate his own speculations on whatever had happened. God knows they had fought enough over the last few months, but each fight had just brought them closer.

"Do you think I love him, Luke?" she repeated

"No" Luke replayed somewhat obediently

"And do you know how much I love you" Lorelai said in a lighter, teasing tone.

"Yes" Luke replied, swallowing as Lorelai stepped closer to him.

"I am sorry that Christopher called here, it was the first non Rory call that has come here in over two years. I don't believe any of that crap about him and me being meant for each other. I am meant to be with you. Don't you want to be with me?" she said sincerely

Luke looked at his shoes, "he said that I don't deserve you, that I wasn't good enough. He said he was a multi-millionaire now, that he was better for you, and that he could give you anything you wanted" Luke said, now looking up to look her in the eye. He looked like something he had been carrying around with him had been lifted of his shoulders though.

Lorelai summed up the weight of that statement. She was so mad with Christopher in that moment. She surveyed Luke. He believed parts of what Christopher had said.

She ran her hands up Luke's arm. "Oh Luke" she said soothingly.

"He is wrong, he's so wrong. Sure he could buy me things, but he can't give me everything, and more importantly he can't make me feel about him, the way I feel about you"

"Yeah?" Luke questioned, slightly annoyed at himself for showing how mush Christopher had affected him.

Lorelai leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips, "Yeah" she confirmed.

"You have to close up the diner" Lorelai said, stepping out of the way of the door.

"Okay, see you in about an hour, I'll be the one with the food" he said.

She nodded, and received a peck on the lips before watching Luke depart.

She exhaled deeply glad that fight was over.

It could have been so much worse, she thought to herself, damn Christopher.

She made her way to the phone and grabbed her address book to find his number.

One angry phone call later, Lorelai settled herself and began the list she was making for Luke. She wanted him to know he deserved her, she was so mad Christopher had managed to make him doubt himself.

Lorelai did not realize she had written so much until she realized that the last three pages of her writing pad had been used up. She carefully ripped out the pages and folded them in half. She smiled knowing how this list was going to affect Luke.


Lorelai continued her way downstairs, calling out for Luke, she searched the house quickly and was surprised not to find him there.

She made her way over the phone with the intent of calling his cell. She turned around as she heard the front door opening.

"Where have you been Mr. Danes?" she questioned in a mock angry voice.

"I had to get something"

"Ooh is it a surprise" Lorelai asked grinning now.

Luke nodded.

"For me?" she continued

He nodded again.

"Can I have it now?" she said indicating to the thing he was not so subtly concealing behind his back.

Luke pretended to ponder the question before shaking is head in a no.

Lorelai pouted.

"I'll give it to you tonight" Luke promised

"Is it something you eat" Lorelai said

"Is it something I eat" Luke thought about it, emphasizing the word I.

"Well is it something I would eat?" Lorelai said rolling her eyes.

Luke once again pretended to think this over.

Lorelai was getting impenitent.

"Gimmie gimme" she said reaching around his back.

She tried reaching her both arms around his back but was unable to get at her surprise. Luke looked down at their new position. He wrapped one arm around her waist pulling her tighter to him. She stopped in her quest for her surprise and leaned up on her tiptoes as she was in flats (bunny slippers to be exact). She moved closer to him, willing him to kiss her, which he did. The surprise in his hand was soon forgotten as he lifted her closer to him with his both hands.

Lorelai could feel something against her back, she remembered the surprise he had gotten her and moved her had to Luke's waist. From there she slid it down his arm brining his hand to her waist.

Luke was so wrapped up in the kiss he did not even realize what was going on until Lorelai had removed the little box from his hand.

They pulled apart and Lorelai grinned up at Luke. He Luke resigned and waited for her to examine what she had removed from his hand.

She looked down at the little black velvet box in her hand and her breath caught in her throat. She glanced up at Luke before slowly opening the box.

Luke placed a hand on Lorelai's waist and smiled down at her.

"Lorelai Gilmore, will you marry me?" he asked, taking her box holding hand in his, already fairly certain of the answer.

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