"God, it's cold," Catherine said.

"I know, but...we'll survive."

"Keep telling yourself that."

"Don't argue."

"Come on, Sara! We're in the middle of nowhere! God knows how long we'll be out here and by the time someone finds us we could be frozen to death!"

Sara rolled her eyes and turned to her. "I didn't think you gave up that easily."

Catherine raised a brow. "Is that a challenge?"

"Maybe, you tell me Ms. Willows."

"I bet you I can out-run you."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, I'm older than you but I'll beat you."


"Okay, one...two..."

She started running ahead of her.

"Hey!" Sara yelled running after her.

"Oh yeah, sorry- three!"

"That was uncalled for!"

"Stop complaining and beat me!" Catherine yelled over her shoulder.

"I will!"

They ran for a long time, but Catherine finally had to stop. Sara ran further ahead of her.

"Alright, you beat me!" Catherine said panting.

Sara finally stopped and ran back to her before grabbing her arm.

"Sara, what?"




Now Catherine heard it too- a car was in the distance and it was coming toward them fast.

"Jesus! It's that crazy Jimmy guy!" Catherine yelled.

"Come on!" Sara yelled grabbing her arm and dragging Catherine along with her.

"Damn!" she turned around as she ran and saw a huge rifle in his hands.

"You ever dodged bullets before?" Catherine asked.

"No, have you?"

"I've always preferred to be the girl in the James Bond movies, not Bond himself!"

"Well this time you'll have to make an exception!" Sara yelled as the car picked up speed.

"Are you cold anymore?" Catherine asked.

"No, you?"

"No," she continued running as another round was fired and it rung in their ears.

"Sara, I can't run anymore."

"I can't either, just try," Sara said as they continued running.

"You can't out-run a car!"

"Well we're going to have to try!"

Catherine continued to run as fast as she could but she tripped.


Sara stopped and helped her up as the car came closer. She threw Catherine to the side and jumped out of the way as the car sped past them. The car stopped and Jimmy jumped out of the car.

"Enough of this crap, I'll just blow your heads off and get it over with!"

He reloaded his gun and aimed it at Catherine. Sara maneuvered her way around the guy and before he was able to fire she tackled him to the ground.

"Catherine, get the gun!"

Catherine was just shocked at what Sara did; she was off in another world just observing this. She blinked when she heard Sara's voice and she ran to try and grab the gun. She grabbed the butt of the gun and turned the safety off before anyone got shot. She stuggled to get the gun from the man's grasp.

"I can't get it!"

"Hang on..."

Sara bit the man's arm and he yelled out before letting go of the gun. He threw Sara off of him and she landed on the ground with a thud.

"Catherine- the gun!"

Catherine nodded and aimed it at him, but the safety was on. Sara noticed this and before he could strike she kicked him and he fell to his knees holding his stomach.

"Get in the car!"

They jumped in the car and drove off before Mr. Maniac could follow them.

"God...are you okay?" Sara asked Catherine.

"Me? Just peachy. How about you, James Bond?"

"I'm fine," Sara grinned.

It was silent for a while before the realization that the radio was on hit them. On it was a slow country song, and they could just hear Roy saying, "What is this crap?"

They both laughed before turning the radio off.

"So..." Catherine began.


"Hell of a night, huh?"

Sara laughed. "Well, I can't say it hasn't been interesting, Catherine."

Catherine laughed. "Me either."

"What are we supposed to tell the guys?"


"I mean, we can't just say, 'Hey guys, we were held hostage by these complete screwballs and then we almost got gunned down, but don't worry, we're fine.'"

Catherine laughed. "I suppose not."

The drove for about another hour before they got on I-15.

"Thank God, the I-15."

"I never thought I'd be glad to see I-15," Catherine said.

"Me either, where to?"

Catherine blinked. Now that she mentioned it, she had no idea where to go.


"Let's go to the lab."

"Okay, sure."

"Shift'll start soon anyway."

"And we can tell everyone about our little adventure."

"Hey...uh, Cath?"


"We stole a car."

Catherine laughed. "I'll just tell them you did it."

"That's not funny."

Catherine laughed again as they drove closer to the lab.

"Well Sara, it's been fun."

"Yes, it has, Catherine."

They drove to the lab and got out of the car. Catherine got out and she walked toward the lab.

"Catherine?" she turned to see Sara lying on the pavement with an irritated expression on her face.

Catherine laughed. "What happened?"

"My foot got caught in the seatbelt."

Catherine laughed. "How'd you manage that?"

"It's not funny! Help me!"

"I'm sorry, but it's hilarious."

Sara rolled her eyes as Catherine walked over to her and freed her foot from the seatbelt.

"Well, you can dodge bullets and a speeding car but you can't get out of a car?" Catherine said.

Sara turned to her. "Ha-ha, very funny."

"What's funny?"

They turned to see Warrick, Nick, Greg, and Grissom standing in the doorway of the lab.


"Where've you guys been?" Grissom asked. "Shift started two hours ago. I paged you both."

"Um...Grissom, we lost our pagers."

"What? How?"

Catherine and Sara looked at each other and Catherine put her hands up.

"Don't ask me, ask James Bond here."

Catherine walked off and headed inside the lab as Greg ran over to Sara asking ten questions a second. Warrick walked over to Sara as well as Nick and Grissom shrugged and followed.

"Catherine! Don't leave me here!" Sara said.

Catherine turned around. "I know, I'm not that mean."

She walked back over to the group.

"Let's go inside, it's a long story."

They went inside and got cups of coffee. After sitting down and taking a long sip of coffee, they told them their story.

"You've got to be kidding me," Warrick said.

"Are you guys okay?" Grissom asked.

"We're fine, mom," Catherine said.

"They robbed a bar?" Nick asked. Catherine nodded.

"Wow, you guys had a crazy night, huh?" Greg asked.

"Yeah; we met some complete screwballs and dodged bullets and managed to come back in one piece."

Grissom stood up. "I'm just glad you two are okay."

"Uh...Grissom?" Sara asked.


"We stole the guy's car."

He smiled. "Don't worry, you were acting on instinct."

Warrick laughed. "So you'll only do half the time."

Catherine punched Warrick playfully in the arm.

"What'd you guys do in the meanttime?"

"We talked."

"About what?"


"You guys still look great, how'd you manage that?" Greg asked.

Sara smiled. "It's a chick thing."

Catherine laughed- she never expected something like that to come out of Sara's mouth.

"Well, how about lunch?" Catherine asked.

"Sure," Warrick said. "Nicky and I have got our case wrapped up. How about you, Greggo?"

"You know I'm game," he said.


Grissom nodded. "Sure."

"Alright, let's go."

They headed out and Catherine nudged Sara.

"You want to check the corners to make sure it's clear, James?"

Sara laughed as they walked out of the lab and across the street to breakfast.

The End