A hurricane brings more than the Titans bargain for when an ancient relic is unearthed. Raven is haunted by a foreboding vision and the relic's long-dead owner with unknown intentions. Edited 3/31/06

Chapter 1: Hurricane!

The wind thrashed angrily at the tower. Starfire hugged herself as the windows rattled violently. Raven at stood the window oblivious to the sound staring out over the frothy gray sea. Ingrid had arrived in the city early that morning. Prior to her arrival the city had been filled with a strange mix of excitement and dread. Hurricanes rarely ventured this far north and one of this strength happened once in a lifetime. Preparations had already been made but once they were completed there was nothing left to do but ride the storm out.

Starfire looked up as Beast Boy and Cyborg finished laying out a large spread of food in front of the TV. Those two could always find a way to enjoy themselves under just about any circumstances. Robin was at the other end of the spectrum; he could always be counted on to keep his guard up. There he was in front of the computer counsel monitoring the situation even though there was really nothing he could do until conditions improved. Another gust hit the tower interrupting Starfire's analysis and filling her with a renewed sense of dread.

"Come on BB turn the TV on and let's get this party started."

"Relax Cy, the storm's not going anywhere." Beast Boy hit the clicker bringing the wide-screen TV to life. "There, weather central. Let the destruction begin," Beast Boy announced as we waved his arms upward and plopped down in front of the TV.

Cyborg sat down and grabbed a drink. The latest computer-model runs had the storm racing out to sea giving the city only a glancing blow. A close miss, enough to cause a quick adrenaline rush but nothing catastrophic. Live reports on weather central confirmed what Cyborg already knew. He guessed BB would be disappointed with the news.

"Man, I can't believe this storm's gonna miss us. I was hoping for some serious destruction and major rescue operations."

"Well there's some destruction right there," Cyborg interrupted. A live TV shot was showing the roof of a building pealed back by Ingrid's relentless winds.

"Whoa, now that's what I'm talking about!" Beast Boy grabbed his drink and sat up in his seat.

"I do not think it is right to cheer on destruction," Starfire lectured. "Cyborg, will the tower be able to stand the strain of the storm?"

Cyborg leaned back, shot his elbow over the edge of the couch and propped his head up. "Don't worry Star, the tower can take whatever Ingrid can give and then some." He knew she was a bit scared so he did his best to convey his confidence to her. "We're cool."

Star nodded slightly accepting Cyborg's response then looked puzzled. "Why do they call this storm Ingrid? Has it become some type of atmospheric monster?"

"No Star." Robin interrupted. The others turned a bit startled thinking Robin was too absorbed to be following their conversation. "The weather service started doing that in the 1950s to help raise awareness and get people interested in these storms. The city had good warning this time. Most of the people should be out of the main path of the storm. I think we'll be busy cleaning up tomorrow."

Cyborg casually turned his attention back to the TV. "Yup, check it out." On the TV another roof gave way to the storm and smashed into a nearby building.

"Way cool!" Beast Boy grabbed a handful of popcorn and stuffed it into his mouth.

Cyborg squinted at the screen as a vague sense of familiarity took hold. "Hey BB, isn't that Pizza World?"

"Huh?" Caught in mid chew Beast Boy focused on the TV screen then froze as he confirmed Cyborg's assessment. "Ah man, thanks a lot Ingrid!" Beast Boy crossed his arms and shoved himself dejectedly into the back of the couch.

"Be careful what you ask for BB." Robin said doing his best to hold back a snicker. Never poke an enraged Beast Boy. The storm had them all holed up for most of the day. It wouldn't take much to generate bad feelings at this point and they would need to work together tomorrow to clean things up. Robin sat up stiffly from his seat, stretched then rubbed the life back into his eyes. Raven had excluded herself from this exchange. Robin felt something was up with her and against his better judgment, he decided to tempt fate.