Chapter 13: A Boulder in the Clearing

The Titans stood silently in the field. A soft wind flowed through the grass and lightly rustled the leaves in the surrounding trees. Raven turned and began to slowly walk away from the group. Robin followed her and one by one the others fell in behind them. Robin immediately noticed they were not headed for the car but moving towards a large boulder that sat at one end of the clearing. Raven arrived at the boulder and knelt down in front of it. She raised her hand and placed it gently on the rock. Robin walked up behind her curious to see what she had found. Raven's hand rested on a small metal plaque imbedded on the large gray boulder. The others soon reached the boulder where Raven knelt. Robin and the other's strained to read the small plaque; "Here lies Indian Hannah last of the Lenape".

"That's the same woman we saw on…where ever we went," Beat Boy quietly stated.

"Yes," Raven replied in a whisper. "She was the one who met me on the other side, before Sullen Eagle called me back." The others remained silent for a moment not sure how to proceed.

"But you were only gone a couple of moments." Beast Boy continued. "How could you have been told all that was going to happen?"

"Time has no meaning in the spirit world," Raven replied. There was another long pause before Raven continued. "You know, I've always wondered what it was like in the spirit world. But once I got there all I though about was how much I would miss all of you."

"Even me?' Beast Boy questioned.

Raven turned her head towards Beast Boy. Her eyes glistened. "I can't believe I'm saying this but especially you."

"I never thought about what would happen to the team if something would happen to one of us," Robin added. He reflected on this thought momentarily. They were all heroes but not immortal.

"Robin, in time all of us will be gone. There will be no more team," Beast Boy sneered and pointed to Hannah's marker, "only some plaque in some rundown park."

"All the more reason to enjoy the time we have together," Raven quickly countered.

Starfire spoke up. "On my world friendships last a lifetime, even if friends become separated by great distances."

Another silence ensued. Cyborg then spoke. "You know guys nothing lasts forever. In time, I believe, we will all meet again."