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Summary: Garfield Logon's life can't get any better. He has the perfect girlfriend, Raven Roth, and now it's time to meet her parents. Her mother, a gentle loving woman and her father a red hot head buff business man. But thing's start getting messy when Gar witness a murder and finds out that her father is a Mafia superior! Now, Gar gets himself mixed up with the Roth family business. He's gotta make it out of it alive in order to finally ask Raven the big question! BBxRae RobxSatr CyxJinx

Note: Through out the story, Garfield will be throwing in his thoughts as the story progresses. It's not in his point of view way, his thoughts will all be in italic as well as other characters thought which might be rare through the story but will be stated if they're not Gar's.


Meet The Parents

Chapter 1: Prologue


Birds chirped as they flew out of the tree and into the new morning sky brightened by the sun. The weather was pleasant, as well as the streets and houses as their occupants arose from their deep slumber. In a simple elegant house one young man still lay asleep within his room. Inside this one person's room, it was rather a huge mess compared to the outside view of the house. A figure lay in a heap on the bed covered by a blanket. The alarm clock placed on the side table of the bed began ringing wildly. A green arm emerged from below the blanket and reached for the clock. Grabbing it, it pulled it inside under the cover.

"Oh shi-" the person's sentence ended in a scream as he jumped up and fell over the bed.

'Hi, I'm Garfield Logon. I'm your hometown lovable green guy with the most perfect life. I live here in good ol' Jump City. I happen to be a vet. Yeah, I got a thing with animals. I guess it's because my parents were scientist who did a whole bunch of research on animal around in the jungle. They're not around anymore actually…they died in a boating accident when I was 7. I got adopted by some real great people though! As much as I'll never forget my real parents, my new parents Steve and Rita, gotta love em'!'

"I'm so late!" Garfield quickly stood up untangling himself from his bed sheets and scrammed out of the room and into the bathroom. It was 6:15 am and Garfield was expected to be at the airport already. Upon entering he went over to the skin and looked over himself; green skin, messy dark green spiky hair, green eyes, a boyish yet sweet face, pointy green ears and a little fang poking out from his mouth.

'Anyway, taking a look at me, the ladies do love me. Haha, seriously not to brag but I'm a lucky guy. I got the greatest friends and the most amazing girlfriend ever! Who is probably gonna kick my ass if I don't get my butt movin.'

Garfield hastily turned on the shower and turned around to shut the door but stumbled over something and collapsed on the floor.

"Huh…dog!" Garfield shouted as he looked at the green dog standing by his feet with its tongue sticking out.

'That's not really my dog; he used to belong to some insane kid named Soto. We just saved its life once and now it basically always hangs around our house. For some reason he has major crush on my girlfriend. Oh and when I say 'our house' I mean mine and Victor. He's my best bud ever! We've been pals since we were lil kids. After getting outta college we both got our own place. Now I quickly gotta get moving, I'm late!'


After taking a quick shower, Garfield suited up in a pair of black jeans, white vest and black shirt over of which he rolled the sleeves up to his elbows. Running a comb through his hair, he grabbed his backup and a duffle bag from his room and quickly rushed down into the kitchen. He prepared himself a short breakfast, which was just a piece of toast with jam; he held it in his mouth as he rushed out through the front door. Few seconds later he ran back in grabbing his car key from the kitchen and the plane tickets placed right next to them. Racing into the garage, he threw his bags in the back seat and jumped in the driver seat. His car did not have hood over the top; it had a lot of little modifications given to it courtesy of Victor.

'Yeah Victor's a big technology dude. You should check out his own car.' Garfield opened up the garage front and slowly drove his car out.

"Hey kid." Garfield's neighbor, Val Yor, said from over the fence between their houses.

"Mmmhmm." Was all Garfield could mumble out as he drove his car out on the street.

"See you soon Gar. Have a nice time!" Val Yor shouted to Garfield as he drove off.

"Later Val!" Garfield waved as he dropped the toast from his mouth for a final goodbye.


Garfield's car screeched as it took a turn around the parking lot. After getting his car parked, he jumped out grabbing his bags; he made sure his car was locked and then quickly rushed into the airport. Running through the massive crowd, Garfield raced to the seating lounge where everyone would be waiting for him. He was then able to see his friend Victor by the bar. He tried to stop himself but slipped across the floor and right in front of Victor.

"Whoa." Victor said as he looked down at his friend who struggled to get up. Panting madly Garfield lifted his arm to look at his watch.

"6:55, I did it! And only 5 minutes to spare!" Garfield whooped throwing his arms in the air as his friend laughed.

"Congratulations bud." Victor smirked as he raised his glass to Garfield. Victor was a tall well built African American man. With dark skin and balding head, half of his face was machine, so was most of his body that was all kept covered under the clothing he wore. You could only see his mechanical hands and feet, he didn't wear shoes since his mechanical feet were built like shoes.

'Yep that's my best friend Victor. Don't be spooked by his looks, that doesn't make who he is. He is the greatest guy I've ever met. He's caring, nice guy, a brotherly figure to all of us. He's a big sports guy, he can sure whoop my butt any time. About his looks, he was in accident in his parents lab and well…the damage was done and the only way to save him was give a whole new body. He's a cyborg now, that's also the nick name we gave him. We never tease him about it, we find it actually kinda cool. He's got some cool lil gadgets which he placed on himself. A big athlete boy but a big technology love as well. He's even thinking putting a canon in his arm!'

"So where are the others?" Garfield asked.

"They're not here yet." Victor responded placing away his glass.

"What! Aren't Robin and Kori and gonna see us off? The plane is boarding at 7!" Garfield exclaimed looking down at his watch.

"Actually it's boarding at 8." Victor said.

"But Raven told 7!" Garfield said looking up at his friend.

"Cuz she knew you would be a whole hour late." Victor smirked.

'That's my Rae…always thinks ahead.'

"She knows me so well." Garfield said as he and Victor laughed.


'And that there…' Garfield turned around to see a hair violet haired girl walking towards him. She had pale ash skin, beautiful purple eyes, long hair reaching right below her shoulder blades and a red gem embedded right in the middle of her forehead. 'Is the girl that makes my life complete. The girl I love and who loves me back. She's everything thing to me. She's my Raven.'

"Hey Raven!" Garfield called out as he ran up to his girlfriend.

"You made it." she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a peck on his lips.

"Well thanks to your good thinking." He said holding his girlfriend in his arm as he sway right to left.

"Well I couldn't let you be late for this special day." Raven said as she rested her forehead against Garfield's.

'Oh yes, special day indeed. Today is the day, we're flying all the way to Florida to finally meet Raven's parent. That's right; finally get to see her ol' man and mother. Rae and I have been together for 6 years; yep, since high school and still strong.'

"Wouldn't screw this up for the world." Garfield said as snuggled up closer with Raven.

"Mmm…now hands off." Raven said as she pushed back Garfield and walked over to Cyborg taking a seat next to him at the bar. Garfield merely smiled at her action.

'Heh heh, yeah Rae is not exactly the type to show emotions you could say much. She was always the serious, dark, gothic like, barely use to smile. I mean she does show affection towards, whenever we're alone or something like that but not lot in public. But hey I don't mind, I've grown to love each and every single thing about her. Besides, she gives me little lovin later, hehehe…' Garfield soon took a seat next to Raven.

"So will you be able to make it soon?" Raven asked turning to Victor.

"Yep, after today my boss is giving me a whole month's vacation." Cyborg smirked proudly.

'As he is a teacher's pet…or boss pet or…uh whatever. He basically is his boss's favorite employee. Cyborg is really a genius. I mean seriously, he can even make a laser gun using just a toaster and MP3 Player. He works for this car modeling company uh um thing or whatever.'

"And what about Kori and Robin?" Raven asked.

"Yeah Robin will be off duty tonight and the next flight to Florida will be the day after tomorrow so, we've got your parent's address, number and everything, we'll be joining you guys in 2 days."

'Victor, Kori and Robin will also be coming with us to Florida but since they've got their own jobs to take care of first they'll be joining us later. Neither have they met Rae's parent. We haven't met a single member of her whole family actually…well except for her uncle who she lived with when she first came to Jump City. A creepy guy actually.'

"Alright, great." Raven said smiling.

"So Gar, you nervous?" Victor asked looking over to Garfield.

"Huh? Wha-me? Nervous? Pfft, don't be ridiculous!" Garfield exclaimed. "I mean…uh what makes you think I'm nervous?" he asked loosening his shirt collar.

"Cuz you always hide behind Raven's hair when you are." Cyborg pointed out. Garfield then realized what he was nuzzling his face into Raven's hair.

"Oh um uh ehehe…" Garfield laughed nervously moving back as Raven and Victor laughed at him.

'That's kind of like a habit I guess. Rae use to have short hair, right above her shoulders but I asked her to grow them out. I mean I totally love her with short hair too it just that I like to play around with her hair sometimes. I mean when we're watching TV together, my fingers are always curling around in her hair and then I also like rubbing my face in her hair, feels nice.'

Victor then noticed a young blonde standing by the window. Victor smirked to himself as he took one sip of his drink then stood up.

"Ahem, excuse me while I go make my move." Cyborg said as he straightened himself up and walked up to the girl. Raven and Garfield watched as Cyborg walked up to the girl and began talking with her. Next thing they know she slapped him across the face and marched off. The two laughed as Cyborg merely gave a nervous smile and thumbs up to them before walking off too probably another girl.

"I'm worried that guy is gonna remain single forever." Garfield laughed.

"So are you really nervous?" Raven asked turning to look at Garfield.

"Well yeah I guess a little…I mean it's the first time I'm gonna see your parents! What if they don't like me? I mean what if they think I'm some drug addict or some delinquent or…"

"Oh come on I'm sure they'll love you." Raven reassured him. Garfield sighed as he rested his head against Raven's shoulder. "At least one of them will…" Raven murmured averting her gaze.

"What was that?" Garfield asked lifting his head up.

"Oh nothing." Raven smiled.


After about 40 minutes or so Robin and Kori came running down towards Victor, Raven and Garfield who were seated by the plane gate.

"Hey guys, sorry we're late." Robin said as he stopped by the others.

"Hey no problem, you still made it. Typical traffic?" Garfield asked as he stood up shaking Robin's hand. Robin was a tall young man, with spiky hair and his eyes hidden behind a pair of black shades.

'That's Robin…actually his real name Richard Grayson. Robin is actually is something he created up one we were young. He never takes off those damn glasses of his. He's another one of my best friends and best cop around town. He's really dedicated with his job…way dedicated actually. Not a criminal he can't take down or case he can't crack…well there's this one dude Robin's been after for ages! Name's Slade, evil dude, robbing banks, illegal mafia business blah blah blah. Robin's totally obsessed to find him, he's true worse enemy indeed. Raven for some reason seems to be interested with investigation on Slade.'

"Nope, duty calls." Robin answered.

'This early in the morning?' Victor asked.

"We had found some new leads on Slade and quickly called in." Robin explained.

"Oh really what happened? Did you find him?" Raven asked anxiously.

'See what I mean…well we never question her about it. At least Robin appreciates someone's interest in his work.'

"Well got some tips on his latest crime, another Mafia dealing. He was supposed to meet with some men at run down warehouse, but when we got there we caught those men but he got away yet again, not forgetting to leave one of his tormenting messages for me." Robin groaned as he spoke the last part.

"Uh huh…well good to have you here now." Garfield smiled.

"Oh friends, we could not let you go on without a final farewell before your departure?" Kori, a tall young girl with reddish long hair, beautiful green eyes and a heart of gold as one could say, said as she enveloped Raven into a bear crushing hug.

"Uh Starfire, we're not gonna see each for just two days and then you will be there with us." Raven managed to say with Kori's tight grip around her.

"But the day shall still not be the same!" Kori said tightened her hug as Raven clenched her teeth.

'Hehe, that's Kori Anders, a sweet, innocent and really naïve girl. Don't be fooled by her looks, she's pretty strong. Kori is not really from around here, which would explain the way she speaks. She was a foreign exchange student in the 8th grade. That was when we first met her. She's still got a lot to learn. She and Robin are going out, they're really madly in love just like me and Rae. It was about damn time when we first found out they got together. I mean those too had eyes on each other since the day they met and it took them after 3 years or something to finally hook up.'

After they were able to pry Kori off Raven the group of friends spent the last few minutes together it came the time for Garfield and Raven to board onto the plane.

"See ya later y'all." Cyborg said as he gave Raven a hug and Garfield a pat on the back as did Robin

"Fly safe you guys." Robin said. Next they embraced themselves for Kori nerve breaking hug.

"Oh friends, I shall miss you dearly. Be safe from any vindictive terrorists!" Kori said as she squeezed the life out of her friends.

"I knew I shouldn't have let her watch Air Force 1. You won't imagine the stuff she has prepared for our trip." Robin whispered to Victor. After saying their final goodbyes, Raven and Garfield walked through the tunnel and into the plane. The two walked to their seats and on the way Garfield bumped his shoulder into someone.

"Oh sorry." Garfield apologized looking up to the man but he merely kept walking without acknowledging Garfield. He looked rather suspicious, he wore a hat and a long trench coat. Garfield simply shrugged off the feeling as he reached his seat. Placing his two bags in the top cupboard he sat down next to Raven who was seated next to the window.

Garfield whistled letting out a deep breath. "Well then…I guess we're on our way." Garfield spoke nervously. Looking over to Raven he noticed the board toothy grin she had on. "Well you seem awfully happy" he said receiving Raven's attention.

"Well yeah I'm really excited, I haven't seen my parent in ages!" Rave said unable to contain her happiness.

'Well that's true. You see we first met Raven in the 8th grade. She came from Florida and was here to see her uncle. She was probably gonna stay for a whole year. But after several months it turned out she loved her new home and friends so much that she wanted to stay in Jump City for a longer while, one more year or two. She eventually stayed longer than she planned and in the 12th grade we got together. She then just wanted to stay forever after that! It was a hard decision for her but in the end she made her choice. She kept constant contact with her parents though and I mean really constant! She's on the phone with her mom like when she's on the phone with Kori. Meaning: lasts for max 5 to 6 hours with a bunch of random girl talks. I never really did speak with her but Kori tells me Rae mentions me numerous of times. Well that's good to know.

Never hear much of her dad; sometimes I wonder why her parents don't ever come to visit her. Why don't they really? Can't they bother to come see their own daughter? Well anyway, who knows…'

"Yeah I guess. But what about me! They might think I'm some drug addict punk or a…"

"For the last time Gar, don't worry! I know my mom will just love you." Raven reassured him rubbing his arm.

"And your dad?" Garfield asked raising his eyebrow. Raven hesitated before answering.

"Well um…he's quite unpredictable so don't know what to expect from him." Raven smiled nervously averting her gaze.

'Just great…' Garfield thought as he leaned his head back.


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