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Meet The Parents

Chapter 7: Freak Out!


Garfield followed behind Raven down the stairs and into the dinning room. The dinning room consisted of a very large table which only consisted of 8 seats. "To be honest, I expected a much larger table than this, as everything in your house is rather large." Garfield said fingering the polished oak table.

"This is only the family dining room. Take a look through those doors over there." Rave said indicating to the doors at the end of the room. Garfield strode over to the doors and peeked his head through the doors. He was greeted by another large room which had a much larger table for about 20 or more people. A chandelier was hanging from the top of the room.

"Whoa…" Garfield said as he brought his head back and closed the doors. "Dude, you've got two dining rooms."

"Three actually." Raven said. Garfield looked at her questioningly. "My father always has many business meetings and dinner parties." Raven explained.

"Oh..." Garfield said. At that moment, the doors behind the couple were opened to reveal Eddy, Arella and Trigon.

"Ah there you two are." Arella said walking further into the room. "So Garfield, enjoy your trip around the house?"

"Yes indeed, Arella." Garfield smiled. Turning around, Garfield flinched when he literally came face to face with Trigon's fuming face.

"Did you touch anything?" Trigon inquired.

"Uh I uh well um I…" Garfield stuttered.

"Trigon." Arella said through her gritted teeth nudging him in the side. Trigon grumbled and walked away. Garfield watched him cautiously as he moved to the other side of the table.

"He obviously doesn't my finger printer on anything in his house…including his daughter." Garfield muttered.

"Well he is rather um domineering." Arella said. She then cleared her throat. "Why don't we all take a seat now?" Eddy then rushed over and pulled out a seat for Arella. "Thank you Eddy." Arella said. Eddy did the same for Raven and then he reluctantly pulled out a seat for Garfield as well.

"Thanks Ed Boy." Garfield smirked. Eddy grumbled something but then an evil smirk spread across his face. When Garfield moved to sit down, Eddy pulled his seat further back and Garfield ended up landing on the floor. "Ow!" Garfield said rubbing his behind.

"Eddy!" both Arella and Raven shouted. Eddy walked away whimpering as if he was just scold by his mother. Trigon silently laughed at Garfield as Raven helped him in his seat. Raven and Garfield sat next to each other on one side of the table while Trigon sat on the smaller adjacent side and Arella was on the opposite side to him. A chef entered into the room.

"Bonjour à tous! Le diner a servi, espoir vous êtes tous dans l'humeur pour mon special." The chef spoke in French.

With wide eyes, Garfield looked at Raven. "Did he just say Air force 1 is attacking?"

"He said dinner is served." Axe, who appeared out of nowhere, said from over Garfield's shoulder.

"Oh…" Garfield blushed from embarrassment.

'Ok so I was never the brightest student in French class. On my first date with Rae, I tried saying something in French to seem a little, ya know suave like, but I ended up saying something along the lines of 'I prefer oranges over you my dear pineapple.' Raven thought I was just trying to make joke…'

About three men along with Eddy and Axe started setting the food on the table. As they did so, Garfield looked across the table to see Trigon sharpening two knives against each other and glaring at him. Garfield gulped and turned away. A plate was then set before him holding a steak dish. Garfield eyes widened and he looked up at all the other dishes. They mostly all contained meat. With a sickening look Garfield gazed up at Raven who was biting her nails nervously.


"So I forgot to tell my parent my boyfriend doesn't eat meat." Raven whispered.

"Bon appetite." The chef said. Before walking way he noticed Garfield staring disgustedly at his steak. "Qu'est-ce que c'est?" the chef asked Garfield.

Garfield looked up at the chef. "Well um I…"

"Tu n'aimes pas ma cuisine?" the chef asked crossing his arms.

"Actually I um well…" Garfield stuttered.

"Tu as un problème avec ma cuisine garçon vert?"

"Uh what? No I mean I uh…"

"Essayes-tu de dire ma cuisine est-vous mauvais!"

"Listen dude the thing is…"

"Es tu essayes de devenir physique avec moi!" the chef shouted at Garfield, eyes blazing at him.

"Jacque!" Raven shouted.

"Oui Raven?" the chef asked looked up at Raven sincerely.

"Garfield ne mange pas la viande." Raven said in graceful French. The chef, Jacque blinked. There was a pregnant pause.

"What do you he eats no meat!" the chef then exclaimed. Everyone's attention went to tensed Garfield. Arella held a glass to her lips, Trigon had a fork in his mouth and Eddy and Axe looked at Garfield as if he was crazy. There was yet another pause within the room.

"Ok, I make you lamb." The chef said before walking away.

"What? No, no, hold on Jack." Garfield said grabbing the chef's wrist.

"Jacque." The chef corrected him.

"Uh yes Jock. Listen, I don't eat anything that comes from an animal." Garfield explained.

"You're vegetarian?" Arella inquired.

"Well yeah, I'm very anti-meat." Garfield said.

"Garfield has a profound love for animals." Raven said.

"Another reason why you became a vet I believe." Arella said. Garfield smirked and nodded in response.

"Hold up for a second." Trigon said pulling the fork out of his mouth. "You're…a vet?" Trigon asked leisurely.

"Yeah." Garfield said unfazed by Trigon's uneasiness. Both Eddy and Axe knew what was to come next and looked over to their superior. Trigon dropped the fork in his hand and snapped his finger.

"Boys, check him!" Trigon ordered.

"Oh dear…" Arella and Raven sighed simultaneously dropping their heads in their palm.

"Wh-what's…" Garfield was cut short as Eddy pulled him up from his seat by his shirt collar. "Um…what are they going to do?"

"Dad please, I'm positive that Garfield does not have rabbis, fleas or whatever else you suspect he has." Raven told her father, clearly irritated by his inspections over her boy friend. Trigon grunted as he clenched his first. Seeing as how stubborn he was, Raven turned to her mother.

"Mom." She whined.

"Trigon." Arella spoke in a scolding manner gazing at her husband.

"Fine, put him down." Trigon said defeated. Eddy dropped Garfield back in his seat. He gulped and leaned towards Raven.

"So then, I believe Jacque can prepare you a vegetarian meal." Arella said.

"Oui oui." Jacque said before walking mumbling incoherent words and glaring at Garfield.

'Why does everyone seem to hold a grudge against me in this house?' Garfield pondered.

"So what exactly prompted you to become a vet?" Trigon asked.

"Well other than being an animal lover, my parents were scientist who performed many researches on animal in Africa. Africa is where I basically grew up since I was a little toddler."

Trigon scoffed earning a glare from Arella.

"However I moved to Jump City when I was only 11 for my parents passed away in a boating accident."

"Oh I am so sorry dear." Arella frowned showing her sincere sympathy. Trigon though was merely chewing on his food absent mindedly and tried to kill a fly with his knife.

"Um yes anyways…I got adopted though by some really nice people."

"Oh really?" Arella said taking a sip from her glass of water.

"Yeah, by Steve and Rita Dayton. They're wonderful people and both are cops."

Upon hearing his words Arella spat back out the water she drank and Trigon choked on his food while Raven shrunk into her seat. After struggling with the meat stuck in his throat Trigon looked up at Garfield.

"Cops?" he asked.

"Cops?" Arella asked.

"Cops?" Eddy asked who was along with Axe standing nearby.

"Coppers?" Axe asked.

"Yes cops." Raven answered nervously.

"Oh…" Arella said fidgeting with her hands. "How very…interesting."

"Yes indeed. Um Raven…" Trigon said getting up from his seat. "Can I have a word with you for a moment." He said signaling her to follow him out of the dining room. Raven groaned as she followed her fathers order.

"Did I…say something wrong?" Garfield asked.

"Oh not all dear." Arella spoke through her clenched teeth.


"They're cops! His parents are cops!" Trigon yelled at Raven.

"Uh yes…yes they're cops." Raven said in a panicky tone.

"Why didn't you tell me!" Trigon roared.

"Um…will you accept the excuse that I forgot?" Raven asked innocently. Trigon growled and hit his head against the wall.

"I knew this wasn't a good idea!"

"Dad come on it can't be that…"

"No, no, that's it! He's gone!" Trigon said as he pulled out his gun.

"Daddy!" Raven cried.

"So goodbye to your prince charming." Trigon said before walking towards the dining room.

"No, no, wait!" Raven said as she rushed in front of her father and held the doors back behind her. "Come on dad, it's no big deal or threat. We can pull this off easily." Raven assured him.

"You should of thought about that when you first started dating him." Trigon as he tried to pass her.

"Aw come on dad, his parents are currently very far away from us, they're no harm." Raven whined.

"Out of the way girl." Trigon said loading his gun.

"Daddy please…" Raven began growing a somber face. "Garfield is the only boy I've ever loved and he loves me too. Please don't ruin this for me, I'll take full responsibility for everything."

Trigon sighed. "I never agreed to do this in the first place but your mother was the one who forced me into it. Raven do you know how dangerous this is to the family business? Your boyfriend's parents are cops and you have another friend who is a cop as well. It's perilous to let them walk in here, everything will come to a downfall. Oh why did you have to get mixed up in the outside world?" Trigon groaned as he put his gun away and paced around. "You could've had a perfect life within the family business, we had your whole future planned out…"

"I just want a normal life." Raven spoke softly. Trigon stopped his pacing and looked at his daughter.

"Trust me, they'll never know." Raven said. Trigon rubbed his chin gazing back at his daughter. He groaned as he dropped his hand.


"Thank you dad!" Raven exclaimed as she lunged forward and grabbed her father in a hug.

"If by tomorrow the house is swarming with the FBI, I'm blaming you." Trigon groaned.

"No problem." Raven smiled. She reached up and pecked her father on the cheek. Trigon groaned even more and rubbed his cheek. The man was never the mushy type.


Trigon cleared his throat as he and Raven entered back into the dinning room. "Everything alright?" Garfield asked as Raven sat back down besides him.

"Just great." Raven smiled as she held Garfield's hand and pecked him on his lips. "So anything we miss?"

"Oh not much, Garfield was just showing me this baby picture he keeps of you." Arella said waving the picture in her hand.

"Oh not that." Raven mumbled.

"Oh you were so adorable when you were a baby." Arella said gazing at the picture with teary eyes. "And now my baby is all grown up, no longer the little chubby angel."

Garfield giggled while Raven rubbed her forehead feeling slightly embarrassed. "Mom please…"

"Trigon take a look at this picture." Arella said extending her hand out. Eddy took the picture from Arella's hand and walked over to the other side of the table and handed it to Trigon.

"Ah yes, I remember the time when you were a little baby." Trigon said looking at the picture. "You were one hyper toddler. Always running around in that blue cape you had." Trigon snickered.

"Oh yes I remember that. You ran around the house in that small leotard and cape with your dolls." Arella giggled as did Eddy and Axe.

Garfield listened on intently while Raven blushed. 'Oh God no they're going to completely embarrass me.' Raven thought.

"I remember this one time," Axe began "You were a little toddler and you tried walking down the stairs, you fell and ended up bouncing down the steps…"

"Axe…" Raven softly snarled at him not wanting him to continue.

"On your little tush." Axe said before breaking into a fit of laughter with the others.

"Haha! You had such a bouncy lil bottom when you were a baby." Trigon laughed.

"You basically use to bounce around the whole house." Arella laughed. Everyone excluding Raven burst into a fit of laughter. Garfield was trying to sustain from laughing for Raven's sake but it wasn't working. Raven blushed furiously as she dropped her head in her hands.

"Oh the one thing I'll never forget. You were 2 years old, on Halloween…" Trigon began speaking in between laughter. Raven's eyes widened as she realized what story he was about to tell.

"No, no, no…" Raven whispered trying to indicate to him not to continue.

"You had eaten so much candy, you became so hyper that you ran out of the house…." Trigon breathed trying to ease his laughed. Raven lifted up her knife and menacingly pointed it at her father.

"Naked!" Trigon dropped his head down on the table, pounding his fist on it and laughed stridently. Eddy and Axe clutched their stomach unable to hold back their laughs while Arella laughed along with them wiping tears from her eyes.

"Oh dear God…" Raven moaned as she slid under the table.

'This may not turn out so bad after all.' Garfield smiled and continued to listen on to their old embarrassing tales of Raven.


"And to think I was worried." Garfield said as he plopped down on Raven's bed.

"God I can't believe they told you all that." Raven said as she sat down next to Garfield her face still flushed with embarrassment.

Garfield chuckled. "It was quite interesting." He said as he lay back on the bed with his hands behind his head.

"Yes but let me assure you," Raven began leaning over Garfield "that if you dare tell anyone what you heard today I'm going to rip you to shreds and feed you to Devil." Raven playfully threatened him, the tip of her nose brushing against his.

Garfield smiled. "No sweat babe." He said as he held Raven by waist and rolled over on top of her. He leaned his head down and brushed his lips against hers. Raven leaned her head up and kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his chest.

"Raven…" Trigon called as he opened the door to her open but then immediately stopped, his eyes widening at the sight before him. Raven and Garfield both leisurely looked up and knew they were in trouble for they weren't really in a good position. Garfield was straddling Raven, her arms around him, while one of Garfield's hands was on her hip and the other roaming under her shirt. That was something Trigon would most definitely not approve of.

"What…are you two doing!" Trigon yelled.

"Uh well…" Garfield spoke.

"Ya lil punk!" Trigon shouted as he charged into the room.

"Oh crap…" Garfield muttered. He quickly jumped off the bed and dove under the bed. Trigon tried to grab him but miss. Since he wasn't going to join him under the bed, he ran to the other side of the bed where he expected him to come out from but Garfield crawled out from the side he came and rushed to the door.

"Aha!" Trigon bellowed as he jumped at Garfield and caught him. Getting up he grabbed him by the collar. "You son of a…"

"Yo chill dude, I wasn't going to do anything I swear!" Garfield said.

"No funny business with my daughter, got that!" Trigon shouted at Garfield's face.

"Crystal clear." Garfield smiled nervously giving a thumbs up.

"Plus, you have your own room, you will sleep in there tonight and not in the same bed as my daughters!"



What!" Trigon asked looking towards Raven. Garfield took the chance to get out of Trigon's grip and run out of the room. "Why that lil…"

"Dad please would you just…chill!" Raven said.

"Chill! Where did you learn that word! I knew that boy would spoil you!" Trigon shouted glaring towards the door.

"Dad just calm down for minute will you." Raven said walking over to her father.

"I'm not going to tolerate any PG-15 or R stuff in this house." Trigon said crossing his arms.

"Dad we weren't going to do anything, besides you do realize we're not kids but adults and able to take care of ourselves. He's not that type of guy anyway." Raven said.

Trigon scoffed. "That's what your mother thought about me."

Raven froze. "Excuse me?" she asked as her eye twitched.

Trigon realized what he said. "Uh I mean um…uh…go to bed!" He ordered before walking towards the door.

"Dad it's only 4 in the afternoon." Raven told him.

"Well go to bed anyway!" Trigon said before leaving the room and slamming the door behind him.


Garfield quickly rushed into his room and slammed the door behind him. He sighed as he leaned against the door.

'Damn…being caught by your parents…not cool.'

After regaining his breath, Garfield eyes traveled around the room and landed on the bags on his bed.

'Well I guess I should unpack now…though I should take the chance to run away to Jamaica now.'

Garfield walked over to bags and picked up his big duffel bag and placed that in front of him. Unzipping his bag he took out the first two objects.

'Okay now…what to do with these two shiny gold plates…I'll just put them in the drawers here.' Garfield thought as he opened the drawer beside his bed and tossed in the two gold plates and looked back towards his bag.

'Now what to do with these other gold plates…wait…GOLD!'

Garfield grabbed the edge of his bag and spread it out to get a clear look inside. His bag was filled with golden plates! Garfield opened the drawers and pulled out the two plates. He took a good look at them, there were some inscription on them but he couldn't tell what they were.

"Oh…my…God…" Garfield breathed looking at the numerous amount of gold in his bag. He closed his bag and started breathing slowly. He prayed that he was merely seeing things but once he opened his bag again he knew he wasn't.

"Oh hell…"

He dropped the two plates in his hands on the bed he rummaged through his bag to see what else was in there. There were so many gold plates causing it to be a little difficult to dig through them. Garfield estimated there to be about a hundreds plates in there or maybe even more! His hand finally hit something. He grabbed the object and pulled in out. It was a plain white box that was quite heavy. Garfield took of the lid and found a gun inside.

"AH!" He screamed, jumping back as he dropped the box back in the back. Since the bag was placed on the edge of the bed the extra weight caused it to fall over the edge. The golden plates fell out making a 'clang' sound as they hit each other.

"Holy shi…ok, ok, calm down Gar. Don't panic, just stay calm…oh God where did all this come from! This is obviously not my bag!" Garfield exclaimed. He looked around the room trying to figure out what to do.

"Stay cool dude…I gotta do something before anyone see this." Garfield then rushed to the door and peeked his head out. He saw Raven walking down the hall his way. "Yikes…" Garfield shoved his head back in and locked his door. "Please don't let her come to my room, please don't let her come to my room…"

knock knock knock

"Hey Gar." Raven called from the other side of the door.

"Oh crap!" Garfield grabbed his head as he started to panic, jumping on his toes and biting on his fingers. "Think green bean, think, think, think, think!"

"Hey Gar!" Raven called again.

"Uh coming!" Garfield shouted back. Turning back to the gold plates he hastily scooped them up all up and placed them all back in the bag as silently as he could. Once shoving every last gold plate in the bag he zipped it up and looked around for a place to hide it. His eyes landed on the closet. Getting to his feet he rushed to the closet, opened it up and tossed the bag inside and shut the door. Garfield let a deep breath and gulped. Putting a smile on he walked up to the door. That was when he noticed the gun on the ground. Garfield squealed but quickly slapped his hand over his mouth.

"Gar, are you gonna let me in or not?" Raven asked.

"Uh yeah yeah just give me a sec." Garfield said as he picked up the box containing the gun and decided what to do with it. He then tossed the box under his bed and walked up to the door. Calming himself down he opened the door, but slightly revealing only his head and right arm. "Yep?"

"My mother of insisted that we all go out, show you around and have some fun."

"Oh ok, sure, cool." Garfield spoke nervously.

"So why don't you get ready and meet us down in ten minutes." Raven said, affectionately rubbing Garfield's arm.

"Sure ok." Garfield responded.

"Oh, do you need help unpacking?"

"No!" Garfield spoke abruptly, alarming Raven. "I mean um no thanks I can handle it." Garfield said smiling affectionately towards Raven.

"Alright then." Raven said reaching up to peck him on the lips. She then turned to leave. "Be down in ten minutes."

"Oh wait, what if…"

"I'll send Axe to help if you get lost." Raven assured. Garfield smiled, his girlfriend always knowing what was always on his mind. Garfield watched as his love walked down the hall. His dreamy smiled widened. Garfield then returned back into his room, shutting his door and then leaned against it. Garfield sighed, whenever he was around Raven everything seemed at peace…

Garfield caught a glimpse of the gun under the bed.

"AHHH!" he screamed jumping, all peace vanishing, panic returning. "Okay dude don't freak out, don't freak out…" Garfield kept repeating to himself, pacing the room while biting on his nails. "Think dude, think dude, where could this bag come from?"

The Airport!

Garfield came to a halt. 'Of course, I must have replaced my bag with someone else's. That seems like the only answer. Okay then all I have to do is return the bag to the airport, the person who has my bag obviously might return to the airport as well to find his own bag. So we simply swap our bags and voila! Ha, that sounds too easy. This is all a mere mix up of bags, which have happened before and can be fixed in a snap.' Garfield thought as he stood up straight and smirked confidently. Garfield looked back at the gun under the bed, the frown suddenly disappearing.

'Why would this guy have a gun in this bag? And all those gold plates! Those are some friggin important valuable stuff! Well whoever he is, I don't wanna know him, all I want is my bag!'

Garfield let out a deep breath and rubbed the back of his neck. 'Okay, now I have to plan out when to…'


Garfield squealed as he jumped and spun around ready to attack his assailant…it was only Axe.

"Easy green boy." Axe said from the door way.

"Axe!" Garfield exclaimed. "Don't ever do that again!" Garfield shouted haphazardly shaking about his arms.

"Right green boy now shake a leg and lets move it." Axe said before disappearing from view. Garfield sighed and took a look around his room.

'I guess I have to make that trip to the airport later.'

Garfield crouched down by the side of his bed and pulled out the gun. He quickly rush to the closet and stashed it away with the bag. Taking one last look at his room, he left shutting the door behind him.


Trigon grumbled as he flipped through the papers in his hands, seated within his dim lighted office. Devil lay beside his desk. Trigon took his eyes off his work only when he heard the sound of the office door opening. Seeing that it was merely his wife Arella whom entered, he returned to his work.

"We're all going out for a while, will you be joining us?" Arella asked walking up to Trigon's desk as she buttoned up her coat.

"No." Trigon mumbled scribbling something down on the papers. Taking a glance behind here Arella then sat down on a seat in front of his desk.

"I assumed you and Raven cleared some matters up during diner." Arella said crossing her legs.

Trigon then set down his papers and looked up to Arella. "Do you even realize how dangerous this is letting this boy walk into and next her friends, one who happens to be a cop!"

"Well I'll admit that this very risky but…she's in love. Garfield seems very nice for her."

"But not nice to the family." Trigon grumbled. "I hope she's not planning any future with this boy. She could have a perfect life if she never went to Jump City."

"To be honest Trigon, the mafia life was never for our daughter." Arella spoke straightforwardly. "The new life she found in Jump City was what she always wanted. Raven wanted a normal life, a normal family. Have you ever realized that she never had any friends at school? The only friend she had was Rorek but after he left to England with his father she was all alone again. She was always spending time with older people around the city, with Eddy and Axe and the rest of the boys." Arella took a moment to a look at her husband who was listening intently. "Raven has in fact changed ever since she returned home, have you ever seen her smile so much? I've never seen Raven so happy before in my life. Don't you think you should be happy as well for you daughter?"

"Happy that I'm risking our own necks for our daughter's happiness?" Trigon grumbled.

"Yes." Arella said firmly. Trigon sighed and rubbed his face.

"I had a whole future planned for my daughter. I wanted her to start taking charge by the time she was 20, inherit the family business, marry one of the boys I picked for her…what am I suppose to do with list of worthy mobsters I chose for her?" Trigon asked pulling out a long list of names.

"First of all they're all ruthless hooligans, and why is Red X's name in there?" Arella asked squinting her eyes to get a good look at the list.

"He happens to be a very successful solo criminal. Plus it would be nice to bring him into our team."

"Well Raven happens to despise him and he is too stubborn to even consider joining the Roth mafia business. And now that Raven has found someone she truly loves, you don't need that list." Arella said snatching the list out of Trigon's hand. "Devil." She called to the dog that obediently trotted up to Arella and grabbed the paper out of her hand. Devil then began to rip it to shreds.

Trigon sighed. "Why did Raven have to be so different?" Trigon asked dropping his head on his desk.

"Well I for one am quite proud of her, aren't you?" Arella smiled. Trigon simply mumbled something incoherent. "Oh I now you are." Arella said standing up. "Now Raven has promised to take full responsibility of Garfield and her friends, she has guaranteed that they will never know of the true Roth family. And you have promised to make sure no harms comes to Garfield." Arella said leaning over the desk.

"What happens in the end?" Trigon asked raising his head. "Will she remain with us or return to Jump City?"

A frown reached Arella's face as she thought about this. "We'll discuss that later." Arella said. She then leaned forward and planted a kiss on Trigon's cheek. When Arella turned her back, Trigon whined as he started rubbing his cheek like a little embarrassed child.

"Oh by the way," Arella said turning around. "Any word from Hawkins?"

Trigon's expression changed to that of dead pan serious as he answered. "No word from him. I'm starting to think he ran into trouble."

"What of the gold plates?" Arella particularly whispered in hopes for not a single soul to hear of what they were speaking of.

Trigon looked down at a folder on his desk, labeled with bold Japanese letters. Below the Japanese text was scribbled 'CONFIDENTIAL'.

"I hope he didn't loose them."


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