Show your Talent night at Hogwarts

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Chapter 1- Tryouts Part 1

It was the Golden Trio's seventh year, and if you don't know who they are, you are very dense! I'm Just kidding! Okay, they are Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. These students, were called this because they had defeated Lord Voldemort in their sixth year, the year before.

Many had lost their lives to save the wizarding world from mayhem and havoc. I guess that was a good thing, but not for their families. It was a sad night, but it happened for the best, The Golden Trio had came out of this great war with many wounds, but they lived to tell the tale.

It was five days before Christmas break, and there was a lot of excitment in the air. Maybe it was from the holidays, or even the feast or dance... Nah! It's because of the Talent Show, well it's currently called Show Your Talent Night, whatever.

Everybody could join, as long as the song or their talent was school apropriate. They had all gotten the notice ten days before the talent show, which was on Christmas.

First McGonagal had held tryouts, here's what happened and who had tried out...

There were many students infront of the Great Hall Entrance waiting to enter it for the tryouts. Who ever wanted to tryout, had to sign there name on a piece of parchment, that was hanging on front of the big oak doors, leading into the Great Hall.

The judges for the tryouts, were the cheering from the students and of course the staff members.

"You may come in now, any student who are performing, please go to your house tables, I will then call your name, once it is your turn," McGonagal said sternly as she let the students pass.

The Great Hall was loud, mainly cause by the excitment and nervousness. "Did any of you guys tryout?" a certain red head boy asked the Headboy and girl, who were also his bestfriend.

"You'll just have to wait and see," as the Head Girl announced stubbornly.

"What Herm's said," a boy with messy, raven black hair answered.

"Don't call me that Harry! It sounds like your talking to Percy's owl, Hermes," Hermione said as she hit Harry in the shoulder.

"Oww! You know, that's not very good behavior, for Headgirl, Hermione!" Harry stated. Recieving a glare from Hermione and a laugh from Ron.

Just as the chattering in the Great Hall had gotten louder, Dumbledore, who was sitting at the staff table, tapped his glass with his fork.

"May I have your Attention Please," Dumbledore said softly, as his eyes twinkled brightly.

The whole Great Hall had shut up and stared directly at Dumbledore, waiting for his next word or action.

"Today, we will be holding the tryouts for the Talent Show, or Show Your Talent Night. This is how it will work, we will pull a students name, who entered their selves, out of the sorting hat and they will come out here to perform. They then will be judged, by the cheering from the students and staff, and we will have a final decision made by the staff. Thank You!" Dumbledore said as he sat down gracefully.

"Cuthbert, Elisha," McGonagal said clear as a bell.

When Elisha stood up from the Gryffindor table, many applauses broke out.

"Hi! I'll be singing a muggle song, called Alive, by Melissa O'Neil," Elisha said without a trace of nervousness.

Stuck in a world no longer turning
Always the girl waiting for somethin
spent to many days walking around sleeping
open my eyes i'm tired of dreaming

i wanna run with the reckless emotion
find out if love is the size of an ocean
even if i crash down and burn out at least i'm gonna know what its like
to feel alive

hey yeah hey yeah yeah yeah yeah

sign on my face lights of a city
Maybe in love or just leaning to be
on my two feet i can only imagine
i'll say the words an believe it'll happen

i wanna run with the reckless emotion
find out if love is the size of an ocean
even if i crash down and burn out at least i'm gonna know what its like
to feel alive

They think they know me but how can they know me i'm getting to know myself
I'm finally ready to be somebody
with a story to tell

I wanna run with a reckless emotion
find out if love is the size of an ocean
even if i crash down and burn out at least i'm gonna know what its like
I wanna feel till my heart breaks wide open
I wanna blaze like a fire thats blowing
Even if i crash down and burn out
at least i'm gonna know what its like
to feel alive (oh i feel alive)

As Elisha finished the song, the whole school burst into applause, even some from the Slytherin clapped.

"Thank You for that wonderful performance Miss. Cuthbert," McGonagal said proudly, since she was from Gryffindor. "Next Up is.. Parkinson, Pansy."

Everybody, and I mean everybody in the Great Hall had gasped and waited for Pansy to enter onto the stage.

When Pansy started to sing, a screeeching noise came from her mouth, and it looked like Pansy didn't even notice.

"Ahhh! What the bloody hell is this? It's not singing!" Ron practically yelled.

"Okay! Mrs. Parkinson, thank you for that... interesting performance," McGonagal shouted over the screeching. After McGonagall shook her head, to get rid of the ringing out of her ears, she then announced the next perfrmer, " Next is... Harry Potter."

"Harry Potter!" The whole school broke into noisy chattering...

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