Hey guys this is just a one shot story. Cause luuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve the children of the Red King Series. Any way Read 'n' Review. ( I OWN NOTHING! Tancred belongs to Jenny Nimmo!)

Tancred stomped moodily down the slanting street which lead to his home, thunder crashed above his head and rain poured.

"Stupid freakin' rain...Really got to gain control..." Tancred grumbled. Tancred was a storm bringer, which caused a lot of issues when he has a mighty temper and it influenced the weather. His talent was the cause for his mood in the first place, "I have nothing to do with the recent hurrica-"

"Tancred? Tancred Torsen?"

"Who's asking?" Tancred and came face to face with a tall girl. Her hair was long and blonde, more yellow and sat as though it was slightly electrified. Just like Tancred's.

"Me. Tancred, I'm Elizabeth," she said blushing slightly.

'She is hot,' Tancred thought to himself. 'But why did she know him? And why was she introducing herself?'

"Uh...Hi Elizabeth...Can I help you?" The raging weather above his head calm and sub sided. Elizabeth giggled,

"You can call me Lizzy. Well I've heard around town you have a parcular gift!"

Tancred's weather above his head began to roar once more,

"If another one of those giggling brats from the private school hoping for a laugh, I'll-"

"You'll what?" Lizzy asked, raising one eyebrow, "You'll shoot lightning bolts at me...?" a lightning bolt appeared her hand she casually threw it from hand to hand before causing it to vanish, "You'll make rain fall...?" more rain was added above Tancred, "Or will it be hail?" Hail began to fall.

"Wow," Tancred was struck dumb, someone else with the same gift as him! He couldn't believe it, it was to good to be true. And they were better with their gift than he was... "So you have the same gift as me?"


"Are you related to me?"

"Well I am a child of the red king just like you...So I guess so..."

"Oh," Tancred looked disappointed.

"But, it's so far back, most people probably wouldn't even count us as relatives..."

"Really?" Tancred's spirits lifted and the storm disappeared, "So, you want to catch a movie sometime? Or make a thunderstorm above Manfred's head?"

"I'd like that," Lizzy said as Tancred put an arm around her shoulder.

"Now, COuld you give me some hints on our shared talent? 'Cause I kind of suck..."