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Chapter 02 The History Lesson

Friday 20th June

As the six of them were driving home in the car Hermione had remarked to Harry that Ginny had seemed quite 'ok' with him now dating her and Harry had explained to her what he had said to Ginny. He had told her that they were going to spend their time hunting Voldemort, she wasn't even sixteen yet and he did not think that her mum would be too enamoured with her doing that.

Hermione now knew everything that was involved and because she was of age she was going to stick with him regardless.

Ginny had agreed with him that her mum would have done her nut with her and probably gone ballistic at him as well; also her mum would of tried everything she could to stop not only her going but also him going. Ginny had also promised that she would tell no one what he was up to, also she wanted a full and frank discussion with the pair of them when they had 'done for Tom', Harry didn't seem to understand what this last bit meant.

Harry's revelation had brought a new perspective for Hermione because practically the last thing Ginny had said to her was to keep Harry safe for them both. Now it made sense and she would give it due consideration sometime in the future; it certainly would not be before they had 'done for Tom' as Ginny had so succinctly put it. She wasn't going to spy but if Ginny spent the interim period floating from boy to boy, as she was apt to do, those actions were going to be taken into consideration as well.

The Renault was parked between what Hermione assured him were Leo's BMW and Jane's Mercedes CLK convertible, neither of which would hold all of them even without all of their luggage.

The previous evening Minerva had hinted to them that the house in Grimmauld Place had changed somewhat; in reality it had been thoroughly cleaned and completely renovated. A lot of the internal walls had been moved to give the rooms a more logical order; which together with new curtains and carpets had gone a long way towards dispelling the depressing aspect of the home.

On closer inspection they were to discover that all of the worn out and broken furniture had also been discarded along with a lot of other tatty bits and pieces.

When they came in the backdoor Harry was immediately accosted by Dobby and Winky and the pair of them were each cuddling one of his legs, they would not let go until he promised to employ them forever. As soon as he had promised the elves hurried everyone through the kitchen to the dining room because they had decided that it would soon be dinnertime and Harry Potter had to eat.

As the couple moved through the house they realised that everything was spotless and what had been dark paintwork had been stripped, cleaned and repainted also the shabby dingy floor covering had been replaced by top quality gold coloured loop-pile carpet.

In the dining room Hermione was talking to her parents so Remus started talking quietly to Harry.

"Hermione, Tonks, you and I have been summoned to Gringotts at nine tomorrow morning for the reading of Sirius's Will," he told Harry, "so because we four are the only ones who have been called, it looks like, between us we will share everything.

"I found a suitcase full of Muggle money in the room that Buckbeak used to live in and I have been using a little of it to do up the house. I must admit that Tonks has helped with the colours, but until the last few days most of the walls had just been stripped and simply painted white it had been a reasonable base for anything else you might wish to do with them. But with the arrival of the Grangers we have decorated and furnished most of the house, their input has been invaluable and the results are striking."

Harry interrupted him, "Why me? It's not my house is it? Oh and about how much is left in the suitcase?"

Remus smiled, "Well of course we won't know who's house it is for certain until tomorrow, but I should think that you are the most likely one Sirius would leave it to and I think that there is still over one and a half million pounds in the suitcase. Anyway we have gone through most of the rooms except Sirius's, we wouldn't touch that until you were here and really there's enough room everywhere else for us all to sleep quite comfortably. I think that all of the remaining furniture is in reasonably good condition and everything that was broken has been dumped so we can take our time updating what we want to."

Harry grinned and said, "So there's enough money left for me to buy a few clothes then…" At this point the elves delivered a magnificent dinner and all of the miscellaneous conversations stopped as people started eating.

Over dinner Hermione and Harry found out that the Doctors Granger had been in Grimmauld Place for three days and as Jane explained to Harry and her daughter that Leontes had done nothing but complain about the lack of radio, television, electric lights, telephone's and many other Muggle conveniences. Jane herself admitted that if it wasn't for the house elves she would be tearing her hair out in the kitchen, everything worked fine if you could use magic, but the house was a disaster if you couldn't even conjure magical fire; no cooking, no light...

Later in the evening the conversation came around to the subject of making the house more Muggle friendly, Remus and Tonks believed that because of all of the wards mains electricity would not work. So then Tonks told them that she had talked to one of her friends who worked in the department for experimental charms, her friend had given her a load of old research papers for a charm to replace electricity. It worked but it had to constantly tap into a source of magic to keep it powered, as it stood it was useless for anything much more than a single light bulb. She promised that she would pass all of the information to Hermione to see if she, as a fresh mind, could see any possible way forward with the conundrum.

Harry asked, "Has anybody ever in fact checked to see if mains electricity will actually work in this house?" By the deafening silence issuing from Remus and Tonks it was evident that they hadn't so he continued, "If you will help me Leo, it might be a good idea if we were to check that out sometime in the next few days?"

Leo was only too pleased to be of some help and if it eventually resulted in them having even just electric lights it would be a blessing for the two Muggles.

It was already four hours since Hermione had kissed Harry and she was starting to get withdrawal symptoms, they were manifesting themselves in a nearly insatiable urge to squeeze his bum. Almost as bad was the reoccurring urge to have him do delightfully wicked things to her lower regions as well and the 'wicked things' bit was becoming more and more outrageous.

Abruptly Hermione stood and grabbing Harry's hand said, "We have to go and put our things away. Good night."

She had dragged Harry out of the door almost too quickly for him to say goodnight and once they were on the second floor she dragged him into her room and subjected him to some serious kissing; he was far too nervous for her to continue to contemplate any nether region exploration.

Later Hermione realised that a lot of Harry's nervousness stemmed from fear of offending her and once they had started kissing it was too late for her to do anything about it; he was too apprehensive about displeasing her. She would have to make it plain to him in advance that she not only wanted to go further but it was something she expected him to want as well.

Boys…never the happy medium.


Saturday 21st June

At nine o'clock the next morning six of them, they had also invited the Doctors Granger, entered the large elegant office of Raggnost, the head of Gringotts Wizarding Bank London branch. Raggnost's desk was like a 'T' and was obviously, often used for conferences, the goblin had greeted each of them as they entered his office and he sat Remus and Harry closest to him in the crook of the 'T'. Hermione had sat next to Harry with her mother next to her; Tonks sat next to Remus with Leo to her other side opposite his wife.

"The unfortunate events of last week have actually made this mornings proceedings that much easier." The goblin began, but he didn't look very happy at having his job simplified, however he continued. "My first duty is to emancipate Mr Harry James Potter, all of the paperwork was in place for this to happen and you simply have to sign here Mr Potter and you will be free to use magic and do everything else as an adult wizard five or six weeks early."

Harry read and signed the document and passed it back to Raggnost, who made two copies, one he passed to Harry and the other he instantly transmitted to the Ministry of Magic for registration, the original he placed in the bank's file.

The goblin continued, "Next we come to the Will of Mr Sirius Black.

"To Miss Nymphadora Tonks I leave two hundred and fifty thousand Galleons, along with the request that you look to the welfare of Harry."

Tonks looked stunned at the amount of money but she smiled weakly and nodded to Harry.

Hermione whispered, "About one and a quarter million pounds." To her mother whose eyes went wide.

He continued, "To Ms Hermione Granger I leave two hundred and fifty thousand Galleons and the Black family library and there is a note; Be very careful with some of the books, go through them with Remus or Moody, let them sort out the really nasty ones I don't want you to hurt yourself."

Hermione and her parents were looking amazed, Muggle-wise their daughter had just become a millionairess, but the goblin carried on.

"To Remus Lupin I leave two hundred and fifty thousand Galleons along with all of my clothes, (you're the same size as me and most of them are new just chuck the others,) I also ask that you keep an eye on Harry."

Remus was tearing up but he managed a small smile at Harry and the banker continued.

"The residue of my estate passes to Mr Harry James Potter, this includes; three houses; numerous shares in both Muggle and Wizarding businesses and all of the cash and artefacts in vault number nine the Black family vault and my personal vault. As I said to Hermione, go through the family vault with Remus, some of the things in there are really nasty if not handled correctly. Also I don't know about you but I think that Remus should live in number twelve permanently.

"There is another note; 'If you want to give some money to the Weasleys tell them it was in an addenda to my 'Will' the bank will cover for you'.

"So Mr Potter, do you wish to make any provision for the Weasleys?"

Harry answered, "Transfer a million Galleons into Mr and Mrs Weasleys vault, also open separate vaults for Ronald and Ginevra Weasley each with two hundred and fifty thousand Galleons. I think that you had better send each of them official notification that the money has come from Sirius Blacks estate, I don't need an argument with the stubborn bunch."

The banker indicated his acceptance of the request and added, "That concludes the reading of Mr Blacks Will, there is however the matter of the title which Mr Black never formally adopted. You are now entitled to call yourself Lord Black of Crucywel (Crickhowell), all the details of this and all of your holdings are in this folder."

The goblin passed Harry a fairly thick folder and concluded.

"As of close of business yesterday and the disbursement of the bequests including those mentioned this morning the cash remaining in the two vaults totalled approximately seventeen million one hundred and thirty thousand Galleons. Oh and for the benefit of the young ladies parents, that is approximately ninety-five million Muggle pounds."

Everyone sat stunned for a few minutes and when they had recovered enough to start whispered conversations Raggnost said, "Now before I ask you what the bank can do for you, we must deal with the big one, 'the Potter Trust', to which you now become heir.

"Is there anyone here who you do not wish to know some of the details of what comprises the Trust?"

Immediately Harry indicated that the bank chief should carry on, so he did.

"As you probably know your personal vault contains just over half a million Galleons, (Harry did not actually know this but it did not surprise him,) this is now joined by three other vaults; your mother and your father's personal vaults together with vault number seven, the Potter family Vault. The cash currently in these four vaults totals something in excess of thirty-five million Galleons, but as was the case with the Black bequest the cash is less than a third of the holdings."

He passed over an even thicker folder of documents and then he continued.

"The family title you may claim is Lord Potter of Caerfyrddin (Carmarthen), however one of the most ancient honours in the Wizarding World is being offered to you, the proclamation arrived in my office magically, from where is not known. The title is 'Arglwydd Amddiffynnol am Cor y Cewri a Cefnwlad,' roughly translated it is, 'Lord Protector of Stonehenge and environs'. The last incumbent of this position was Myrddin Emrys (Merlin) and the position is actually older than the current Welsh language having been instituted over five thousand years ago in about 3150 BC at the beginning of the area's reconstruction.

"I can see from your mystified expressions that you all know very little about the events of which I am speaking; would you like a brief ancient history lesson?"

Needless to say Hermione was bouncing on her seat, her parents and Remus were nearly as bad, however Tonks and Harry looked quite neutral although Harry did agree mainly to avoid retribution from her of the bushy hair.

"What I am about to tell you I learned from the archives of Goblin history," Raggnost started, "although it is also recorded in the Dwarfish and Elven histories and somewhere it is probably still retained by the Wizards.

"However Muggle archaeologists are a bit like ostriches, in that, if there is a fact or facts that they don't like, or which doesn't fit in with their pet theories, they bury their heads in the sand and ignore it or them completely. Fear not modern wizards are probably worse, because they don't even look.

"So first a little background.

"At Carnac to the north of the west coast of France there are a set of megaliths that stretch for over two miles, but what is ignored is the fact that they continue westwards, under the sea. The thing that should cause archaeologists sleepless nights is that the last time this area of sea bed was above sea level is over ten thousand years ago. It is strange to us that nobody seems interested in who put the megaliths there and for your information the Goblins do not cut megaliths. If they were interested that would be a job for the dwarves however they do not usually work above ground and they always have and still deny, extracting these stones.

"The ancient wizards who originally laid out Stonehenge about fifteen thousand years ago are long gone from this earth as is all of their writing; apart that is from this book."

Raggnost bent down to pick up a huge very old tome and he placed it, with a thud, on the table before them, Hermione could hardly contain herself.

The old goblin smiled and continued, "Harry your young lady is getting excited but I think that I am about to disappoint her. If you accept the position of 'Amddiffynnol', then you will be given the necessary understanding to read and comprehend this book. It is possible that you will be able to teach others but of this I am in no way certain, in fact the last person who would have known that for certain was Merlin himself.

"I know that what I have told you is not a great deal to go on, but it is like a great many things in life, you have to go with your instinct as well as acting on the information available to you. I am well aware that if you make one wrong decision the world could well be in deep doo doo. Did I use the Muggle expression correctly?"

The six of them smiled and nodded at the aged banker and Harry asked, "Do you know and can you tell me how many 'Protectors' there have been?"

"In just over five thousand years since the position was created," the goblin answered, "you are the forth to be called and all of the others have accepted the responsibility."

Harry lent back in his chair for a few minutes with his eyes closed and then without referring to or looking at anybody he quietly said, "I accept." A golden glow surrounded him and he did not move for about another five minutes but when he opened his eyes and sat up all of them realised that his scar had become blue and he was actually radiating power.

"Now that you might ask me," Raggnost said with a slight smile, "you already know the answers. So is there anything else I can do for you?"

Harry thought for a few moments and said, "You are correct in that I now know the answers to all of the questions I would of asked you about becoming 'the Protector'. So to other things, I assume that the bank has an account management division and they could look after my investments, I do not have time for such things at the moment."

Raggnost smiled and said, "It will be our privilege, 'Amddiffynnol'."

Again Harry smiled, "In that case the only other things that I can think of is that I need a different name from 'Amddiffynnol' and 'the Protector' the first one is almost impossible to say and they both sound a bit pretentious. Oh I have just thought of something else, I would like is a method for my intended and myself to access my money without us continuously coming to the bank. Is this possible?"

"It is strange that you should ask the first of us, it was also one of the first questions that the last protector, who as I told you was Merlin, asked. He became known as 'Y Dewin', which is a name not many will recognise; it basically means 'the Wizard' so you could also use it, it is a fairly simple title and by the time it becomes familiar people will recognise just what it signifies.

"As to the matter of access to your money you may each have one of these money bags, your friend Bill Weasley will be your account manager and he will explain to you how they work and you may both find these Muggle debit cards useful." He handed the pair of them black bankers cards along with their moneybag's.

Hermione was giving Harry her 'We are going to talk about this later,' look.

The banker asked if there was anything else any of them needed and when they told him that there wasn't he bid them all good day telling them that they could use the adjoining room as long as they needed too. The six of them moved into the next room, which was very comfortably furnished so they sat down and tried to collect their thoughts.


"Just why do you think that it is necessary for me to have free access to your money?" the question was directed at Harry by his love.

He smiled at her and answered, "If my money and investments only make one percent per annum, then I have an income in excess of seventy thousand pounds a day, you would have to try really hard to make any impression on it. If I die, what I have will be split equally between you and Ginny, you will have the Potter lands and titles Ginny will have the Blacks.

"It is pointless you arguing about it you are my family; or do you want me to give it all to the Dursleys?"

Even Hermione's parents had heard enough tales of the Dursleys treatment of Harry, therefore nobody wanted them to have anything better than indigestion.

Harry stood, "Lets go shopping and for one day only, the special offer is, each of you can have everything you want." He said and they all made their way out of the bank.

First stop was Quality Quidditch Supplies where he bought four Firebolt brooms, one each for Tonks and Remus and he had the other two delivered to the Burrow for Ron and Ginny. The next stop was Lynette's Luggage where he bought two bottomless bags one each for Hermione and himself, they weren't quite bottomless but they would hold one hundred and fifty large books and still weigh less than two pounds.

Armed with their bags it was time for the clothes shopping, they spent so long in Gladrags and Mme Malkin's that both shops supplied sandwiches and Butterbeer. Hermione had whispered to Harry that it was his rattling stomach that had prompted them because they didn't want to lose the trade; it had earned her threats of dastardly tickles later.

Raggnost had been most insistent that Harry should claim the house as soon as he arrived back in it, this he did by reading the official claim notification from a card that was in the Black file and as he finished reading it he felt the house respond to him.

The six of them all had a lot of new things, especially Harry he had watches, shoes, dragon-hide boots and lots and lots of clothes. After Diagon Alley they had gone to Muggle London so apart from everything else he had two new pairs of glasses which to Harry made the world look like a different place.

Dinner that night was quite a noisy affair; everyone was in a good mood because of the days events and in particular that it hadn't been interfered with by external forces; i.e. Death Eaters.

Towards the end of dinner Leo said, "Harry, for the first electrical tests we would need a small generator with a long extension lead and a couple of things like an electric lamp and hair drier. If we run the generator outside of the wards we can carry the live end of the extension around the house to see if the things work anywhere or better still everywhere.

"If you like we can go to one of Jane's favourite places tomorrow, apart from everything else there is a huge shop that sells things for pleasure boats, we might get some more ideas if we look around."

Jane was smiling, "Are you taking me to Port Solent? Who's coming?"

Hermione cuddled up closer to Harry and Remus said, "Well Tonks and I are working tomorrow, so I'm afraid that it will just be the lovebirds."

Her mother ignored Hermione poking her tongue out at Remus and said, "Well we can use my car and if the weather is nice we can put the roof down for a while."

"Mother," a light seemed to have come on behind Hermione's eyes, "did you drive into the mews and then switch off the engine?"


"And did you have your music going?"


"And dad did you have your music going?" Her father was nodding, understanding starting to show and she continued, "Remus are the wards the same all over the property?"

He answered, "Yes they are and what are you getting at?"

"We will have electric lights, music and probably videos; radio and television are a different matter." Hermione was getting excited, "Where are your car keys mum?"

"They are on my dressing table I will go and get them for you." Hermione held out her hand to stop her mother from moving and she looked questioningly at Harry.

It only took him a second to realise what she wanted him to do, so he held out his wand and said, "Accio Jane's car keys."

Five seconds later he caught her keys and said, "Are these the correct ones?"

Jane nodded and said, "How did he do that?"

"Magic," Tonks said, "and it is why a lot of powerful magicians finish up becoming fat."

"Let's go out to your car mum?" Hermione said, standing and ignoring Tonks last remark.

All six of them trooped out to the mews and Jane started her car then switched on her CD player and they had music?

"What's that?" Tonks sounded in agony.

"Bruckner," Jane answered brightly.

"Oh." Tonks still sounded in pain.

"Mother!" Hermione said sharply, "You know that most people can't stand that row!"

As her mother was ejecting the disc Hermione grabbed her CD case from her and forced another disc onto her mother who reluctantly put it on and the sound of, 'Come Together' from the Beatles 'Abby Road' wafted out, to all but Jane's relief.

After a few minutes Harry asked her to try the car radio and all that they heard was very low-level static.

Harry nodded and Hermione said, "Right let's all go back inside."

On their way in Jane said to her daughter, "I'm not going to be able to play my favourites tomorrow, am I?"

Hermione didn't favour her mother with any words just a look was sufficient reply.

When they were all settled in what they called the Muggle lounge, it was to the left as you approached the front door, Remus said, "Right so what do we know?"

Harry was ready to answer but Hermione jumped in and said, "We know that DC electricity works and signal strength electronics work as well but radio waves don't appear to get through."

He was ready this time, "It means that whatever we can have electric lights, music, hairdryers, shavers and such like; even if they are what would normally be used in a car or a boat. We will probably be able to watch videos and we don't know what will happen if we stick a tall aerial on the roof we might get TV and we still do not know about normal mains electricity."

Leo added, "So all we need to buy tomorrow will be a generator, an extension lead and a mains lamp, then we can check if normal mains will work throughout the whole house."

Hermione looked relieved and said, "Good because now it's H. H. K. T. so we are leaving you, goodnight."

The couple stood and Tonks asked the million Galleon question, "What's H. H. K. T?"

Having reached the door Harry said, "Harry, Hermione, Kissing, Time, goodnight."

"Actually," Hermione said with a cheeky grin, "being as how somebody's godfather left her over a million pounds today, the 'K' should be changed to an 'S' for Snogfest."

"Your just so mercenary." Jane laughingly called after her daughter.


It wasn't that Harry was stupid it was just that he was totally naïve, so he asked, "What's the difference between kissing and a snogfest?"

Hermione smiled at her love, "There is not really a lot of difference, it's just that there is more in a snogfest and I want us to move a little forward." In her thoughts she added, 'and if I am very lucky girl, we will get my T-shirt off'.

The scrivener is very happy to recount that Hermione thought herself extremely lucky, because not only did she have her T-shirt off but she also had his T-shirt off and the tickles she received weren't dastardly in the least, they were far more ... sensual.


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