I'm actually finally getting around to it – the sequel to Shooting Stars (which can be found under my profile, or at my website.)

I'm taking the plunge on this one. If I don't post this now I might
get a fit of nerves and decide not to try and write this. But – I
want to write this, so I'm going to write it. I am. And I need
feedback to tell me where it's going right/wrong. So – please!

I hope it's at least vaguely up to scratch. I don't think is going
to go where people have suggested to me they expected it to go, over
the last 4 years ;)

Many gracious 'thankyou's to my wonderful beta, Rynne, who seems to
know absolutely everything there is to know about grammar, which
makes up for my make-it-up-as-I-go-along approach. Thanks hun.

Title: Nova

Author: Mina

Summary: The sequel to Shooting Stars. Running from Vader, rocked
by revelations and battle-weary, Biggs, Luke and Leia turn to the
Alliance for help. And maybe that wasn't such a good idea…

Rating: old-style, PG-13. New-style, T+13.

Warnings: distinct possibility of character death. Not saying it'll
happen: not saying who it'll happen to- just saying I haven't ruled it out.

Disclaimer: None of these guys are my creation, not even good old
Biggs, so I won't be flogging them to the highest bidder. Sorry.

Notes: Takes place immediately after the events of Shooting Stars.
You absolutely MUST have read Shooting Stars to understand this.
Otherwise, it really will not make sense.
For those who have read
it, but their memory's a bit hazy, here's a brief summary of
Shooting Stars:

Shortly before ANH, Biggs is stationed to Darth Vader's Star
Destroyer. Unfortunately, Vader overhears Biggs talking to his
friends about a certain Luke Skywalker. Rattled by the revelation,
Vader sets about getting more information out of Biggs, and then
tracking down his son.

When he gets to Tatooine, he struggles to track down Luke, who has
just been told that the Empire executed Biggs as a traitor. Before
Vader can reach Luke, Obi-Wan finds him, and decides that Luke is
better dead than with Vader. Vader arrives in time to save him, with
Biggs' help, but not before Luke is gravely injured, and takes him
with him to the Death Star.

Healed by Vader, Luke has a hard time disliking the Dark Lord – and
the Dark Lord has a hard time suppressing his feelings about the
boy. Meanwhile, the events of ANH are still progressing, with Leia
captured along with Artoo and Threepio. After accidentally joining'
Leia mentally during her interrogation by Vader, they both fall
unconscious – and wake up together in Vader's personal medical bay.

Luke is there to witness the destruction of Alderaan, which
undermines his luke-warm feelings towards Vader. He sets out to
escape, stumbles over Biggs, rescues Leia and Obi-Wan, and they all
make a dash for the docking bay. But Vader is on their trail, and
Obi-Wan knows it. He tells Biggs that Leia is Luke's sister, shortly
before they reach the docking bay, only to be confronted by Vader.
In a desperate attempt to persuade Luke to stay with him, Vader
reveals Luke's parentage, but Luke feels betrayed, and confused. Obi-
Wan is killed, and Biggs and Leia haul Luke aboard a stolen shuttle
and escape. But Luke can't escape Vader's intoxicating presence,
still calling for his son, even as they speed away…