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The Senior Program

Beep beep, beep beep, Beep Beep, BEEP BEEP, BEEEP BEEEP, BEE…CRASH!

Ah, the bliss of silence…sleep…

"Sasuke! Get up! It's your first day at high school! I see you managed to kill your 29 alarm clock."

Sasuke sent a bleary eyed glare at his older brother then threw a pillow at him.

"Piss of, wanna sleep…"

"Oh really?" asked Itachi. He looked down at his younger brother, frowning; Sasuke was not a morning person.

"Well, then I'll have to go to desperate measures."

Without warning he pounced on the younger boy, grabbed him around the waste and hugged him. He was not disappointed.

"AAARGG! Don't touch me!"

"You know Sasuke, you sound as if I was molesting you or something."

"Let go of me!"

"Hm, let me think about that one…no."

With a grin somewhere between genuine amusement and evil enjoyment, Itachi picked his brother up and carried him out of the room.

"We can't have you being late on this most important day, can we?"

Downstairs with Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha

"They're at it again, dear."

"I can hear that, Sasuke screams like a girl."

"Don't say that, he's just a bit, well, feminine sometimes."

"They act like a married couple, I don't like it."

"I wouldn't mind if you carried me around like that once in a while, after all, we are a married couple."

Back with poor( A/N Lucky!) Sasuke and happy (Ecstatic) Itachi

Sasuke squirmed in Itachi's much stronger arms. When that didn't work, he settled on glaring daggers at his smirking brother.

"You used to love it when I carried you around. You'd be the princess and I'd be the prince that came and saved you from the evil sorcerer. You were so cute back then."

"I was 6!"

"And 7 and 8 and 9 and 10 and 11. With 12, sadly you decided it was unfair it was unfair you always had to be the girl and refused to play with me. To bad, I really liked that game. You haven't gotten much heavier since then, you should eat more."

"Just because I don't stuff my face like you do, doesn't mean I'm anorexic! Go fuck yourself!"

"Sorry, but that doesn't work, not for the lack of trying though…"

Sasuke's face went blank.

"You tried to fuck yourself?"

Itachi's face went red from trying not to laugh; he didn't succeed and started laughing hysterically.

"No innocent not quite awake little brother, I just wanted to see your reaction."

"Itachi stop scaring your little brother and let him down it looks…wrong." Their father said, frowning.

One of Itachi's hands was holding Sasuke's head, the other was on his ass. Sasuke had wrapped his legs around Itachi's waist and his arms around his neck, so that he wouldn't fall.

"Put me down!"

"I would but your sort of clinging to me."

Sasuke quickly let go of the other and fell flat on behind.

"Ouch, that hurt, why did you drop me! Asshole!"

"Sasuke, language! Now stop whining and get to the table, you're already running late."

He sent a last glare at his brother, then got up and sat down at the big wooden table.

After breakfast the boys left for school in Itachi's ancient Ford. When Sasuke had asked why he didn't get a new one, they did have enough money, his father had said that an Uchiha would never flout his money and as long as the car still worked he saw no reason to get a new one.

"Get ready little brother, we'll have to run."

Sasuke knew that sentence all to well and groaned.

" And I thought I was rid of them."

"Oh these are a lot worse than at middle school, they'll be on you as soon as they see you, your much to cute to get past them unnoticed, and your there with me, which means double trouble."

"Bloody great. Any escape roots?"

"I think we'll take the trees, we can climb all the way to the roof from the entrance gates."

These were one of the only times the brothers ever worked together perfectly, it was a long practiced tradition, it was a lot easier to get away with help, than alone, which they both knew from experience. That was another reason why Itachi was so happy that Sasuke was finally in high school, it made things immensely easier.

"There they are, by the count of three. One, two, three go!"

They jumped out of the car and sprinted toward a long line of trees beside the path that led to the school entrance.

"There he is! ITACHI!"

"Who's that with him?"

"It's Sasuke, his little brother! He's so CUTE!"

"SASUKEEE! Come say hi!"

"I looove you both!"

The whole female population of Konoha high stampeded toward the two protégées, Sakura and Ino in the lead.

Luckily they reached the first tree in time, Itachi lifted Sasuke onto one of the lower branches then grabbed his hand and Sasuke pulled him up beside him. Together they managed to get to the school roof unharmed.

"Hey you two- judging by the fact that you just came onto the roof by Itachi's emergency escape root, I guess your first impression of high school wasn't so great Sasuke."


"Don't worry, they won't get up here, Kisame and Zabuza are guarding the stairs."

"Thank god, thankz Neji, what would I do without you guys? How are you?"

"I'm fine, well as fine as you can be after 8 weeks in a house with Hanabi."

"Ehehe, good point. Anyways, we need to get down some how, classes start soon."

"I got you your schedules, I think you'll be very happy with yours Itachi."

Neji's placid face turned into a wide grin and he winked at Itachi. Itachi's face lit up with understanding and he too grinned for ear to ear.


"WTF! What's going on?"

"Well, you see, there's this new program for the seniors, where they get put into the freshman classes to help the teachers and learn what its like to be a teacher, at the end of the year they'll even do some teaching themselves for some first hand experience."

"Yes? What does that have to do with Itachi's weird behavior?"

"He was put into your class."

Sasuke's face went blank, not comprehending what Neji had just told him.

"Are you saying that I am in the same class as Itachi, meaning that I will see him all day, meaning that he'll be following me where ever I go, meaning that I will have no privacy what so ever?"

"If you want to see it that way, yes."


"I think he's in shock."

"That stung, is it so bad to have some classes with me? It's not as if it was all of them, I still have my own classes."


"Well, seeing that you always treat him like a little kid, and wont let anyone near him, yes, I think it's bad."

"Thankz, just what I wanted to hear."


"Shit! We're late!"

"Ah, you've returned to the living! Come on little brother, we have our first class together! See ya Neji!"

Itachi grabbed Sasuke's hand and dragged him of.

"And there he goes ahead, believing Sasuke's still a little innocent kid. Poor Sasuke, he'll never find out…"

Neji sighed and followed his friends.

"Itachi! Let go of me! I'm not a little kid!"

"Never! You'll always be my little baby bro!"

"Damn you."

"What do we have now?"

"I thought you knew, you said we had first period together."

"It always changes, one week I have class with you, next week I have my own."

"…Art, double hour, G 214."

"O.K. come on, I know a shortcut."

The two came just in time to see Zabuza and Kisame round the corner, walking toward the classroom.

"Hey, wait!"

The two big scary guys turned around and nearly burst out laughing.

Who wouldn't if they saw, a tall handsome guy with a huge impish grin on his face with totally disheveled clothes and some twigs in his hair, running toward you, dragging an extremely sulky looking kid equally disheveled and equally handsome, behind him and waving frantically? Even if handsome didn't really fit to Sasuke, he was more like, extremely beautiful, but it was better not to say that out loud if you wanted to live to see the next day…so, yah…(A/N did that make any sense?)

"Your with us too?"

"Yup, so are Sasori and Deidra, Deidra's jumping around shouting for joy that he's together with Sasori, Sasori is pretending not to care even though we all know he's ecstatic with happiness really."

"Poor Deidra, I feel sorry for him sometimes, Sasori can be even colder than Sasuke."

"Hm, but so can we, can't we Zabuza."

Kisame grinned evilly.

"Zabuza maybe, but you, never. Oh, and thanks for guarding the roof, you saved us."

"Don't worry bout it, we know what the first day is like, and now you have the new batch running after Sasuke."

"I really don't understand why they keep chasing me, Sasuke I can understand, and he's beautiful but not me."

"I wont answer that."

"Neither will I."


"Itachi, I think you can let go of Sasuke's hand now."

"…Let go of me!"

(Author's, Zabuza's and Kisame's thoughts: What was that pause?)

"Oh, sorry Sasu-chan! Come on, let's go in."

"Do. Not. Call. Me. That."

If looks could kill then Itachi would have had a very big smoldering hole in his stomach by now.

"Hey you, Name!"

Sasuke whirled around and stared at the biggest man he had ever seen.

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