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Sasuke woke to a warm fuzzy feeling of someone holding him. 'Haven't felt like this since I slept with Itachi…uhg, that sounded so wrong…'

He tried to get up but the arms around him didn't budge. Turning to look at his emprisoner Sasuke, screemed. "Uaahrggg!!"

Itachi jolted up, releasing Sasuke who promptly lost his balance and fell of the bed with a thump. Itachi blinked, so did Sasuke. Then he remembered. 'Oh yeah, a pipe broke…' Itachi grinned evilly '…and I'm his slave for a week…'

"Good morning Sasuke."


"I'm choosing your clothes today…while you make breakfast."

"WHAT!?? So I can't stop you from making me wear some crazy outfit?! No way!!"

"I didn't know you were someone who goes back on his word, I'm disappointed…"

Sasuke grimaced, that was a foul trick… "Fine." With that he turned on his heal and stomped down the stairs. Itachi watched his ass until it was out of sight. 'Gotta find something really tight…'

And so Itachi made his way to Sasuke's impending doom: the closet. When he past the shower his eyes began to twinkle…

In the mean time, Sasuke had gotten out some pans and was making pancakes, grumbling moodily all the while. 'I can't believe this is happening!! I'll never survive the week!

...and what about my date with Neji?'

"Sasuke, Get up here!" Sasuke scowled, Itachi's voice sound all to cheery. He stuck the pancakes into the oven to stay warm, and trudged upstairs. Itachi was waiting, the moment Sasuke entered his room, the door was flung shut and locked. Then he found himself being thrown onto the bed, a body looming above him. "Your not getting away!!!"

"…Um, that's obvious Itachi…"

"…Oh, well, anyways, your wearing this!" Before sasuke could so much as blink, some black fabric was pulled over his head. Itachi's hand were just wandering to his boxers when… "ITACHI!! SASUKE!! Where are you?"

They both froze, realizing the position they were in…itachi, sitting on a half naked Sasuke, about to pull down his boxers…they jumped apart with amazing speed. Itachi scrambled of the bed and ran out of the room, Sasuke could have sworn his face looked red. Then he to scrambled of the bed, grabbed his clothes and ran into the bathroom.

"Hey mum! Sasuke's still getting changed."

Mrs. Uchiha walked into the room and smiled when she saw her son. But the look on his face didn't bode well. "Um, we have a little problem. A pipe broke in Sasuke's room, it's totally flooded, I've put some towels on the floor, but I think we're gonna have to rip; out the whole floor."

Mrs. Uchiha groaned. "Oh dear, your fathers already gone to work, I'll call him. Leave it be for now."

"Alright. How was the dinner yesterday?"

"Wonderful, your father managed to get that funding for new equipment. He's determined to get that horrible murderer, and they all know he's the best." Mrs. Uchiha smiled ironically. "Our family really is in a tangle isn't it?" Itachi gulped. "Oh, by the way…Sasuke has a date…with Neji…" His mother sank onto the chair. "Your father is not going to like this…anything else you'd like to tell me, while your at it?"

"Um, Sasuke has Orochimaru as a teacher?"

"Ok, ok, stop, just, get me some of those pancakes dear…"

"Sure thing mom."

"Hey mom." Mrs. Uchiha jumped and turned around, to see Sasuke standing at the bottom of the stairs wearing a black tank top with silver writing on it, no one had ever managed to decipher it's meaning, and a pair of very tight black jeans with cuts on the sides all the way up to the belt, that stopped the pants from falling of Sasuke's hips, it was already dangerously low…all in all, he looked totally gorgeous, Mrs. Uchiha stared, Itachi stared. "Oh, I have so beautiful children!...Sasuke are you ok, Itachi said a pipe broke…"

"Yeah, I'm fine, I slept with Itachi."

'…Damit! I said it again! Best pretend nothings wrong…'

"You did…oh,oh, yes, yes of course you did! Do you want some pancakes?"

Sasuke scowled at Itachi. "Yes."

Itachi grinned… 'I am so taking him shopping…'


After their usual sprint to the school entrance, Sasuke and Itachi parted ways. They didn't' have class together, well not really at least. The classes were sort of combined. Their English literature classes weren't held together, but they met every two weeks to share what they'd done, so the class mainly consisted of creative writing and poetry. Sasuke smiled, he liked poetry. One of his best kept secrets. Yes Uchiha Sasuke liked writing mushy, dark, romantic poetry, it came right behind his pockey addiction and the dream, the dream, he had pushed into the last corner of his mind to make sure it never saw the light of day again…

Another good thing about the class was that neither Naruto or Sakura were in it. The big surprise was Gaara. 'Guess I'm not the only one with secrets. He can't be that bad.' With that thought he made his way over to the red headed teen. "That spot still free?"

Gaara looked up from the book he'd been reading and stared at Sasuke, his eyes widned a little, then: "Yes."

"Cool." Sasuke sat down. "What you reading?" Gaara held up the cover. Sasuke's mouth fell open. "Wraethu!! OMG!! I love that book! Storm Constantines' one of my favorite authors!" Now it was Gaara's turn to drop his jaw. "Really?"

"Yeah! Where are you?"

"Swift and Seel just met for the first time…"

And so a new friendship was born.

The two chatted animatedly until the teacher came in, 15 min. late, seeing that it was Kakashi. Till then, the two had created quite the uproar, without noticing of course. Uchiha Sasuke and Sabaku no Gaara were chatting, talking, a lot!! Armageddon must be coming!!!! (Those were the thoughts running through peoples heads when they saw the two.) But back to our two pretties.

"Uhg, that guy is haunting me!" Sasuke groaned. Gaara smiled tentatively. "Me, too then, we are in the same classes after all."

Sasuke stared at Gaara's schedule. "Damn, I wish Itachi would let me have mine…but I guess if you say so…cool!"

They then had to quickly turn to the front of the room where Kakashi ha started reading of names. "Listed carefully, you'll be paired with the person after you on the list…Sabaku no Gaara, strange name kido, you have my sympathy…(says who you scarecrow!!)…Uchiha Sasuke…oh, I had your brother in this class too. He sucked. No poetic sense what so ever, I hope your better…the only poem he wrote that was any good was for…" Kakashi stopped and stared at Sasuke as if he'd was seeing him for the first time… "Never mind, the best rhyme he could come up with was the cat sat on the hat."

"…" Sasuke stared at Kakashi. 'Itachi, bad at, at poetry?! I don't believe this!!'

"The cat sat on the hat? Isn't it mat? Sasuke your brother…isn't he suppose to be like, a progidy?"

Sasuke could only nod.

"Well anyways, pair up, I really don't agree with writing poetry in teams, but this school thinks we don't encourage teamwork enough…hrmph." Sasuke and Gaara grinned at each other.

"So, this year we'll be studlying different styles of poetry: Shakespeare, Gothic, Romantic and Modern. For each there will be one major project. You all must write at least 15 poems to hand in at the end of the year. I'll be checking your progress every month by letting everyone read one of their poems…" He glared around the room. "No exceptions will be made." The class gulped. "The other half of this year will be centered on creative writing, you will be writing several short stories in various styles and topics, you are all expected to keep a journal and write one large work, with at least 50 pages to hand in at the end of the year. I don't expect to get any stories with only 50 pages, is that clear?" Kakashi smiled sweetly. " You will have an hour a week in class to work on your various assignments , you can give them to me at any time for feedback. As you knoe every two weeks the seniors will be visiting us and sharing their work, and you yours. There are about half as many of them as there are of you, so one will be assigned to each pair…I can't think of anything else to say now, so write something, it has to rhyme, have at least 10 lines, equally divided work…and please, no rhymes with cats and hats." Sasuke grinned. "Itachi is so going down!"

Why do you assume he will be in our group?" Gaara asked nonchalantly.

"…um, well, he's always paired with me…I don't know…"

"You love your brother a lot don't you." It was not a question.

"What!!? I, I…love?...no…No, I don't!!" Sasuke nearly screeched, before he remembered to lower his voice. Gaara stared at him hard for a moment, then let it go.

"What should we write about?"

"Hm, not sure…time?"

"Time? That's an interesting subject."

"The hands of time thine enemy be…"

"The mists of time, thine jailor decree…"

"The clock moves on, for ever after…"

"With it goes, fading laughter…"

"Only when the Red Moon rises, may time stop…"

Gaara froze. "Where did that come from? Red Moon? What's that?"

"…I don't know…it just seemed right…"

"A legend says that vampires are born on a red moon." Gaara had a far away look in his eyes.

"Really, I didn't know…but I guess that just proves my point right? A vampires time is stopped, I mean they do live forever…"

"Yeah, your right." For some reason Gaara looked trouble.



" Woot! Woot! Lunch yeah!"

"We get the point Deidara, shut up."

"Sorry Sasori-dono, but I…Mpfmhmmhh…"

He didn't get any further, Sasori had decided to forcefully shut his hyperactive boyfriend up…

"Sometimes I wonder why I hang around with a bunch of gays, I mean, do I have a single hetero friend?" Itachi sighed dramatically. Suddenly a pair of arms snaked around his shoulders hugging him from behind. "Oh, don't be sad Itachi, we'll find you a nice, black haired, eyed boy, who only scowls and is obsessed with beating you…oh and did I mention he's totally drop dead gorgeous?" Itachi blinked. "Haku, what are you talkinga about? And let go of me, I don't want to be slaughtered by Zabuza for touching you."

In that moment Zabuza slammed open his classroom door, more specifically the one Itachi and co. had been standing in front of, waiting for him.

"Talk of the devil and he shall appear…" Itachi grinned.

"Zabi!!" Haku released Itachi from his death grip and pounce his boyfriend instead.

"What is this, a fag meeting?" Itachi whirled around to see Kimimaru leaning against the wall, smirking.

"I can't believe how low you have fallen Itachi, hanging around with this scum."

Itachi growled. "Watch your mouth Kimimaru, or else…"

"Or what, now your not only gonna lie to me and betray me, but beet me up as well? I can't believe I thought you were my best friend once." Kimimaru hissed. Itachi paled.

"You fucking asshole! How dare you! I'm gonna…Sasuke what are you doing here?" Zabuza stopped in mid lunge. Everyone whirled around (Deidra and Sasori stopped making out when Kimimaru appeared, Haku is still clinging to Zabuza, who was getting ready to punch Kimimaru into next week) to see Sasuke standing behind Kimimaru staring at the scene, in shock. "Sasuke, how nice to see you, I've been wanting to talk to you…I like your clothes by the way." Kimimaru walked up to the younger Uchiha and put an arm around his shoulder. " You see, as you know, your brother and I used to be really good friends, until he betrayed me and started hanging around with these fags. I think he's turned into one of them, I really don't want the same thing to happen to you…"

Sasuke scowled. "I'm not gay, now leave me alone."

"Really? I heard you have a date with that Hyuuga guy…Sasuke, I understand, it's hard to stay normal with a person like Itachi as a brother. I'm not going to force you to anything, but if you ever have a problem, I'll be there for you, ok." Kimimaru looked at Sasuke seriously, then turned around to look at Itachi one last time, then left.

An uncomfortable silence commenced, Sasuke shifted agitatedly. "Don't look at me like that! It's not like I'm gonna listen to him, you guys might annoy me to no end, but your still my friends, ok!" Sasuke glared at them all and turned to leave. "Sasuke!" Itachi ran and grabbed him from behind and threw him over his shoulder. "Come on, lets eat lunch. I've decided I'm going shopping with you, to find the perfect outfit for your date."

"ITACHI!! Let me down!!" Sasuke uselessly hit at Itachi's back, scowling. "…and stop touching my ass…" For some reason that didn't quite come out as angry as it was supposed to…Sasuke gave up and hung limply…bad idea… "You tell me not to touch your ass but your allowed to touch mine?" Itachi grinned broadly. Sasuke groaned.

"They look awfully similar to a couple don't' they…yeah." Deidara stated watching the two bicker. "Hehehehee…to much like one, don't you think?" Haku rubbed his hands together an evil smile playing along his lips. "Uhoh." Said Zabuza.

"Itachi has a knack of totally destroying uncomfortable situations…"

"Yeah, but I don't think he did it unknowingly yeah, that must have hurt…I hate Kimimaru yeah!" Deidara hid his face in Sasori's jacket. "Don't worry, he'll be fine, you heard Sasuke, we're his friends, and if HE says it like that, it must mean something…" Sasori patted Deidara's head, everyone sweatdroped…scary!!

"He's right, Sasuke isn't one to show his feelings like that, but he did, sometimes I think he isn't half as naïve as he seems." Zabuza stated thoughtfully. "Lets follow them, I'm hungry." Haku whined. The others nodded, their evil plot was developing nicely. They all grinned, this year was going to be fun.


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