Author's note: Hello again, everyone! This is your resident Oricaltos, Blade 1986, speaking. This fiction is part two a unique series that I have decided to call The Oricaltos Cycle. These detail the adventures of my original character, Saito Onago, and a select group of his companions. They have faced many trials and tribulations so far, but there is still more to come.

Disclaimer: I do not own Disgaea, La Pucelle, or Castlevania. These are each properties of their respective companies, in this case, Nippon Ichi for the first two, and Konami. I do, however, claim the ownership of all of the draconics, and Saito Onago in particular.

Italics indicates thought.
Underline and italics indicates Saito's thoughts
Bold and italics indicates a location.
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FULL NAME: Saito Alexander Daniel Michael Nathaniel Alan Jeffrey Onago (NOW you know why he prefers to be called Saito)
AGE: 19,563 (Appears 19)
DOB: October 13
HEIGHT: 6' 1.75"
WEIGHT: 145 lbs.
HAIR: Colored Auburn. Has a tendency to stand straight up (ala Goku) ((Goku is © Toei Animation and FUNImation))
EYES: Color varies, depending on his mood. Ranges from crystal (very light) blue ((excellent mood)) to flat black ((STAY THE FCK OUT OF MY WAY!))
SPECIES: Hybrid (Sorcerer/Angel/Kaiser Dragon/Vampire)
WEAPONS: Spellbreaker (Razor Chain)((dark gray)), Durend (Shape-shifting sword) ((white with rainbow aura)), claws (only when he feels like it) ((dark gray))
ABILITIES: Innate pyromancy and aeromancy (control of fire and air), can also use any element (he just needs to work on his control): flight (YES, he does have wings), teleportation
POSITION: Weapon smith ((all)), Keeper of the Keys/Oricaltos (head draconic) ((draconics)), diralec (immortal) ((all))

Castlevania: Requiem of Shadows
Book two of The Oricaltos Cycle
By: Blade1986

Prologue: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Onago's Forge: Draconia
Time: Three months since Saito's election as Oricaltos

Saito first felt the disturbance in time while he was working at his forge. He quietly put down the pike that he was working on, and then he walked over to his desk. Ever since the young Kaiser had become Oricaltos, he had decided to do all of his work in the forge room. It just felt more comfortable that way. He ran his eyes over the desk, and then they lighted on his calendar of events. He noticed that it was pulsing with a soft green glow, a sure sign that something was amiss somewhere in time. The mage sighed as he sat down and began to flip through the pages. However, there was one particular year that caught his eye. 1666. The year of the demon. I wonder what happened here that would cause history to go bonkers? He opened the planner to the year, and flipped through to the month of October. What he saw there caused him to curse luridly in several languages. DAMN IT! It has only been three months since I was elected as Oricaltos, and now THIS happens. I had better gather the rest of the old crew. Putting down the planner, he called for a messenger. He had much work to do, but time was against him.

Overlord's Castle: True Netherworld
Time: Three hours after Saito's discovery.

Laharl was looking around, wondering if Flonne was ever going to be finished using the bathroom. "I'll be out in a minute, Laharl!" "You said that five minutes ago, Flonne! I'm getting tired of sitting here, waiting." It was at this point that Saito's messenger arrived. The draconic looked around the main hall once, and then he headed over to a blue-haired, red-eyed young woman. "Excuse me, miss. Do you know where I might find the Overlord Laharl?" Pleinair smiled gently, and then she pointed towards the stairs in the east. "If he is not in the throne room, then he should be finishing up in the bathroom. Either way, that is where you would be most likely to find him." The brown-haired draconic smiled and bowed. "Thank you, young lady. May the Oricaltos watch over you." With that, he turned headed towards the stairs. Pleinair thought for a few moments, and then she mentally cursed herself. IDIOT! That was a draconic, and the only reason why one would be here was if something has gone horribly wrong. I have to let Laharl know of this immediately. With that, she desperately cast her thoughts in the direction of the Overlord, hoping to catch him before the young draconic did.

Flonne had finished in the bathroom one minute later, and Laharl was busy finishing when Pleinair found him. Laharl! I think something may have gone horribly wrong! What are you talking about, Pleinair? There is a draconic here to see you, and there is only one possible explanation: Saito needs our help again, the Overlord finished, and then cursed his own rotten luck. First the Assembly went AWOL, and now this! What else could possibly go wrong?

Both the draconic and the Overlord entered the throne room at the same time. The young man blinked in surprise, and then he dropped to one knee. "Greetings in haste, Overlord Laharl. Saito asked me to deliver a message to you." "What is it this time?" "Apparently, something has gone terribly wrong, and Baal has been resurrected on Earth." "WHAT?" "It gets even worse, sir. Baal was not brought back in the present, but rather, he was brought back in the year 1666." Etna whistled lightly from the doorway. "Isn't that the year commonly referred to as the Year of the Demon?" The draconic nodded, and then he continued. "The Oricaltos requests the presence of all of the leaders who helped him last time. You are to meet at his forge room in under two hours." Laharl nodded, and then he looked over at Etna and Flonne. "Etna, I need you to go fetch Maderas and Aramis. Flonne, go find the leaders of Team Defender. I'm going to try and find my parents. I just pray that they aren't out goofing-off somewhere." Both of the other demons nodded, and then the three went their separate ways.

Priere Castle: Alternate Netherworld
Time: Same as above

At the same time, Priere and her companions were receiving the same message. The Alternate Overlord nodded, and then she waved a hand in dismissal. Turning to Marjoly she raised an eyebrow and asked a mental question. What do you think we should do? Well, it appears that we both got the same message, Alternate Overlord. LAHARL! How many times have I told you to stay out of my mental conversations? Too many… And remind me again how many times you SHOULD be told? None… GOOD. The witch of Beauty Castle shrugged and then she smiled, her violet eyes glittering. "I say that we should all go, right after I grab Setsuna." "That's fine with me," a familiar voice called from the doorway. "The Seraph just got a similar message, so I guess that we are all going to be heading there." Priere turned and grinned wickedly at Croix, her red eyes glittering dangerously. "It is time that we once again put Baal in his place. Let's move out."

Onago's Forge: Draconia
Time: Two hours later…

Saito was pacing back and forth across the floor when he felt a familiar presence enter the Dimensional Gate. Using his own powers, he immediately redirected the occupants to his main chambers, just outside of the forge room. Croix whistled lightly when he saw the arrangement. "Damn, man. How did you manage to get so much stuff into here?" "It's called cramming, Croix. I'm in the forge right now. Oh, and you might want to get out of Laharl's way while you are at it." The brown-haired angel turned around, and then he quickly sidestepped in order to avoid being run-over by the Overlord. "What are we going to do about Baal this time?" Laharl called through the open doorway. "I have an idea that is a little crazy, but it just might be crazy enough to work," the mage called back. "Come in, everyone. It's time that I let you in on exactly what I have planned."

After ten minutes of happily swapping stories with his companions, the mage finally decided to get down to business…

Saito stood up and rather abruptly slammed his hands down on the table. Silence fell over the rest of the group, and Saito finally got around to explaining exactly what the situation was, and how he planned on solving it. "The main problem that we have to deal with is Baal. However, this is not our only problem." "What exactly do you mean, Saito?" Michael Lamington asked. The mage sighed, and then he proceeded to explain. "The year 1666 was an important year in demonic history, due to the unexpected rising of one of the key figures of their Earthen mythology. The man's original human name was Vladislav Tepes III il Dragulia. However, he is more often known simply by his vampiric name." Nicholai Krichevskoy raised an eyebrow at the young mage. "Are you saying that Baal was resurrected by Dracula?" "NOT necessarily, Nicholai. However, he may have been convinced by the dark priest Shaft that he needed to raise some sort of demonic ally. Knowing Vlad, he left the summoning to Shaft, and when Baal arrived, Vlad was promptly sealed within his own keep."

Everyone looked around in shock and horror, and then Laharl snorted in disgust. "What are you planning to do, now that Baal has Dracula's army at his disposal?"

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