A/N: Here I am with another story. Whoo hoo! It's also another KakaSaku. This is a humor story with a few angst parts coming into it. What I am trying to achieve is the general feeling of the anime/manga itself. Angst with humor and some romance. Hopefully I'll pull it off.

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Title: Mission: Freak Out Kakashi

Author: Melissa Norvell

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: SakuXKakaXNaru. Mainly KakaSaku

Summary: SakuKakaNaru. Naruto and Sakura take a bet on who can freak out the teacher, but what happens when Sakura gets a little too caught up in the game? (mostly KakaSaku)


Mission: Freak Out Kakashi

By: Melissa Norvell

Chapter 1: The Bet


It had been a harsh day of training, and Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke, members of Kakashi's Squad 7 walked home in silence, exhausted beyond all belief. The three ninja, now Chuunin in ranking, paced in silence for quite sometime.

Each of them paid attention to the natural beauty around them. In the trees nearby, birds chirped in the tree tops, singing songs of merriment and joy. The soft wind blew through them, playing with blonde, pink and midnight locks, wrapping them about their faces and foreheads and leaving them trailing behind them.

Clothes rustled and flapped in the gentle winds, and the warm rays of the sun beat down upon them, kissing their features with a gleam of golden glory.

Eyes of three different colors sparkled in their midst.

On the contrast, bodies ached and facial expressions were those of exhaustion.

'I'm so glad that's over with.' Sakura thought to herself as she kicked an offending rock, which lay in her path. 'That was tough training! Sometimes I think Kakashi-sensei is a bit too hard on us…'

Naruto, who was walking a bit behind, was thinking along the same train of logic. 'Man oh man. My feet are killing me! I can't wait to get home and chow down on some ramen.' The blonde looked thoughtful. 'What flavor should I have…Beef? Chicken? Pork?...'

As the child thought of more and more flavors, he began to stagger behind, indulged in his own thoughts.

That is, until a certain kunoichi brought him out of them with a sharp voice.

"Naruto! What are you doing?" She yelled.

"I'm just thinking of what flavor ramen I should have when I get home."

"Well, think about it later and quit falling behind or you'll get left again!"

"Last time I got left really far behind because you, Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei left me tied to that post when we were training to become genin."

Blue eyes met green in a cold glare when a stoic and somewhat quiet voice seeped in.

"I'm going now. See you tomorrow."

"Huh?" Both 16 year olds asked simultaneously as they turned their heads toward the third member in their squad.

"Bye Sasuke." The pink haired chuunin waved and cast a loving and admirous glance to the retreating boy.

"Yeah, bye Sasuke." Naruto grumbled under his breath.

The two turned to walk on the path again. Blue eyes caught sight of the woman next to him, blushing a slight pink at the mere thought of Sasuke. Just what did she see in him anyway? He'd never know.

The chuunin walked in silence before Sakura finally spoke up.

"Hey Naruto."

"Yeah?" The blonde turned his head casually to the side to look at his friend.

She gave him a slight sly smile. "Still thinking about what kind of ramen you're going to have?"

"Nah, I figured it out already. Why do you care anyway?"

A green eye twitched. "I'm just trying to start a conversation." She grinded her teeth through the comment.

"Ok, how about this? Don't you hate it how Kakashi-sensei always shows up late?" He asked.

"Talk about annoying." Sakura added. "He always tells us to be there early and he always shows up late. Would it kill him to be on time?"

"I showed up once, and had to wait for hours just for him to get there. It's always the same excuse too…"

"I got lost on the road to life." They both sighed harmoniously.

"We spend all that time getting up early and to the place we're supposed to meet at when we could've slept in! I mean, seriously, what's the latest he's showed up? A hour?" She asked.

"I counted three once." Blue eyes looked up thoughtfully.

"If any of us were late, you know we'd get in trouble." Sakura closed her eyes.

"No joke. Then we'd probably get tied to posts and starved to death."

The pink haired kunoichi sighed and made an exasperated face. "I think that's just you, Naruto…"

There was a silence between the two for about the length of five minutes before her ears caught Naruto's chuckling.

"What's so funny, Naruto?" She asked, having a hunch that the demon child was up to something.

"We should totally play a joke on Kakashi-sensei when he shows up late tomorrow."

"Naruto!" She huffed, putting her hands on her hips and getting in front of him. "When will you learn that those jokes are going to get you into some major trouble!"

"Oh, come on Sakura! I'm just having some fun!" The blonde whined.

"I'll have no part of it!" The pink haired kunoichi crossed her arms and turned her head to the side.

"What's the matter Sakura? You too afraid of getting in trouble? You're scared aren't you?"

"What! No!" Sakura argued, not liking to be called a fraidy cat, especially by someone like Naruto.

"You are! You're afraid! All you do is stand back there while Sasuke and I fight the enemy!"

"That's because someone's got to protect our client! You're too busy being a bone head and almost getting yourself killed!" She yelled, pointing an accusing finger at him.

"What about Sasuke?"

"What? That's different!" Sakura argued.

"How is he different? What, he's not afraid?"

"Fine! You know what, Naruto? I'll help you play your little prank, but if I get in trouble…" She held up her fist in a menacing way. "You'll pay."

"Hee hee hee…" The blonde smiled.

"You know what? I'll do it better then you too."

"We'll see about that." Naruto grinned.

"So, " The girl arched an eyebrow. "What's this plan of yours?"

'And why do I have the feeling that it's going to get me into a world of trouble?' Her inner-self sighed.

"We're going to freak out Kakashi-sensei. You have to come up with your own way. I'm already coming up with plenty of ways." He chuckled darkly and schemingly to himself. "You have to come up with something to freak him out by tomorrow, and if it doesn't work, you have to keep trying until you do."

"Piece of cake! I already have a way!" Sakura lied.

"Oh yeah, what is it?" Her comrade in crime asked.

"You'll find out tomorrow." She winked.

'I've got to find something to do that will totally throw off Kakashi-sensei tomorrow. I can't let Naruto win me over and tease me for being afraid! How to freak out Kakashi-sensei…Let's see…' Sakura began to think to herself, coming up with many plans, only half thought out, or end up being rejected within the mental process itself.

Blue eyes looked to Sakura with a playful gleam. 'I'm going to beat Sakura at this game. I have the perfect plan to totally give Kakashi-sensei a nose bleed! It'll be great!'

He rubbed his hands together and smiled menacingly to himself.

Green eyes looked over to Naruto.

'Just what is he planning anyway?'

The two walked silently for the remainder of the trip, until they reached their respective houses.

Sakura sat in her room, pondering over what to do to their jounin teacher to 'freak him out'. She knew that, since Naruto always played pranks that his would be good, she just had to top it! The kunoichi didn't want to be called weak by her team mate by any means! It would ruin whatever chances she had with Sasuke.

She always thought Naruto to be a thorn in her side when it came to her and Sasuke, and if anyone ruined their moments together – he did.

By getting the upper hand on Naruto, she'd show Sasuke that she was tough and strong.

Love would conquer all.

She just had to believe that.

Sakura began working on a plan of action.

'Now, how do I get to someone who reads Icha Icha Paradise to freak out?'

To Be Continued…

A/N: It's not very long, but I'm just starting it out. I'm not sure on where I'm taking it, but I've got tons of ideas and it's going to get really funny. Please tell me what you think! I hope its IC, and from what I know, to the best of my knowledge it is.