Chapter 4: Teacher Carriage Catastrophe.

A/N: OKay, I know teachers are usually at the school already, but it's for the purpose of the story so...yeah. Enjoy!


As Harry and Accalia ran towards the teachers carriage, blasting the occasional Deatheater on the way, they began hearing powerfiul blasts more frequently. Finally, they arrived at the carriageand burst through the doors. Each teacher seemed to be dueling two deatheaters. Suddenly, there was a load band and crash. Everyone looked round to see what looked like an unconsious Snape on the floor. The remaining Deatheater he had been dueling had apparently knocked him out. Having defeated it's opponent, the round for the closest teacher to it...Professor Lupin.

Lupin had just rendered one of his Deatheaters unconsious but Snape's deatheater caught him by surprise, disarmed him and knocked him over with a weak jinx. Harry could've sworn he saw Snape's eyes flicker open slightly and a small smirk flutter accross his face. Lupin tried to get up again but the deatheaters had their wands pointed directly at his chest. One of them began to mutter a spell under it's breath, so Lupin closed his eyes and prepared for the worst, but quickly opened them again and looked up in confusion as he felt himself being bound instead of jinxed or killed. The deatheaters moved forward to grab him and apparate with him when both Harry and Accalia attacked.

"Petrificus Totalus!" Harry said and one of the deatheaters fell to floor, paralysed.

"Coecere Mittere!" Accalia yelled and a huge blue beam wrapped itself around the deatheater, squeezed it and tossed it into the wall. Harry turned to her looking awestruck.

"What school did you go to again?" Harry asked. Accalia rolled her eyes and grinned. "Really, where did you learn that?" he asked again.

"My dad...taught me." she replied, saddening a great deal. Harry immediately regretted asking. "It's okay. You were just being curious." she said with a small smile as if she had read his mind.

"Soooo...should we help?" Harry suggested.

"I believe so." Accalia replied and they went into the chaos to assist.


A/N: Okay, I know this chapter (and all the others) are really short but...oh well.