Author Note: Ok before I actually begin the story, I think I should give you a little bit of background info, incase you get confused...

Padme and Anakin aren't married yet, but are just good friends. Padme is room mates with Sabe, whilst Anakin is room mates with Obi-Wan. The girls lost their appartment to the boys in a gambling game, and now they have been forced to swap appartments, and are now stuck with Obi-Wan and Anakin's tiny appartment, whilst Obi-Wan and Anakin have the huge Senatorial suite. But Padme and Sabe won't give up easily in the fight to get their appartment back.

Ok, now onto the story!

In Padme's new, dark, cramped bedroom, Padme was awoken by a man singing in the next apartment.

"Morning's here! Sunshine is here! The sky is clear, the morning's here! The morning's here!" he sang loudly.

"HEY! Do you have to do that? It's Saturday!" Padme yelled out of the window.

"Oh come on! Morning's here!" He started to sing again "Morning's here! The morning is here! Sunshine is here!"

Padme slammed shut her window and stormed into the living room, where Anakin and Sabe were eating breakfast.

"I hate this apartment! I hate the color of these walls! I hate the fact that this place still smells god knows what! I hate that singing guy!"

"Are you kidding? I love that guy!" Anakin replied, then started singing "Morning's here! Morning is here—"

"Stop it! I will kill you!" Padme threatened and Anakin quickly stopped. "I hate the fact that my room is so small!" Padme continued.

"Hey, I have all the space I need. Just do what I did," Sabe suggested.

"Sabe, you don't even have a bed, you sleep in a ball on the floor!"

"Y'know what? I am really tired of your bellyaching! Okay, I-I worked really hard at making this a nice place for us to live!"

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," Padme appologised, combing her messy hair out of her face with her fingers.

"Okay," Sabe accepted her appology with a smile.

"See, this is a great apartment," Anakin said and both turned to glare at him.

"Shut up! This place is a hole!" Sabe snapped.

A/N: Ok, this story has been fully written and sitting around on my computer gathering dust for ages now (if possible) so I've decided to just post it all in one go, because I have far to many other stories on the go, and it'll get way too confusing!