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At last, the began to near the kingdom of the Woodelves, and, once again, Maylin had lost all thought besides the desire to see a certain elven princeling again. Leigh couldn't resist a bit of nagging, and soon the two oldest members of the Four were bickering away as they often did at such times. Even Jaden's face grew a bit brighter, and Jack pestered Glorfindel for more elven songs. The road was smooth and even, so the horses needed hardly any minding, leaving the youths free to pester, taunt, and chat without fear of tumbling off of their mounts.

Suddenly, a strange scent blew over them from around the corner, and the horses began to rear and scream.

"Spiders!" Glorfindel swore. "Stay on the path! They cannot step foot on it, that is why there are no webs blocking the road. Keep your horses under control!"

His warning came to late, and Jaden's horse bolted into the trees to the left. Maylin's horse threw her and she sailed to the ground, landing heavily on her side. As she picked herself up from the dust and leaves, she caught sight of something in the woods and shrieked.

The others whipped their heads around to see what was so alarming, and shouted in dismay at the heavy bodies skittering after Jaden and her horse, held up by eight slender, knobby, black legs. Before they could do much more than blink, the horrific spiders were gone, leaving only shaking branches and waving limbs in their wake.