Ayame's Guide to Style

Disclaimer: I don't own Fruits Basket, or Ayame.

"And that's it for today's episode of Fashion Fun with Yukata-chan. I will now take any calls that my listeners may have!" said Yukata-chan into the microphone on her headset. She was proud to be the hostess of her own radio show, and it happened to be one that got excellent ratings. She waited eagerly to hear what her adoring fans had to say about her.

"An Ayame Sohma-san on the line," announced the announcer as he put the call through to Yuka.

"Hi, Sohma-san! What do you want to talk about?" asked Yuka, in her usual cheery voice.

"I am exponentially outraged by what you proclaimed in today's episode,"

This was something Yukata had never heard before. "What are you so upset about?" she asked.

"You made the statement that a pink shirt under a brown shirt is aesthetically pleasing to behold. I must give my most sincere objections to this comment. The pink would overpower the brown and give the impression of trying to give an impression. One must wear the brown under the pink so that it is not a harsh but rather a proud proclaimation of one's individuality!'

"Umm… sure," said Yukata, feeling frazzled.

"Now, I would also like to point out that your hair looks rather frizzy today," said Ayame.

"But… how do you know that? You can't see me."

"Look behind you!" said Ayame.

Yukata turned around slowly. All she saw was a white wall.

"Made you look!" laughed Ayame, then hanging up.